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Haji Jamaluddin bin Haji Ali

He is Dr Sabariah Faizah's father.
He is Bapak's uncle.
He is my granduncle.

Hj Jamaluddin bin Haji Ali (1923-2005)
Photos were cropped from those belonging to Bapak and Baharin Hj Tamby

Full name: Hj Jamaluddin bin Hj Ali
Call names: Bapak addressed him as Pak Cik Jamaluddin. I referred to him as Tok Jamaluddin. Baharin called him Tok Uncle.
Date of birth: 29 June 1923 Johor Bahru, Johor, British Malaya
Occupation: teacher; headmaster; lecturer
Deceased: 1 December 2005 (82) Klang, Selangor; interred at Klang
Parents: Ali and Puspa
Wife: Hjh Umi Kalthom bt Hj Abdul Lathif (1930-2004)
Children: 6

I spoke to his daughter on 25 May 2016: 

According to his daughter, Dr Sabariah Faizah, her father started as a teacher, became the headmaster of a Chinese school in Johor, then became a lecturer at Maktab Perguruan, and finally retired (pensioned) at Johor Bahru (JB) (aged 55). Then he worked on extension at UiTM Klang in Jabatan Biro Teks (textbook department) till he retired for a second time at age 65.

Address in Klang that Bapak wrote on a piece of paper:
Hj. Jamaluddin Hj Ali
7 Lorong Terap
Palm Grove
41200 Klang
Selangor DE

His wife:

Hjh Umi Kalthom bt Hj Abdul Lathif (1930-2004)
Photo from

His wife: Hajjah Umi Kalthom bt Hj Abdul Lathif 
Her call names: Uncle Haji Tamby bin Ahmad called her Aunty as she is HABHAL's younger sister. Baharin bin Haji Tamby called her Nek Aunty. Kak Fuziah gave her name as Hajjah Kalsom. Mak referred to her as Aunty Chom. I referred to her as Nenek Chom
Date of birth: 26 April 1930 Melaka
Birthplace: She was born in Melaka (could be at Tengkera)
Occupation: Housewife (dia pandai masak and buat kuih Raya, as I remember her in P. Chepa, Kelantan). She was our neighbour.
Date of demise: 3 November 2004 (74) Klang, Selangor; interred at Klang
She married to Jamaluddin bin Ali and bore him 6 children.

Father: Hj Abdul Lathif bin Hj Tambi (Ulamak Nusantara)
Mother: Bi bt Abdullah (from Bandung; she was partly Dutch; she was referred to as Nek Bee; she was gifted to the Ulamak, who later married her when she was older/when she was of marrying age)

I spoke to their daughter Dr Sabariah Faizah bt Hj Jamaluddin on 25 May 2016:

According to Dr Sabariah Faizah, Masjid Tengkera has a section on Hj Abdul Lathif (Ulamak Nusantara). Arkib Melaka has put up information on Hj Abdul Lathif. There are photos of him too.

According to Dr Sabariah Faizah, Hjh Umi Kalthom's father was Hj Abdul Lathif, the renowned Ulamak Nusantara from Tengkera. Her mother's mother was Bi bt Abdullah. Bi bt Abdullah was originally from Bandung, Indonesia. She came to Penang at age 13 years and married to Hj Abdul Lathif as his Penang wife, and also as his last wife. Their only daughter is Hjh Umi Kalthom bt Hj Abdul Lathif.

Bi bt Abdullah married twice, first to Hj Abdul Lathif (Ulamak Nusantara), and then to Hj Sulaiman. Bi bt Abdullah had only one daughter from her first marriage to Hj Abdul Lathif, and two daughters from her second marriage to Hj Sulaiman. Altogether, Bi bt Abdullah had three daughters from her 2 marriages.

Hjh Umi Kalthom's father passed away when she was about 9 years old. She never went to formal school, but knew/read tulisan Jawi. She could not write in Jawi.

When was Hjh Umi Kalthom born? We can calculate her birth date based on her father's date of demise. Her father passed away in 1939. So Hjh Umi Kalthom was probably born in 1930. 
Hjh Umi Kalthom was born in Melaka, but the exact place is unknown. Then she moved to Singapore (the exact place in Singapore is unknown). Then she probably moved back to Melaka before moving to Johor. She married in Johor to Jamaluddin bin Ali. Their daughter is Dr Sabariah Faizah bt Hj Jamaluddin.
Hjh Umi Kalthom was most probably born in Tengkera, Melaka since her father and grandfather were also from Tengkera.

