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Safura bt Mohd Yusope

Bik Wa 1962/63 Banda Hilir

Full name: Safura bt Mohd Yusope
Call name: She addressed herself as Awa. Mak called her Safura. Aunty Hasnah addressed her as Kak Wa. I called her Bik Wa.
Occupation: Telephone operator at Bukit Nenas in Kuala Lumpur
Languages spoken: Malay and English
DOB:  (Lahir Selasa, 8:27 malam, 21/5/1935) Tuesday night, on 21 May 1935 at 8:27 pm
Date of demise: 11 November 1978
Location of grave: Taman Ibukota, Gombak Bt 5

Husband: Mohd Zan bin Mashohor (saudara sebelah Mak; adik mak Zana)
Call name: Bapak and Mak called him Abang Zan. I called him Pak Zan.
Occupation: ?
DOB: ?
Birthplace: ?
Names of parents: Tok Ki Mashohor and Bibi Hashim
Names of siblings: Mohd Zan, Som ...
Date of demise: 13 May 1981?
Location of grave: ?

Date of marriage: Akad nikah on 25 December 1960 at Aunty Kamsiah's house on Fletcher Road, Kuala Lumpur. (info from Jua via Fida, 22 Feb 218)

Children: 4
  1. Baizura - schoolteacher; lives in Sg Buloh
  2. Mastura (born 11 July __) - works at ANGKASA; married to Baharom; lives in Dato Keramat
  3. Shawalludin (born 27 December __) - Captain Shawal. Shell, Brunei. Married Tatiana Abdullah. Lives in Brunei
  4. Kamarul Akhir (born 8 April 1976) - professional photographer, founder & owner of Asiana (sports photos). Lives in Puchong. Married Siti Rafidah Sabihim.
Grandchildren: 8  (5 boys + 3 girls)
  1. Muhammad Afiq Baharom ... anak Mastura
  2. Nur Syahirah Faiha Shawalludin
  3. Muhammad Syamil Farhan Shawalludin
  4. Muhammad Syafiq Fauzan Shawalludin
  5. girl ... anak Baizura
  6. boy ... anak Baizura
  7. MHAKA (Azizi) ... anak Kamarul
  8. NAZKA (Aisyah) ... anak Kamarul

Arwah Kak Wa dulu kerja sebagai operator telefon kalau tak silap. Lepas kahwin she lived in Kg. Bahru for a few years...rented a house near pasar minggu. - from Aunty Hasnah Salleh.

Telephone operator at Bukit Nenas..after Kg Bahru we shifted to a few places throughout Malaysia..and finally Mak bought a terrace house at Tmn Perwira 1, Gombak..we all settled the house is sold (to) a Malay family... - from Baizura Mohd Zan.

From Baizura in Facebook (2 August 2014, Hari Raya Aidilfitri ke-6):
Baizura Mohd Zan:
Wksalam..Selamat Hari Raya to you & family kat kelantan..
Date of birth : 21.5.1935
Date of demise..11.11.1978
Taman Ibukota , Gombak Bt 5


Bik Wa had worked very hard as a telephone operator .. and came home very tired from work ... she had to cook ... and she was asthmatic (lelah). One day she suffered (possibly chest pain) and Bapak and Mak wanted to take her to hospital. Mak pangku Bik Wa in the back seat of the car. Before they could get to hospital, Bik Wa passed away on Mak's lap; she was blue ... indicating cyanosis ... from lack of oxygen ... Bik Wa probably died of asphyxia or a heart attack. - from me (based on my Mak's account of Bik Wa's demise).


Bik Wa passed away first, and less then 3 years later, Pak Zan too passed away. Pak Zan told my Mak that he missed his wife (arwah Bik Wa) very much. Mak taught Pak Zan how to care for his 4 kids after Bik Wa passed away. Pak Zan was close to Mak - they were actually blood relatives from the Merican people in Penang. After both Bik Wa and Pak Zan died, Mak Bedah helped to look after the 4 kids in PJ, as they were orphans (anak yatim piatu).


Date of Pak Zan's demise was calculated from Syawal's info:

FB post dated 13 May 2014 - "33 years ago ... Early morning call from hospital.." - from Syawal (Sha MoZa in Facebook).


Discussion in Facebook:


Family photos

Photo from Shawal's FB

Sibs, Aunty Som and Pak Zan
Pak Zan having tea at 262-T Rumah Bandar Hilir, possibly circa 1962/63. Bik Wa is standing behind him. My sibs Abang Sharif and Sharifah (Pah) are the 2 kids. Mak is standing next to Bik Wa at right.  Photo from Bapak's pendrive 2009.
There is an early photo of Bik Wa with Tok Alang Kg Bharu and his family. Photo was provided by Prof Hamzah anak Tok Alang.
Edited photo of Bik Wa. The original photo was from Nonie anak Pak Din.


Gambar perkahwinan Bik Wa (siap frame) - ada di rumah Mak Sarah di Banda Hilir; di bilik belakang (info from Mohd Nordin anak Mak Sarah).

