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Mazalifah bt Abdul Aziz

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Wednesday, 20 April 2011
Japanese in Penang

The Japanese Forces had invaded Penang in 1941. In 1951, there were 2 young cousins who were in contact - Mazalifah Aziz residing in Penang and Abdul Rashid Mohd Yusope, her Malacca cousin who was attending Malay College, Kuala Kangsar.

From: Mazalifah Aziz, George Town, Penang, 1 Feb 1951

To: Abdul Rashid bin Mohd Yusope, Anglo-Chinese School (ACS) Malacca

Abdul Rashid Mohd Yusope's ACS School Leaving Certificate, 6 June 1951. Where did he go to study in 1951? MCKK

Abdul Rashid Mohd Yusope Malay College School Leaving Certificate, 9 November 1951. He was at Malay College for 9 months. Where did he go after Nov 1951? England.

How long was he in England? 2 years. For what? He attended the Malayan Teachers' Training College at Kirkby, near Liverpool, England.

Postcard postmarked 2 August 1952

Postcard postmarked 1 August 1953

Abdul Rashid Mohd Yusope (28 Nov 1931 - 8 March 2009), Perkuburan Masjid Gelugor, Penang

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Sellene said...
With the greatest possible respect, I feel there is little relevance between this heading "The Japanese in Penang" and the subsequent subject matter ie. the relationship between two cousins.

Perhaps it might be better to explain in some detail the real connection between Mazalifah Aziz, her adopted mother Aishah Abdullah and the latter's husband Aziz Yamani, the proprietor of Asia Motors garage in town. Then the choice of heading would have made some sense.

The heading would make even more sense if it was shown how Mazalifah's personal life was affected by the Japanese Occupation in Penang. I am not the best person to enlighten you on this as I am not quite certain if these revelations would be welcomed by her family members.

In any case, the best person to relate this account would be someone directly connected to Aziz Yamani himself.

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