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Inchek Sekmah bt Mohd Yusope

Inchek Sekmah bt Mohd Yusope
@ Che Sekmah / Mak Sekmah
Adik bongsu perempuan Bapak

Full name: Inchek Sekmah bt Mohd Yusope
Call name: Bapak referred to his youngest sister as Chek Sekmah. I called her Mak Sekmah.
Born: Thursday morning (pagi Khamis) on 13 November 1941 at 12:20 am.
Birthplace: __ (either Jalan Imbi in KL or 262-T Banda Hilir)
Occupation: Housewife - made and sold cincalok from home
Residence: Jalan Limbongan, beside Masjid Limbongan, Melaka
Date deceased: 13 November 1999 / 7 May 2010?
Burial ground: Tanah  Perkuburan Islam, Masjid Limbongan, Melaka.

Her husband: Mohamad bin Idris (sepupu/her cousin)
His father: Idris bin Pekgang
His mother: Jeah bt Sidek
His namestring: Mohamad bin Idris bin Pekgang
His call name: Pak Mat

Mohamad bin Idris
@ Pak Mat
Address based on an envelope:
Drp: Mohd Idris
2423 C, Limbongan
75200, Melaka

(rumah terbakar 1995)

Children: 6
  1. Norzilah: 23 February 1960
  2. Norsimah -- 1961?
  3. Azmi: 22 July 1962
  4. Zaini -- 1963/64?
  5. Zainudin/Nordin: 10 November 1965
  6. Idris: 12 January 1974
Family photos

Mak Sekmah dan adik-beradik semasa kecil di Banda Hilir, selepas perang:

Bik Wa (12, standing), Pak Saleh (3), Mak Bedah (10, seated centre) and Mak Sekmah (7, at right) at Rumah Banda Hilir circa 1948.
Mak Sekmah (10) at Banda Hilir circa 1951
Mak Sekmah and Pak Mat.
Photo from Zainudin (Zack in FB)

Bersama sepupu di Banda Hilir, Melaka - anak Bapak dan anak Mak Sekmah

With sibs and cousins at rumah Mak Sarah in Banda Hilir, Malacca. circa 1963.
From left: Norsimah, Rabi'ah (Rabi), Farid, Norzilah, Faridah (me) and Sharif (Abang).

Mak Sekmah's 6 children:

From left: Norzilah, Norsimah, Azmi, Zaini, Zainudin and Idris. March 2017
1. Norzilah Mohd
 Tel 017-360 6853
No. 944, Jln. 9/10C Taman Seremban Jaya, Seremban, NS
2. Norsimah Mohd

3. Azmi Mohd

4. Zaini Mohd
Tel 012-276-0399

5. Zainudin/Nordin Mohd
Tel 012-619 8212 
6. Idris Mohd


From Abang Sharif:

Mak Sekmah hubby's name is Mohd not Ahmad.

Their children are:
1. Norzilah (tel 017-360 6853; No. 944, Jln. 9/10C Taman Seremban Jaya, Seremban, NS)
2. Azmi
3. Norsimah
4. Zaini
5. Zainudin (tel 012-619 8212) 
6. Idris

First name tak de mohd for the boys. Tak tahu sequence dia orang. Call Zila to confirm.


From Norzilah in Facebook (25 Dec 2014):

Roslan  bin  Abdullah (an  Indian  convert)
D.O.B.:  19-03-1958  
Place of birth: Selangor
Date deceased:  26-11-1997
Burial  ground : Tanah  Perkuburan  Islam Tuan  Hj. Said,  Seremban, Negeri  Sembilan


From Norzilah's daughter in Facebook (31 July 2014; Hari Raya Aidilfitri ke-4):

Anura Aini: yup I know that is why I mentioned coz by me just saying about myself u wont have any idea from which part of d world I come in....... I have only met uncle Farid so far but knowing him close coz he also helped a lot during my wedding reception....I knew about the others through my mum.
31 July at 17:25

She now uses the name HT Aini in FB.


From Norzilah's daughter in Facebook (1 August 2014; Hari Raya Aidilfitri ke-5):

Anura Aini: oh yes and uncle sharif too....I have met him twice or thrice I youngest brother looks so much like him.....I hv also.met tuk Rashid and his wife Nek Fauziah (if I am not mistaken) once or twice in arwah Nek Sekmah's home....a very long time ago........
I am 35 yrs old. I got married in December 2002 in Taman Senawang Jaya, Seremban, NS. I have 2 younger brothers N I am the eldest n only girl.