Date of marriage: Akad nikah on 25 December 1960 at Aunty Kamsiah's house on Fletcher Road, Kuala Lumpur. (info from Jua via Fida, 22 Feb 218)

Pak Zan and Bik Wa kahwin at Aunty Kamsiah;s house on Fletcher Road, KL. 25 December 1960.
Photo from Nordin anak Mak Sarah.

Bik Wa in her wedding chamber. 25 December 1960.
All the sewing could have been done by Nenek Jenab of Kg Baru.
Photo from Nordin anak Mak Sarah.
Visiting Banda Hilir
Bik Wa and Pak Zan at 262-T Rumah Banda Hilir, probably circa 1962/63. I do not know who the 2 kids are; the little girl could be Baizura. Photo from Bapak's pendrive 2009.
Photos 1979 & 2015:
Baizura (ages?), Mastura (ages?), Shawal (ages?), and Kamarul (3 & 39 years old)


Full name: Baizura bt Mohd Zan
Call name: Bai, Kak Bai, Baizura, Ju'a
DOB: ?
Occupation: Schoolteacher
Workplace: SMK Bukit Rahman Putra
Past: SMK TMN Ehsan and Sek Keb Sultan Hishamuddin Alam Shah
Academic: Studied English at University Putra Malaysia
Past: Sultan Idris University of Education and MPIK
Lives in Rawang, Selangor
From Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Baizura's family

Baizura Mohd Zan + Aziz Karim
-  2 kids: 1 (B) 1 (G)


Full name: Mastura bt Mohd Zan
Call name: Mas, adik Mas, Mastura
DOB: 11 July
Occupation: ?
Workplace: ANGKASA
Academic: Studied at Universiti Putra Malaysia, Serdang
Past: Sek. Men. (P) Jalan Temerloh, Kuala Lumpur
Lives in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
From Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Mastura's family

Mastura Mohd Zan + Hj Bahrom*
- 1 son, Muhammad Afiq

*Baharom - former officemate of (Pak Cik) Mat Rashid, adik Pak Cik Hassan - from Mat Rashid.

M Afiq kahwin (Masjid Terapung, Tanjung Bungah, Penang 19 March 2017):

Photos from Aunty Hasnah Salleh (anak Tok Alang Kg Baru, KL):
Majlis kenduri kahwin M Afiq anak Mastura

From left: Nonie anak arwah Pak Din, aunty Hasnah anak arwah Tok Alang, aunty Siti Zaleha anak arwah Nenek Endon and Dora anak arwah Mak Nya. Mak Bedah is seated.

Standing from left: Aunty Kamsiah anak arwah Tok Ali Gombak, Aunty Hasnah anak arwah Tok Alang Kg Baru, Aunty Zaleha anak arwah Bik Endon Kedah, Mak Bedah, and Shawal's wife.


Full name: Shawalludin b Mohd Zan
Call names: He addresses himself as Awal. We call him Shawal.
DOB: 27 December
Occupation & Workplace:
Former Marine operation supervisor at Sarawak Shell Berhad 2003 to 2007
Schooling: Went to Bukit Bintang Boys School, Class of 1986
Lives in Seria, Brunei
From Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Shawalludin's family

2 children from previous marriage, 1(B) 1(G).
Nur Syahirah Faiha Shawalludin
Muhammad Syamil Farhan Shawalludin

Shawalludin Mohd Zan + Tatiana Abdullah (m. 30 June 2007)
Muhammad Syafiq Fauzan Shawalludin

Shawal's family


Full name: Kamarul Akhir bin Mohd Zan
Call name: Kamarul
DOB: 8 April 1976
Occupation: professional photographer
Workplace: Asiana
Founder and Operation Manager at - All Sports Images And News Agency
Past: TheSun Media
Academic: Studied at Institut Belia Negara Peretak
Past: SMKA Maahad Hamidiah and Maahad Hamidiah Kajang
Lives in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
From Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Hp: 013-248 0525

Kamarul Akhir's family

Kamarul Akhir Mohd Zan + Fida Phied Sabihim
- kids: 2 (1B + 1G)

Kamarul's family

Gambar baby Nuraishah, me, Dora and Kamarul at rumah Mak Bedah, Seksyen 14, PJ in Feb 1985: Kamarul was 8+, going on 9 years old; Dora was 15 years old; Nuraishah was 9 months old; and I was 26 years old.



From Facebook:

Arwah Pak Zan was related to arwah Ayah Wan Merican Noordin (Wan Mohd Nasserudin Wan Noordin). Pak Zan and Ayah Wan's mother were siblings (brother and sister).

From me:

Zanariah Ahmad (Zana, TKC MCE 1975) was related to arwah Ayah Wan Merican Noordin and Bik Wa's 4 children; they are first cousins.

Arwah Mak was related to arwah Ayah Wan Merican Noordin and Zana. I don't know how.


From arwah Ayah Wan Merican Noordin (now deceased):

His sister is Datin Wan Norsiha Wan Noordin. Her daughter is Dina Sujak.


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