Friday, 2 October 2015

Datuk Nengkong

How are Nenek Inche's mother and Enjah Muhammad Ariff's mother related?

Siblings Nekmat, Rahmat, Ahmad, and Samad.

Siblings Esah Bidan, Baba, Timah, and Nik Nah.

Nekmat married Esah Bidan. They have 4 children.
Siblings Napsiah (Yah) Nekmat, Ismail Nae'mat (@ Baba or Coco's father), Abu Hassan Nekmat, and Enjah Nekmat.

Who is Napsiah's husband? They have 10 children.
Siblings Abdul Kadir, Dollah, Aminah, Rodziah, Hawa, Mat, Rahman Polis, Hjh Aminah, Maznah, and Khatijah.

Ismail Nae'mat married Enjah bt Muhammad Ariff. They have 9 children.
Coco is the eldest.

Mat Amin married Enjah Nekmat. They have 15 children.

Ibu Nenek Inche and Ibu of Enjah bt Muhammad Ariff are sisters.

Nenek Inche's mother is Sekmah.

Enjah Muhammad Ariff's mother is Nyonya Nengkong.

Are Nyonya Nengkong and Sekmah sisters?

Are they Chinese sisters?

Is their father Datuk Nengkong?

Is Datuk Nengkong the one related to Puteri China that Nenek Inche and Coco mentioned to me?

Datuk Nengkong married ____ and had 5 children.
Siblings Ariff Long, Cik Long, Hassan Long, Bik Empah Long, and Abu Long.

Ariff Long married Nyonya Nengkong. They have 2 daughters.
Sisters Enjah bt Muhammad Ariff (Nya, Coco's mother) and Mimunah bt Muhammad Ariff / Arif.

Enjah bt Muhammad Ariff married to Ismail bin Nae'mat. They have 9 children.
Coco is the eldest.

Who is Nyonya Nengkong? Who is her sister?

There are more than 5 million people whose surname is Nengkong or similar. Most are residing in Indonesia. The meaning of the name Nengkong is unknown.

Origin and meaning of the name Neng Kong

Neng in Mandarin means can, capability, capable, energy, ability

Kong is a common Chinese surname kǒng (孔), Clan name of Confucius.
Kong means "harbor". Hong Kong means fragrant harbor. That was before it got polluted.

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