Dr Sabariah Faizah was born in Johor in 1959. She lives in Shah Alam. Dr Sabariah Faizah has an adopted aunt named Siti bt Abdullah. 

Siti bt Abdullah is from Johor. She is an adopted sister of Hjh Umi Kalthom. She is probably Chinese. She is presently in her late 70s/early 80s. Siti bt Abdullah had lived with both Bi bt Abdullah and Hjh Umi Kalthom bt Hj Abdul Lathif. Siti bt Abdullah knows the details of both Bi bt Abdullah and Hjh Umi Kalthom bt Hj Abdul Lathif. 

Children: 6
  1. General Tan Sri Muhammad Ismail Jamaluddin
  2. Ahmad Jamaluddin
  3. Noraini/Aini (Noni) Jamaluddin ... adopted 
  4. Dr Sabariah Faizah (Faizah) Jamaluddin
  5. Datin Sabariah Fauziah (Fuzi) Jamaluddin
  6. Hjh Sabariah Faridah (Farid) Jamaluddin
FAMILY TREE (tentative; we are still working out the correct links)

(i) Haji Abdul Lathif bin Tambi (Ulamak Nusantara) (1872-1939)

He married 4 wives:
  1. Maryam (from Tengkera; HABHAL's mother, 7 children - Hj Ahmad/HABHAL/kicap HABHAL, Khadijah, Abu Bakar, Fathima, Umar, Aminah and Uthman)
  2. Siti Hajar (her origin is unknown; 6 children - Ali, Yahya, Saidah, Abdullah, Aishah and Salma)
  3. Neng Chik (information received from Azharuddin Kassim, confirmed by his aunt in Singapore. Second wife is Neng Chik who has a daughter, Hamidah, married to Nur Hassan Khan @ Wanchik. Wanchik is Azharuddin's uncle. Azharuddin's great-grandmother was the second wife of Ali Shah Khan. She was from Kesang.)
  4. Bi bt Abdullah (4th and last wife; origin Bandung; she was partly Dutch; she married at age 13 in Penang; born 1917? He was 45; 1 daughter - Nenek Hjh Umi Kalthom, who married to Tok Jamaluddin bin Ali)


Haji Ahmad bin Haji Abdul Lathif was better known as HABHAL.

His father was Hj Abdul Lathif bin Hj Nuruddin/Hj Tambi from Tengkera. Hj Abdul Lathif Tambi was popularly known in British Malaya and Dutch Indonesia as Ulamak Nusantara.

His mother was Maryam from Tengkera. She had 7 children.
  1. Hj Ahmad bin Hj Abdul Lathif (HABHAL) - suami Nenek Amnah bt Hj Md Sharif
  2. Khadijah
  3. Abu Bakar (grandfather of Jumilah bt Abdul Rahman)
  4. Fathima
  5. Umar
  6. Aminah
  7. Uthman

One of HABHAL's younger sister is Nenek Aunty Hjh Umi Kalthom bt Hj Abdul Lathif, wife of Tok Hj Jamaluddin bin Hj Ali. Hjh Umi Kalthom is HABHAL's youngest sister, by the last wife of Hj Abdul Lathif. Hj Abdul Lathif's last wife is Bi bt Abdulllah, whom he married in Penang when she was 13 years old. She was originally from Bandung, Indonesia.

HABHAL married twice, first to Amnah bt Hj Mohd Sharif, and secondly to Mahani bt Hj Khalil.
HABHAL married Nenek Amnah, adik Tok Walid and Bapak punya aunty.
HABHAL also married another of his relative, Nenek Mahani bt Haji Khalil, as his second wife, after Nenek Amnah had passed away in the late 1960 (1967?)
HABHAL was Bapak's uncle.

HABHAL was Tok Hj Jamaluddin's uncle.

(iii) Hj Jamaluddin bin Hj Ali

Tok Hj Jamaluddin bin Haji Ali was Bapak's uncle.

My father addressed Pak Cik Jamaludin as Uncle, and his wife as Aunty.