My mum's siblings :
1) Norzilah + Roslan (passed away)
    - staying in Seremban
    - kids 1(G) 2(B)
    - grandchildren (7)

2) Norsimah + Mohamad
    - currently staying in Sg Buloh
    - 3(G) 2 (B)
    - 1 (granddaughter)

3) Azmi + Rozana Saibani
    - staying in Penggerang, Johor
    - kids 2 (B) 2(G)

4) Zaini + Zaharah bt Yusof (wife deceased 18 Feb 2015)
    - staying in Malacca
    - kids 4 (G) 2(B)

5) Nordin + Marziah
    - staying in Malacca
    - kids 3 (B)

6) Idris + Kalsom
    - staying in Malacca
    - kids 3 (B) 1(G)


From Anura Aini in Facebook (1 August 2014):

1) Siti Rohaini + Maz Azri
    kids -
    1. Imran Ihtisyam
    2. Izzul Hafiz
    3. Irdina Mukhlisah
    4. Iman Abqari

2) Irawan Shah + Lydia Eznie bt Hamzah
     kids -
     1. Ahmad Danish
     2. Airis Safiya
     3. Dhia

3) Rdzhwan Shah + Nurul Othman
    kids -
    1. __


From Anura Aini in Facebook (1 August 2014):

Anura Aini: yes I am currently a conveyancing clerk for almost 14 yrs....still learning the conveyancing field......only studied till work n daily life is my experience. My fluent Eng is bcoz of d early expose from my mum n late father and thats my little extra ability that I hv in me eventough I am not highly educated. It helps me.when I communicate with people and it gives them a different perspective of myself when I speak EL.

Anura Aini: the firm that I am working for is Messrs Nizam Harlina & Co.
in Seremban, N9. we also have a branch in PJ, Selangor. Our office is conveyancing n syariah.

Anura Aini: Mum is currently a kindergarten teacher for more than 20 years....she loves her job its her passion early.childhood education...her hobby paper cutting...reading...


From Rdzhwan Shah in Facebook (1 August 2014):

Rdzhwan Shah: Hi my name is rdzhwan shah the youngest in the family.roslan bin abdullah and norzilah mum's hp number is 017-3606853.kindly amend as 012-2374211 is no longer available


Cucu-cucu Mak Sekmah: 26 orang

Anak Norzilah: 3 kids
1. Siti Rohaini
2. Irawan Shah
3. Rdzhwan Shah

1. Siti Rohaini bt Roslan (Anura Aini/HT Aini in FB) m. Maz Azri

2. Irawan Shah m. Lydia Eznie bt Hamzah

3. Rdzhwan Shah m. Nurul Othman

Anak Norsimah: 5 kids:-

Anak Azmi: 4 kids:-
1. Muhd Ali Imran
2. Annur

Keluarga Azmi Mohd
Muhd Ali Imran bersama ibunya Rozana Saibani
Anak2 Azmi berkahwin di Johor:

Muhd Ali Imran dan Fyka

Annur dan Salam

Anak Zaini: 6 kids:-
(Zaini 012-276-0399)
Taman Desa Duyong

1. Nur Hazirah
2. Niza  013-791-0544
3. Ikbal 013-719-6949
4. Anip 016-689-5734
5. Napi 017-321-9895
6. __

Nur Hazirah bt Zaini m. Mohd Sufian bin Yacub

Anak Zainuddin/Nordin: 4 boys:-
1. Muhd Nur Hilmi
2. Hafizzudin
3. Muhd Nur Haziq
4. Muqri

Muhd Nur Hilmi dan bapanya Zaini

Hafizzudin bersama ibunya

Muhd Nur Haziq

Anak Idris: 4 kids:-

Cicit Mak Sekmah: 9 orang

1) Siti Rohaini + Maz Azri: 4 kids:-

1. Imran Ihtisyam
2. Izzul Hafiz
3. Irdina Mukhlisah
4. Iman Abqari

Rohaini dan anak2

2) Irawan Shah + Lydia Eznie bt Hamzah: 3 kids:-

1. Ahmad Danish
2. Airis Safiya
3. Dhia

Anak2 Irawan Shah

3) Rdzhwan Shah + Nurul Othman: 1 kid:-

1. Apa namanya?

4) Norsimah + Mohamad: 1 granddaughter:-

1. Apa namanya?


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