Thursday, 29 September 2011

Rumah Banda Hilir (2)

Some photos to show what Rumah Banda Hilir looked like. It was pretty when I lived there. When I came back to visit the house after I was married, the house was dilapidated and falling apart. When I revisited the third time, the house was gone and a new extension of Masjid Banda Hilir (Masjid An-Nur) had taken over the site of Rumah Banda Hilir.

Rumah Banda Hilir (front portion)

Rumah Banda Hilir (inside rear portion)
Rumah Banda Hilir (rear portion at left is falling apart and overgrown with rose bushes. The front portion at right is still intact)
Rumah Banda Hilir (front portion still intact)
Differently styled roofs of Rumah Banda Hilir (front portion)
Middle portion of Rumah Banda Hilir with Chinese styled staircase and white wooden Dutch door. This middle portion is always whitewashed and has been white ever since. It separates and also joins the rear portion to the front portion. Behind the Dutch door is a large brick floor which serves as a clothes drying area (tempat sidai baju). Its rear has a large bathroom (with a pool, kolam) with a small green Chinese porcelain window (can view Masjid Banda Hilir while bathing). The building at right is the front portion of the house (nearest Masjid Banda Hilir). Some red croton plants are grown around the entire periphery of the house.

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