I addressed him as Tok Jamaluddin and his wife as Nenek Chom. That was between 1969-1971.

(iv) Razak

Tok Hj Jamaluddin's nephew is Razak.

Tok Hj Jamaluddin is Zulaikha Razak's granduncle (datuk saudara).

Query: Hj Jamaluddin bin Hj Ali and Razak's father/mother are sibs?

Bapak was close to Tok Hj Jamaluddin bin Hj Ali. They were together at Leeds in 1962 and at Maktab Perguruan Perempuan Melayu at Pengkalan Chepa, Kelantan in 1969/1970-1971 (his family was in Kelantan for a short while).

Pak Cik Jamaluddin (far left) with colleagues in UK, 17 March 1962. En Ahmad bin Dahan (Zana's father) is at rightmost. Photo from Bapak's collection.
Rear of photo. Bapak addressed him as Che' Jamaluddin.
Pak Cik Jamaluddin visited and stayed with Bapak and Mak in Minden Heights, Penang in 1989. He then went home and wrote back to Bapak to thank him.

Postcard dated 7 March 1989. Here he had signed his name, Jamaluddin Hj Ali.

From Baharin Tamby (4 August 2015):

"That is tok uncle. his wife i believe is my late grandmother's sister. Hajah Amnah's younger sister. the baby in the picture is my elder brother. Ok i got his name. He is Jamaludin Haji Ali. Yes, i called his wife nek aunty and pakcik jamaludin as tok uncle."

From Baharin Tamby, 20 March 2016:

"My parents ke rumah tok uncle dan nek auntie."
Photo and text by Baharin Tamby. 20 March 2016
From left: Haji Tamby bin Haji Ahmad, Tok Hj Jamaluddin bin Hj Ali and wife Hjh Umi Kalthom, and Hjh Hajijiah bt Sulaiman - wife of Haji Tamby.

Kak Fuziah gave information about Tok Jamaluddin's family.

From Kak Fuziah bt Abdul Latiff (Tumpat, Kelantan on 7 January 2016):

His name: Jamaluddin bin Ali
His wife: Hajah Umi Kalthom bt Hj Abdul Lathif
Children: 4
  1. Noraini 
  2. Dr Sabariah Faizah
  3. Datin Fauziah
  4. Tan Sri Ismail 
From Abdul Latteef Yunos (anak Hjh Saadiah HABHAL), 24 March 2016:

Hjh Kalthom adalah adik kepada Hj Ahmad (Habhal) lain emak.

From Kamariah Hanizan bt Kamarul Bahrain (Hani, ex-TKC, 6 years my junior), 24-25 July 2016:

Kamariah Hanizan's family is a friend of Tok Jamaluddin's family. Her family is not related to Tok Jamaluddin; they are just family friends.

According to her, Tok Jamaluddin has 5 children - 4 girls and a boy. The youngest girl is Sabariah Faridah, born in 1968. She was left in the hands of her grandmother in JB when Tok Jamaluddin came to lived at Maktab Perguruan Kota Bharu in P. Chepa.

Kamariah Hanizan also heard of Siti, not as Mak Cik Siti, but just Siti.

According to her, Tok Jamaluddin also worked in Indonesia as an (education attache?).

Kamariah Hanizan Uncle Jamaluddin had 5 kids - 4 girls and a boy. I met the grandma who lived in Jln Landak Batu, Century Gardens during my TKC days, but she had since passed away. Siti lived with them - I always womdered why Farid called her aunt Siti and not makcik Siti...

From me:

His name: Tok Hj Jamaluddin bin Hj Ali
His wife: Nenek Hjh Umi Kalthom bt Hj Abdul Lathif
(I have met both the couple. They came to live at MPKB in 1971.)
Children (my aunts and uncles): 6
  1. General Tan Sri Muhammad Ismail (born 1952; I have never met him, but I heard about him when we were kids)
  2. Ahmad (I don't know him)
  3. Aini (born 1957, she was adopted and older than Faizah ... she was my elder sister Pah's age. We called her (Aunty) Noni.)
  4. Dr Sabariah Faizah (born 1959 in JB. Kamariah Hanizan calls her Kak Jah)
  5. Datin Sabariah Fauziah (we called her Fuzi ... she's Amin's age 1962)
  6. Hjh Sabariah Faridah (born January 1968 ... I have not met her)


1. General Tan Sri Ismail bin Jamaluddin

Born 21 Sept 1952
He is retired from the army (askar)
He had held a high rank in the army ... some Panglima post.
His son Mohd Shahril married a girl from Pauh Lima, otw to UMK Bachok; the son is working in Penang.

