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Dr Abdul Majid bin Ismail, Tan Sri

In May 2007, when I interviewed Tan Sri Dr Abdul Majid at his office in Kompleks Jalan Damai for my book on The Early Malay Doctors, he said that I am related to him by way of marriage of my ancestors and also one of his many sisters. The relationships can be viewed at Geni ( I'm still wondering why I never knew this fact any earlier. I actually visited, ate and have seen some of his siblings and their spouses, except that I was still a little girl and I did not know who married whom and who were related to me. I had no idea whatsoever. So, this is something new and also very strange to me. I keep wondering...

1. Abdul Majid bin Ismail
Tan Sri Abdul Majid is the eldest of 12 siblings, four boys and eight girls - (Tan Sri Dr) Abdul Majid, Rahmah, Alijah, Razak, Latifah, Osman, Fatimah, Aishah, Maznah @ Hasnah, Hashim and Halimahton.

2. Rahmah bt Ismail
As a child, Rahmah was fluent in Tamil. Rahmah’s husband is Ali bin Mohd Amin @ Mat Amin Pasar. Rahmah is Nenek Rahmah to me and my siblings. She is Bik Rama to my parents.

Rahmah bt Ismail (Bik Rahmah or Mak Besar)
Photo from

Ali bin Mohd Amin @ Tok Ali Gombak (left) and my father, Bapak (Abdul Rashid bin Mohd Yusope). Tok Ali is also my paternal granduncle - my grandmother's brother, and my father's uncle.

3. Alijah bt Ismail
Alijah was his second sister. She was adopted later by an uncle, Wak Tompang and his wife, Wak Putih. She then got married in her teens to a much older man. However, she suffered an illness at about age 18-19 years and passed away.

4. Razak bin Ismail
Two siblings had passed away – Razak died when he was less than a year old. Osman died of malaria at age 12 years during the Japanese occupation.

5. Latifah bt Ismail
His third sister was Latifah @ Alang (born in 1930) but was the fifth child in the family, and Baba’s favourite.

Latifah bt Ismail
Photo from

6. Osman bin Ismail
 Osman died of malaria at age 12 years during the Japanese occupation.

7. Safiah bt Ismail @ Fatma Busu
Fatma Busu is his fourth sister who was adopted by ‘Nek Busu, wife of Abu Chenteng @ Tok Busu, an officer in the Customs Department in Malacca. Fatma Abu attended the Malayan Teachers Training College at Kirkby (Kirkby College) near Liverpool, England. She was in the first batch with my father (1951-1953). She is retired and lives in Pengkalan Rama, Malacca.

First batch Kirkby teachers: 1951-1953 - Bapak, Aunty Fatma Abu (Busu)
Second batch Kirkby teachers: 1952-1954 - Mak, Aunty Zainab bt Hamid Don & Uncle Ramli Shaari, Rahim Merican, (Tuanku) Bainun bt Ali (Perak)
Third batch Kirky teachers: 1953-1955
Fourth batch Kirky teachers: 1954-1956

Zana's mother (Kalsom bt Mashohor) was also at Kirkby.
Zana's father (Ahmad Dahan) was also at Kirkby.
Wan Zaleha Radzi's mother (Sarah bt Sulaiman) was also at Kirkby

All photos are from Bapak's pendrive.

Kirkby College 1951-1953 (1st batch). Fatma Busu is the middle lady in front row.

Mak (middle) and Fatma Busu (right) 1952-1954
Photo and accompanying text from my Facebook.

Mak (2nd batch) and Fatma Busu (right, 1st batch) at Kirkby, England 1952-1954
Fatma Busu (@Bibi)
Photo grom

8. Fatimah bt Ismail
Fatimah is his fifth sister. Fatimah bt Ismail married to Abdul Kadir bin Baharom. They have 5 children. Dr Fairuz A'shikin attended TKC. She works as an O&G doctor (gynaecaologist) at DEMC.

Dr Fairuz's parents. Photo from Dr Fairuz's Facebook.

Dr Fairuz with her mother, Fatimah bt Ismail. Photo from Dr Fairuz's Facebook.

From Dr Fairuz (28 April 2015)
I have 5. My eldest brother is A'Akif fadzil, UPM grad 2nd a sister Fadzilah A'ini a vet in KKM 3rd Fauziah Azni@pudy Accountant 4th myself a gynae 5th faisal Asri. Race car enthusiast He is actually my cousin, adopted from birth

Dr Fairuz has 5 sibs:
  1. A'Akif Fadzil (graduated from UPM)
  2. Fadzilah A'ini (a vet in KKM)
  3. Fauziah Azni (Pudy Pai on Facebook; an accountant)
  4. Dr Fairuz A'shikin (gynaecologist at DEMC)
  5. Faisal Asri (into car racing)

 9. Aishah bt Ismail

No update

Aishah bt Ismail
Photo from

10. Maznah @ Hasnah bt Ismail

Maznah @ Hasnah bt Ismail
Photo from

Grandaunt Maznah bt Ismail (Gombak) is at leftmost, next to my mother in blue, Tulip Che Lah @ Jumabee Tulip @ Che Bee3rd lady from left is Nenek Endon (Bik Endon), wife of Tok Ali Alor Star, Kedah. Lady with grey cap is Sum bte Ahmad @ Nenek Alang (Mak Lang), wife of Mohd Salleh bin Mohd Amin @Tok Alang Kampung Baru in KL. Nenek Alang's daughter is Mak Cik Milah @ Jamilah bt Mohd Salleh, wife of Pak Cik Hassan bin Mohd Rashid (Tok Rashid Serdang, who founded UPM Serdang). The lady with white tudung is Kamariah bt Bujang (Selayang-JB). She is my younger sister-in-law. She is carrying her eldest son Muhd Afiq bin Muhd Farid. Muhd Farid is my younger brother who works at FRIM in Kepong.

From left: Nenek Leha (Salihah bt Mohd Amin @ Bik Leha, mother of Salmah Ahmad, Salmiah Ahmad and Jasmin Ahmad). Lady with yellow scarf is daughter of Nenek Enson(?). Lady on the chair is Nenek Rahmah (Bik Rama), wife of Tok Ali in Gombak.

From left: Nenek Jenab (Bik Jenab @ Zainab bt Mohd Amin, Nenek Leha (Bik Leha @ Salihah bt Mohd Amin), lady in yellow scarf _____ holding child, and Nenek Enson facing camera.

11. Hashim bin Ismail

No update

Hashim bin Ismail
Photo from

12. Halimahton bt Ismail

No update

There is no update about Aishah, Latifah, Hashim and Halimahton.


  1. The lady in the second picture her name is maznah. Live in Gombak. One wooden house by the main road.
    One of the sister lives in section 17 married to late abdul kadir.
    Fatimah retired and live in Pengkalan rama.Fatimah abu@ismail.

    1. TQ Nor for the info. Which sister married to Abdul Kadir? What is Abdul Kadir's full name?

  2. salam, i think rahmah is her name.

    if you go to kampung pengkalan rama tengah, ask for cikgu patimah abu, or even org masjid kampung pengkalan rama tengah ask for them they will be able to show you the house.

    CIKGU Fatimah -She is a widower, late husband uncle Jeram bin Osman from Melaka.
    Terribly sorry I cannot recall arwah uncle kadir's name.
    He is from Muar. Arwah married to Rahmah.

    One of her daughter is a vet. Just to make it easy I searched her



    1. Salam & TQ, Nor. I will try and contact Dr Fadzilah A'ini and see what info I can get from her.