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Mohaini bt Mahabob

Third cousin, Mohaini bt Mahabob
Photo from her FB.

Name: Mohaini bt Mahabob
Call name: Mohaini
Born: circa 1958
School: MGHS Form 2A (1972) & Form 3A (1973), Durian Daun, Melaka
Mahabob's daughter, Mohaini Mahabob, was my former classmate at MGHS. We were in Form 2A (1972) and Form 3A (1973) at MGHS in Durian Daun, Melaka.
Occupation: Entrepreneur (business kuih online)
Married with 2 daughters
Residence: The Mahabob family lived in a wooden Malay kampung house at Lorong Imam Hj Noordin in Banda Hilir. I remember very little of the house from 1972/73.

Father: Mahabob bin Md Zain (from Lereh)
Mother: Misbah bt Thamby Ali (Banda Hilir)
Children (4): Mahmud, Nora, Maarof, and Mohaini

Paternal grandparents:
Grandfather: Md Zain bin __
Grandmother: Hawa bt Ahmad
Children: Mahabob etc ...

Hawa bt Ahmad married to Md Zain, and their son is Mahabob. They were from Lereh.

Maternal grandparents:
Grandfather: Thamby Ali bin Hj Bidin
Grandmother: Hendon @ Encau bt Hj Noordin
Children (2): Mohamad Sidek and Misbah

Hendon @ Encau bt Hj Noordin married to Thamby Ali bin Hj Bidin, and had 2 children - Mohamad Sidek and Misbah.

Hendon is the daughter of Hj Noordin bin Ismail. The family lived at 302 Banda Hilir.

Thamby Ali bin Hj Bidin was from Ujong Pasir.

Hj Bidin bin Hj Abas married 3 times: 1) a cousin from Ujong Pasir, 2) Puteh @ Encim, and 3) Ainon bt Hj Awal.

Thamby Ali is the son of Hj Bidin bin Hj Abas from his first wife (a cousin from Ujong Pasir). The family lived at Ujong Pasir. Hj Bidin had 2 sons from his first wife - Thamby Ali and Abdullah.

Hj Bidin had a daughter named Fatimah bt Hj Bidin from his second marriage to Puteh (Encim).

Hj Abdul Rahim bin Hj Noordin married twice. He first married Fatimah bt Hj Bidin, and they had 3 sons - Mohamad, Mokhtar and Hj Mazlan. Hj Abdul Rahim then married Ainon bt Hj Awal (who was the former 3rd wife of Hj Bidin).


Birthday party. Mohaini Mahabob with Mariam Mohamad 1972/73

Mariam Mohamad
Photos from Mohaini's Facebook.


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