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Muhammad Sharif bin Abdul Rashid 1956-2017

Full name: Muhammad Sharif b Abdul Rashid
Call name: Abang Sharif, Sharif, Uncle Sharif
DOB: 29 October 1956
Deceased: 19 July 2017 at ICU, Hospital Selayang, 5:17 pm (60+ years old)

1. Banda Hilir Kindergarten 1962
2. Jasin English School 1963
3. Sultan Abdul Hamid College, Alor Star 1965?
4. Malacca Boys' High School
5. Federal Institute of Technology (FIT), Petaling Jaya 1970s

Hobbies: European car models, buses, lorries and trains

Labourer, Sg Melaka wharf, Banda Hilir early 1970s
European car mechanic and sales, KL
Bus and lorry repairs, KL

Names of guardians:
  1. 1956-1970 Parents 
  2. 1970-1976 Mak Bedah in PJ 
  3. 1976-1986 Nenek Moyang Nya Klang. Nenek Nya Klang jaga Abang Sharif selepas berkahwin hingga mendapat anak2nya.

Address rumah Nenek Nya Kelang:
Lot 2213, Kg Delek,
Kelang, Selangor

Marital status: married in late 1970s

Name of wife: Siti Fatimah bt Jaafar
Call name: Kak Fatimah/Kak Timah
Father: Jaffar Jonid
Mother: Chi bt Mohd
Sibs: Siti Fatimah, Mariam, Hashim, Osman

Children: 4
Names of children:
  1. Siti Aishah 
  2. Muhd Hafez 
  3. Siti Husna
  4. Muhd Daniel 
#1 Siti Aishah was born at Klinik Shamsudin in Kelang (23 Feb 1980)
She married to Sonei Dollah.
She has children.
Kerja di resort; 
Sg Ular, Kuantan, Gebeng, Pahang

#2 Muhd Hafez was born at home in Kg Delek (26 Oct 1982)
Sri Gombak MINDEF, Wilayah Persekutuan KL
2 sons
1. Muhd Haikal 
2. Hazimi 

#3 Siti Husna was born in Kg Delek (29 Jan 1985)
Works at TESCO Rawang
Married 19 Sept 2015 Rawang house
I attended her wedding

#4 Muhd Daniel was born at home in Kg Delek (9 Jan 1986)
Works as pharmacist
Lives in Semenyih, N. Sembilan

Abang Sharif & family lived at many places:

  1. Rumah Nenek Nya Kelang: Lot 2213, Kg Delek, Kelang (now Klang), Selangor
  2. Rented house in KL
  3. Rented house at Batu Hitam beach, Pahang
  4. Rumah Farid in Rawang (last residence)
Rumah arwah Farid - double-storey, corner lot bungalow. This is the address which Abang Sharif gave me:

No. 59, Jalan Kemboja 4A/4,
Seksyen BS 8,
Bukit Sentosa 3,
48300 Rawang,


Coloured photos are from my camera in 2009 and 2015. 
B/W photos are from Bapak's pendrive in 2011.

Bapak, Mak and Sharif 1956
Sharif with Mak in Bandar Hilir 1956-1957
Sharif in Banda Hilir 1956-1957

Mak with Sharif and Sharifah. Mak is carrying me. 1958

From left: Sharifah, me and Sharif in PJ 1959
Sharif and Sharifah in PJ 1959
Sharif with Sharifah in Petaling Jaya 1959

At Bandar Hilir house 1958-1959
From left: Sharif, Sharifah and me.
Mak with arwah Farid.
From left: Sharifah, me, Rabi'ah and Sharif.
Banda Hilir, Malacca 1961
From left: me, arwah Farid, Sharif, Mak with Amin, Sharifah and
Rabi'ah in Banda Hilir, Malacca 1962

Hari Raya in Bandar Hilir, Malacca 1962
At Bandar Hilir house 1963.
Seated from left: Kak Bibah, Ghaffar, kak Rashidah, Sharifah, arwah Farid, me, and Muzlifah.
Standing from left: Rabi'ah, abang Rahim and Sharif.
With cousins at Banda Hilir house
when Nenek Inchek returned from Hajj in 1963.
I am seated next to Sharif.

Pak Zan (suami Bik Wa) visited us in Banda Hilir 1962-1963

At rumah Mak Sarah in Bandar Hilir, Malacca 1963-1964
From left: Norsimah, Rabi'ah, arwah Farid, Norzilah, me and Sharif.
Visiting datuk Penang at 219 Solok Pemancar,
Gelugor in Penang 1963-1964
From left: Sharifah, Rabi'ah, arwah Farid and me.
Playing in Penang 1964-1965
From left: me, arwah Farid, Sharifah and Rabi'ah.
Visiting Keretapi Bukit Bendera in Ayer Hitam, Penang 1964-1965
From left: Sharifah, arwah Farid, Rabi'ah, me and Sharif.
Going to mengaji Quran in Alor Star, Kedah 1965-1967
From left: Sharif, me, Rabi'ah and Sharifah.
Local expo. Visiting the homes of indigenous tribes in Sabah 1967-1969
Trip to Mount Kinabalu, Sabah 1967-1969
Sailing away on the ocean liner, Kunak from Jesselton port, Sabah
to Singapore in 1967-1969. The journey took 3 days, arriving at Collyer Quay.
From left: Sharif, Rabi'ah, Sharifah, me, Amin,
arwah Farid and Bapak. Mak is at rear. Sabah 1967-1969
Front row from left: Amin, arwah Farid and Rabi'ah.
Back row from left: Me, Sharifah and Sharif.
Jesselton, Sabah 1967-1969
Boy in front is Amin.
Back row from left: Sharif, Sharifah, me, Rabi'ah and Farid.
Jesselton, Sabah 1967-1969.

Abang Sharif kahwin. 1970s

Sibs at home in Minden Heights, Penang when Bapak died 2009
Girls from right: Sharifah, me, Rabi'ah and Aminah.
Boys from left: arwah Farid, Sharif and Amin.

Abang Sharif at friend's house, 2011.

Abang Sharif's profile in Facebook 2014

Abang Sharif's profile at

Abang Sharif and wife at daughter Husna's wedding 19 September 2015

Abang Sharif and wife with Affandi and Yus at Husna's wedding 19 September 2015

Abang Sharif's children (from left) Muhd Hafez, Muhd  Daniel & Siti Husna. The 2 small boys are his grandsons Muhd Haikal & Hazimi (Hafez's sons). At Nazirul Mubin's wedding 5 Oct 2015.
Abang Sharif at Azizah's wedding in
Bandar Tun Abdul Razak, Jengka, Pahang.
26 December 2015

Abang Sharif passed away on Wednesday evening, on 19 July 2017, around Asar. May Allah have Mercy and forgive him and accept his soul and bless him. May he not suffer from torture in the grave. May his grave be a happy place for him. May Allah place him among the righteous Muslims in Jannatul Firdaus. No words can describe the grief of losing Abang Sharif. Allah SWT loves him more.

The above is Surah Al Fatihah from Al Quran.
The deeds (pahala)  of reciting this Surah is offered to the deceased and calms the departed soul.

Doa Istidraj
This supplication can be found in Al Quran, Surah Baqarah Verse 156. It makes us ponder that life on Earth is temporary. Our final home is another place in the next life - an everlasting one.

Surah Yasin is recited upon a person's demise and fills the void. It reminds us of our own impending death. 

Surah Yasin with explanatory text.

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