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Syed Mohamad bin Syed Omar (cucu Ami Aziz)

Hj Mohd Sharif bin Ismail (Tok moyang Hj Mohd Sharif Banda Hilir)
Hj Mohd Nordin bin Ismail (Tok moyang Hj Mohd Nordin Ujong Pasir)
Zainal bin Ismail (Tok moyang Zainal Klang)
Syed Mohamad bin Syed Omar (cucu Ami Aziz Al-Yamani Penang)
Mohaini bt Mahabob (Banda Hilir)


- he is Tok Moyang Saudara Abdul Aziz bin Sheikh Mohamad
- he is the younger brother of Patma bt Sheikh Mohamad (Nenek Moyang Patma)

1. Zubaidah (Siti Bedah?) (eldest)
2. Shaykh Omar
3. Ismail
4. Siti Kechik Rokiah bt Shaikh Abdul Rahman al-Baghdadi ... she married to Ahmad bin Abdullah bin Dato' Jenaton
5. Abdul Aziz bin Sheikh Mohamad (this is Ami Aziz Al-Yamani)
6. Siti Mariam
7. Siti Hajar

Their children are:
1. Fatma
2. Zakaria
3. Abdul Latif
4. Abdul Rashid - did not marry; lives in Jelutong

==========( ١ )==========

Syed Mohamad's mother is Fatma bt Abdul Aziz Al-Yamani.

She is called Patma Yamani.


  1. Whom did Fatma bt Abdul Aziz Al-Yamani marry? She married Syed Omar bin Syed Mohamad.
  2. Did Fatma bt Abdul Aziz Al Yamani marry Syed Omar? Yes.
  3. Her son is Syed Mohamad (cucu Ami Aziz).
  4. What is Syed Mohamad's full name? Syed Mohamad bin Syed Omar.

============( ٢‎ )============
(cucu Ami Aziz Al-Yamani)

Syed Mohamad's mother is Fatma bt Abdul Aziz Al-Yamani (Fatma Yamani). His maternal grandmother is Siti Rahmah bt Abdul Rashid Makawi (Rahmah Makawi). His maternal grandfather is Ami Aziz Al-Yamani.

Syed Mohamad is Bapak's cousin.

Syed Mohamad's full name is Syed Mohamad bin Syed Omar. His father is Syed Omar bin Syed Mohamad. His paternal grandfather Syed Mohamad was born in Malaya but grew up in Madinah (besar di Madinah). His great-grandfather is Mansur bin Haji Ali.

Syed Mohamad bin Syed Omar
He called at 9:13-9:16 pm on Wednesday, 4 September 2013. I spoke to him.
Syed Mohamad hp: 019-478 6103 / tel: 04-977 2473
Syed Mohamad is cucu Ami Aziz.
Syed Mohamad's mother is Fatma bt Abdul Aziz Al-Yamani. She is called Patma Yamani.

Syed Mohamad is not on the Internet, email or Facebook. I asked if his children can assist. He said later.

Syed Mohamad will call again tomorrow, insya Allah.

===========( ٣‎ )=========

Level 1
The parents of Patma and Abdul Aziz (Ami Aziz Al-Yamani): Sheikh Mohamad and Hawa Jelani.

Level 2
Patma is my father's grandmother (Bapak punya nenek)
Ami Aziz is my father's granduncle (Bapak punya datuk saudara)

Patma is my paternal great-grandmother (nenek moyang sebelah Bapak).
Ami Aziz Al-Yamani is my paternal great-granduncle (datuk saudara moyang sebelah Bapak).

Level 3
The children of Ami Aziz & Siti Rahmah Abdul Rashid Makawi (Fatma, Zakaria, Abdul Latif & Abdul Rashid) are my father's uncles and aunt (bapa saudara & ibu saudara Bapak).

They are my paternal granduncles and grandaunt (nenek & datuk saudara sebelah Bapak).

Level 4
The children of Fatma Alyamani (Syed Mohamad, Sharifah Mahani, Syed Ali, Syed Mansor, Syed Yussuf & Syed Abdullah) and the children of Abdul Latif Alyamani (Najib, Nawal & Najwa) are my father's cousins (sepupu Bapak).

They are my paternal aunts and uncles (ibu saudara & bapa saudara sebelah Bapak).

Syed Mohamad is Bapak's cousin; he is Fatma Alyamani's son as well as cucu Ami Aziz.

Level 5
The children of Syed Mohamad, Sharifah Mahani, Syed Ali, Syed Mansor, Syed Yussuf & Syed Abdullah and Najib, Nawal & Najwa, are my father's distant nephews & nieces.

They are my second cousins (dua pupu).

=======( ٤‎ )=========

Aziz Yamani stayed at Mahabob's house in Banda Hilir.

Mohaini bt Mahabob was my classmate in Form 2A (1972) and Form 3A (1973) at the Malacca Girls' High School (MGHS) in Durian Daun, Melaka. My mother also knew Mohaini bt Mahabob and she knew my mother.

Mohaini's brother married to a Filipino lady (I can't remember their names). I met the Filipino lady at a birthday party at Mohaini Mahabob's house in 1972/73. She asked us to make elephant sounds. She spoke English.

=====( ٥‎ )======

Hj Mohd Sharif, Hj Noordin and Zainal Klang are blood brothers. There is only a photograph of Hj Noordin with the family of 262-T Banda Hilir and relatives at Pulau Besar, Melaka in 1948. There are no photographs of Hj Mohd Sharif or Zainal Klang.

