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Malacca Land Acts & Rights

When the Dutch VOC took over Malacca from the Portuguese, the land act was non existent among the Malays. The Malays followed the tradition of handing down land ownership from father to son (which should follow Islamic principles). The Dutch held a significant size of land at Naning, and claiming the 1/10 land tax be paid to the Dutch VOC.

The Dutch gave up Malacca to the British by 1825, but still held on to their claims of land ownership at Naning. The British also faced the same problems faced by the Dutch about land ownership and land tax. The British tried to force upon the Malays the same land tax as the Dutch, and which the Malays greatly opposed. The Land Act of 1830 and The Land Act of 1861 were issued by the British East India Company in Malacca and required the Malays to comply.

Today, the Malacca Land Office looks after the door tax (cukai pintu) paid by the land title holder (pemegang geran tanah). Every piece of land must be paid a door tax, whether the land is utilised or left untouched (waste land, tanah terbiar).


Malacca Sultanate (1400-1513)
  • Hukum Kanun Melaka (Malacca Digest)
  • Undang-undang Laut Melaka (Maritime Laws of Malacca)

A. Before Malayan independence (1957)
  • Mahomedan and Hindu Endowments Ordinance No 92, 1905 (repealed)
  • Administration of Muslim Law Enactment 1959 (repealed)

B. After Malayan independence (1957)
  • Malacca Zakat, Fitrah, Wakaf and Baitulmal Matters Rules 1982
  • Administration of Islamic Law Eneactment 1991 (repealed)
  • Administration of the Religion of Islam (State of Malacca), No 7 of 2002
  • Wakaf (Melaka) Enactment 2005

Introduction of Family and Public Waqfs into the Malay States in the 19th and early 20th
Centuries and External Influences on the Norms Affecting Waqfs of Malaysia up to 1957, page 26.
by Tunku Alina Alias

Pejabat Daerah dan Tanah Melaka Tengah

Information from the website:

Pentadbiran Melaka Tengah

Pentadbiran Daerah

Senarai Maklumat Mengikut Parlimen dan DUN

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Pentadbiran JAPERUN
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Pentadbiran Penghulu
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