Friday, 20 May 2011

Jamilah bt Muhamad Salleh

Full name: Jamilah bt Muhammad Salleh
Call name: Milah, Aunty Milah, Mak Cik Milah

Her father: Muhamad Saleh bin Mohd Amin (Mat Amin Pasar)
Her father's call names: Tok Alang Kg Baru / Pak Lang / Tok Alang
Her father's mother: Sekmah

Her mother: Sum bte Ahmad
Her mother's call names: Mak Lang / Mak Lang Kg Baru / Nenek Lang / Nenek Lang Kg Baru
Her mother's status: Nenek Lang was alive till age 84, and had lived with her son Prof Hamzah. She is now deceased. She passed away on Saturday,14 February 2015 at 5.30 pm, waktu Asar.

Her siblings: 7

Her sibings (Tok Alang's children):
  1. Zaiton (b.1.10.1946) - married to Zainal Abidin bin Ibrahim (84 Jln 2, Ampang Jaya, Selangor)
  2. Jamilah (b.23.7.1948) - married to Pak Cik Hassan bin Mohd Rashid (anak Tok Rashid, Serdang) (3 Desa Al-Amin, Kg Sg Tangkas, Kajang)
  3. Hasnah (b.16.7.1953) - married to Abdul Ghani Mohammed (deceased) (No. 94, Jln Bunga Kekwa 2/12, Shah Alam; 019-200 8121)
  4. Mohd Yusope (b.3.12.1955-d.9.1998) (unmarried; deceased Sept 1998 @ HKL)
  5. Abdul Latiff (b.1.1.1958-d.5.2005) (unmarried; deceased May 2005 @ Hospital Klang)
  6. Prof Hamzah - married Dr Nor Jannah Hassan (No 23, Jln Nakhoda Kiri 3, Kg Nakhoda, Batu Caves; 013-345 7711)
  7. Zulkifli - married; first wife passed away May 2007; re-married, to Aida A. Rahim, second wife (17 Jalan P9 A/4, Presint 9, Putrajaya)
Sum bte Ahmad @ Mak Lang is Nenek Alang Kg Baru
Nenek Alang is ibu kepada Mak Cik Jamilah


Mak Cik Jamilah bt Muhamad Saleh (anak Tok Alang Kg Baru)
Mak Cik Jamilah bt Muhamad Saleh, anak kedua sulung Tok Alang Kg Baru, KL
Pak Cik Hassan bin Mohd Rashid (anak Tok Rashid, Serdang)

Pak Cik Hassan and Mak Cik Milah in Kelantan for a wedding reception


From me (21 May 2014):

Pak Cik Hassan is the elder brother of Siti Hajar (youngest). Siti Hajar came to visit me in Chico, California when I graduated in 1983. Siti Hajar had worked at MRSM Pengkalan Chepa before moving back to KL.

Someone from the south who knew Mak Bedah and Pak Cik Hassan told me Pak Cik Hassan suffered a stroke. I cannot confirm his current condition.

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