Hj Mohd Sharif's son is Mohd Yusope, who is Bapak's father, and whom he called Walid. Bapak's name is Haji Abdul Rashid bin Mohd Yusope. He always visited his relatives in Jelutong for Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Syed Mohamad said Bapak would visit Jelutong every 2 weeks.

=====( ٦‎ )=====

Abdul Rahim bin Hj Noordin lived in Ujong Pasir.

Abdul Rahim is Walid's cousin, and Bapak's uncle, and my granduncle (datuk saudara).

Bapak called him Ami Rahim.

Ami Rahim's son is Hj Mazlan, kawan Pak Saleh. They were photographed together at Masjid Banda Hilir.

==============( ٧‎ )============

Siti Rahmah bt Abdul Rashid Makawi married to Ami Aziz Al-Yamani.

Bapak said, Ami Aziz Al-Yamani's elder sister is Patma bt Sheikh Mohamad.

Nenek moyang Patma bt Sheikh Mohamad is another person. Bapak said she is the elder sister (kakak) of Ami Aziz Al-Yamani. Tok Umi Kalthom (Batu Uban) said this Patma is higher up in the family tree.

Patma bt Sheikh Mohamad married to Hj Mohd Sharif of Banda Hilir, Malacca. Their son is Mohd Yusope (Walid), Bapak's father. Their daughters are Amnah, Mahani (Nenek Ani), Asiah (Nenek Yah), and Alijah (Nenek Jah).

Walid died early in 1953/54. Nenek Amnah married to HABHAL and lived in Singapore (buat kicap HABHAL cap kipas udang). I have never met Walid and Nenek Amnah but I have met HABHAL at Mak Sarah's house in Banda Hilir. HABHAL wore a red tarbus (fez). Nenek Ani, Nenek Yah and Nenek Jah lived with Bapak and us (kids) at 262-T Banda Hilir. We lived in the big main wooden house (now demolished). Nenek Ani lived in the wooden house attached to the kitchen of the main house (now demolished). Nenek Yah lived in her own house next to Mak Sarah's house (both are still extant). Nenek Jah lived in a small hut behind the main house (now demolished). The main house (Rumah Abu), Nenek Ani's house and Nenek Jah's hut have all been demolished (circa 2007) to expand Masjid Banda Hilir over the house site.

There are no photographs of Patma bt Sheikh Mohamad and her husband Hj Mohd Sharif.

============( ٨‎ )============


Syed Mohamad's cousin (my father) married Dr Che Lah's eldest daughter.

Syed Mohamad bin Syed Omar knew Dr Che Lah bin Md Joonos, who is my mother's father (my maternal grandfather). I am cucu Dr Che Lah. My mother is Jumabee Tulip bt Che Lah. Dr Che Lah bin Md Joonos was a Penang doctor, but after his retirement. He also worked as a Hajj Doctor in his post-retirement years, from 1950s to 1960s.

I have spoken about my grandfather Dr Che Lah's work as a Hajj doctor at the Penang Heritage Trust (PHT), Penang Story Lecture conference, "Penang and the Hajj 2013" on 17 September 2013 at the E&O Hotel, George Town, Penang.

========( ٩ ‎)=======
Syed Mohamad's aunt

Syed Mohamad bin Syed Omar said I have to pass by Dr Che Lah's house, in order to go to Siti Sekha @ Umi Sekha's house.

Umi Sekha is Syed Mohamad's aunt. Umi Sekha is adopted. Umi Sekha is married and has a daughter, Fatin, a lecturer in Computer Science, USM Penang. She is a famous chef and caterer in Penang. She is also a philanthropist and donates a lot of food to NGOs, etc. She also hosted Raya 2013 for CAP. My sister Sharifah and I liked Umi Sekha's cooking.

=======( ١‎٠‎ )=======
Anak Wan Teh

Abdul Rashid Makawi married Siti Seha/Siti Sheikha (a different person, not the caterer). They have 2 children, Mohd Yunus @ Wan Teh and Siti Rahmah.

Wan Teh/Mohd Yunus bin Abdul Rashid Makawi married Siti Rogayah Mohd Hussain Khaiyath/ Mohd Hassan Khayath. They have 2 children, Siti Kalsom @ Umi Kalthom @ Tok Kalthom Batu Uban, and Mohd Salleh.

Siti Kalsom (Umi Kalthom) has 2 children, Shaikh/Sheikh Abdul Aziz and Siti Salamah. I met all 3 of them in Kg Batu Uban on 5 June 2013.

============( ١١‎‎‎ )==============
Adik Tok Kalthom

Mohd Salleh bin Mohd Yunus is the younger brother of Tok Kalthom.

Mohd Salleh has 3 children, Shahrul Nizam, Sabarina and Siti Wahidah.

========( ١٢‎ )=========
Ami Chen

Prof Syed Mohsin is Syed Mohamad's brother-in-law. Syed Mohamad married Prof Syed Mohsin's sister, Sharifah Zahrah bt Syed Sahil Jamalullail. They have 4 children. They are all in Kuala Lumpur.

========( ١‎٣ )========
Masjid Sultan, Singapore

I informed Syed Mohamad that Syed Alwi Aidid is with Masjid Sultan in Singapore. Syed Mohamad said our family is very big, covering Penang, Malacca and Singapore. The first President of Singapore (Yusof bin Ishak) is also part of our big family.

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