Thursday, 9 June 2011

Mahani bt Haji Mohd Sharif

Mahani bt Hj Mohd Sharif is Nenek Ani. She is Bapak's aunt. She is anak datuk Hj Mohd Sharif. She taught quran to abang Sharif and Pah. She is the sibling of Nenek Yah (Asiah) and Nenek Jah (Alijah).

Nenek Ani lived in the annex, lower quarters, near the kitchen side of Rumah Banda Hilir. There was a set of steep narrow brick staircase that led down to her quarters. Her quarters had a well that never dried up even during the dry season. She taught quran in her quarters, on the big balai (platform; Kelantanese pangkin) which faced another small balai which was her resting chamber. If she was not teaching quran, she would rest on the other balai with several pillows to support her back. She slept with a mengkuang fan covering her face.

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