Thursday, 9 June 2011

Asiah bt Haji Mohd Sharif

Asiah bt Haji Mohd Sharif is Nenek Yah. She is Bapak's aunt. She is the daughter of datuk Haji Mohd Sharif bin Ismail. She lived in a house adjacent (next) to Mak Sarah's house in Banda Hilir, in kawasan Masjid Banda Hilir. Her sibs are Nenek Ani (Mahani) and Nenek Jah (Alijah).

From Mak Bedah (8 June 2011):
Walid had 5 sibs - Walid (himself is eldest), Mahani (Nenek Ani), Amnah/Aminah (married to HABHAL, Singapore), Alijah (Nenek Jah) and Asiah (Nenek Yah).

Nenek Yah (Asiah) married a mamak businessman, Haji Ibrahim of Tampin but they have no children.

Haji Ibrahim had a kedai runcit called Tampin Store based in Tampin.

Haji Ibrahim died and Nenek Yah moved back to Banda Hilir and lived in a house built for her, next to rumah Mak Sarah. She adopted a son. I have seen this son a few times but I don't remember the name or face anymore. He was probably a teenager in the 1960s when we lived in Banda Hilir. Nenek Yah is fair but her adopted son is dark, probably an Indian boy.

Bapak said Nenek Yah's adopted son wants to sell her house. Bapak said it is against undang-undang Shariah as the land is tanah wakaf Masjid Banda Hilir.

Nenek Yah's house was built after Mak Sarah's house; after Mak Sarah's husband died in the Port Klang tragedy (he drowned), before her youngest son Mustafa was born.

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