2. Ahmad bin Jamaluddin

DOB unknown
No update

3. Aini Jamaluddin

Born circa 1957
Noni is married
Her kid recently got married
Kak Fuziah and I didn't get to go.

4. Dr Sabariah Faizah bt Jamaluddin

She was born in 1959 in Johor
She is married and has kids
She is the Head of A&E at Sg Buloh Hospital.
+6 012 206 4243

Tok Jamaluddin is Dr Sabariah Faizah's father. 

5. Datin Sabariah Fauziah bt Jamaluddin

Born circa 1962
She is Datin Fauziah at Hospital Perdana in Kota Bharu
She works in KL, but comes frequently to Hospital Perdana
+6 012 375 2964

6. Hjh Sabariah Faridah bt Jamaluddin

Born 1968
She was looked after by her grandmother in JB.
She is the founder of Little Caliph kindy.
She is the Principal of Islamic School Shah Alam.

From Mohd Firdaus bin Mohd Ibrahim (Ibrahim Firdaus in FB):

In 2003, The Little Caliphs Program™ was founded by Hajjah Sabariah Faridah Jamaluddin and her husband, Haji Roslan bin Nordin. The first is the academic author, whilst the later is the business author of the program. The couple share the same concern and interest in the tasks of educating the new muslim generation in the light of Islam.

Hajjah Sabariah Faridah Binti Haji Jamaluddin.
Chief Academic Officer, Little Caliphs International Sdn Bhd.
Photo from their website.

  • A concerned muslimah, a mother of five children, and a high spirited educationist.
  • BSc. Chemistry, Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada (1986).
  • Tungku Kurshiah College, Seremban (1977-1981).
  • Past experiences:
  • A lecturer of UiTM & American Degree Preparation Program.
  • A co-founder of Lake Head Grammar School, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
  • Head of Pre-Science Program, Kolej Inpens (owned by Selangor State Government).
  • Lecturer of Pre-School Teaching Certification Program under Ministry of Education, run by Kolej Pendidikan Perdana, Shah Alam
  • English teacher at SRI KL International School, Subang Jaya.
  • Founder and Executive Director of Integrated Islamic School Shah Alam (IISSA).
  • Founded first kindergarten in 1986, and since then has trained and consulted many kindergartens in Malaysia, Bangladesh, and Indonesia.
  • Trained and mastered in various learning and teaching methodologies.

Hj Roslan bin Nordin
CEO Little Caliphs International Sdn. Bhd.
Photo from their website.

  • A keen learner of Islam, a father of six children
  • An information technology and management professional, a business coach and consultant, an educationist, and a seasoned entrepreneur.
  • M. Sc. in Computer Sc., CMU, MI, USA (1988)
  • B. Sc. in Computer Sc., WMU, MI, USA (1986)
  • King George V Secondary School, Seremban (1977-1982).
  • Former positions: President of an IT firm, General Manager IT & Billing at Telekom Malaysia International BD, Dean of Information Technology Faculty at Universiti Industri Selangor, Corporate Strategy Manager at NISSAN Saudi Arabia, Lecturer at University Teknologi MARA.
  • Public trainer and consultant on Kinderpreneurship, Project Management, Balanced Scorecard, and Inner Skills of Wealth Creation.
  • Developed Little Caliphs Kinderpreneurship Program.
  • Enterpreneurship Mentor under PUNB and MARA.
  • Serving Little Caliphs on part-time basis since 2003, and on full-time basis since 2009.


Tok Jamaluddin is Zulaikha Razak's granduncle (datuk saudara).

Zulaikha Razak was a dental student at PPSG, USM at Kubang Kerian, Kelantan. She was in
3rd year PPSG/Dentistry; 7 March 2012);
4th year in 2013;
5th year in 2014.

She already graduated in 2014.

I don't have the whereabouts of Dr Zulaikha Razak (MBDS USM 2014).

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