Monday, 3 December 2012

Rumah Banda Hilir (6)

I have sat down to draw the interior of the house and added photos where they were taken (guessed and based on memory). I have tried to add icons to enliven the sketches of the interior and spaces. This is all from my past. The house has been demolished and there is nothing else to go by to draw these pictures.

Anjung (front guest space, mainly for males after prayers)

Front inner living-room for formal guests

Master bedroom where I slept with my parents till age 4-5

Brick multipurpose space for drying clothes, kids to play, preparing for festivities, etc. Goods are also placed here before they are sorted and separated into smaller tin cans for storage.

Rear living-room where relatives gathered to help out with festivities, etc. Doubled up as sleeping space when they were too many relatives in the house.

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