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Haji Mohd Sharif bin Ismail (1)

Haji Mohd Sharif bin Ismail
@ Tok moyang Hj Mohd Sharif
(His portrait was created from combining that of his middle brother Hj Nordin and his son Hj Mohd Yusope. 
Haji Mohd Sharif should look younger ... in his late 30s/early 40s)

Full name: Haji Mohamed Sharif bin Ismail
Call name: Tok Haji Mohd Sharif/Tok Moyang Haji Mohd Sharif
Born: estimated 1874
Birthplace: previous old 262-T Banda Hilir house
Marriage: estimated 1895 (his eldest son was born on 11 Feb 1896)
Hajj: 1897
Residence: build 262-T Banda Hilir house after he returned from the Hajj, circa 1897
Occupation: jaggery boiler (buat gula Melaka); goldsmith (made golden rings; buat cincin salut emas)
Deceased: 1906? (before 1912)

Palm sugar or gula Melaka, gula tuakgula keret or nise

Wife's full name: Fatimah bt Mohamad / Fatimah bt Sheikh Mohamad
Call name: Patma, Padma, Patema
Wife's namestring: Fatimah bt Mohamad bin Abdullah
Her brother: Abdul Aziz Al Yamani, who relocated from Malacca to Penang
Born: __
Birthplace: __ (either Penang or Tengkera)
Deceased: __

Children: 5
  1. Haji Mohd Yusope bin Hj Mohd Sharif (Tok Walid) .... eldest son; entomologist
  2. Mahani bt Hj Mohd Sharif (Nenek Ani) ... guru Quran; unmarried, lived in a granny flat attached to the big house built by her father in 1897
  3. Amnah bt Hj Mohd Sharif (Nenek Amnah) ... married to HABHAL and went to live in Jalan Mangga, Geylang in Singapore
  4. Alijah bt Hj Mohd Sharif (Nenek Jah) ... unmarried
  5. Asiah bt Hj Mohd Sharif (Nenek Yah) ... married a businessman in Tampin. She also taught Quran when she returned to Banda Hilir after her husband died. She had no children. She adopted an Indian boy.


From Abang Sharif:

Hj Mohd Sharif Ismail or Tok Sharif went to study in Makkah in his younger days with the 1st Malacca khadi Tuan Hj Khalil. There were 3 of them, I can't remember his 3rd friend. He also picked up the gold trading skills in Mecca. Celup mas etc. He is very jealous of his wife. The Bandar Hillir house, the windows will always be closed.
He will stock up the coconuts at the centre door (pintu tengah selalu kita duduk petang-petang). He'll go round with his horsewagon cart whilst Phatma will do the gold jobs etc.

Centre staircase with a Dutch door

The house in Bandar Hilir has 2 more of the same design somewhere in Malacca as the 3 friends made a pact to built the house with similar features.
If you remember in the attic there were bundles of flattened cigarette boxes (Rough Rider) with all the customers items details etc. There was a gold dacing and many other gold trading items. I do not know what happened to them.

[From me, 28 April 2012: The last time I saw the daching and ring templates was in Rumah Jalan Durian Daun, Malacca. Then I went to TKC in 1974.]

When he died, Tok Zainal took Tok Yusope and Nek Jah actual name is Khalijah/ Halijah under his arm whilst Tok Nordin took care of Mahani, Amnah & Asiah.
He performed the Hajj in 1897. He went with his younger brother Hj Nordin and a relative, Hj Mohd Khalil (first Mufti of Melaka)

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