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Haji Mohd Sharif bin Ismail (1) Biodata

Haji Mohd Sharif bin Ismail
@ Tok moyang Hj Mohd Sharif*

*His portrait was created from combining that of his middle brother Hj Nordin (70s) and his son Hj Mohd Yusope (50s). However, Haji Mohd Sharif would look younger, aged  between 35-40-50.

HAJI MOHD SHARIF BIN ISMAIL (c.1866-c.1906) / (c.1855-died c1906-1912)

Full name: Haji Mohamed Sharif bin Ismail

Call names: His grandchildren referred to him as Tok Haji Mohd Sharif. His great-grandchildren referred to him as Tok Moyang Haji Mohd Sharif.

Born: Estimated circa 1866/1871/1874 ... depending on what age he married - 30/25/22.

He was probably born earlier because his close friend Haji Khalil bin Haji Husin (Mufti Pertama Melaka) was born in 1855.

Birthplace: He was most probably born in the previous old dilapidated 262-T Banda Hilir house which was most probably built circa 1820 (ie same time Masjid Banda Hilir was built**), before he re-built 262-T Banda Hilir in 1897 after returning from the Hajj with Haji Khalil and Haji Nordin (his younger sib).
**Masjid Banda Hilir was built in 1820 by Datuk Shahbuddin bin Hj Mohd Amin, from Cirebon, Java, Indonesia. His shrine is at Tanah Perkuburan Lorong (Jalan) Panjang where most of the Banda Hilir Muslim residents' graves are located. His Sufi followers are also buried at this graveyard.
Marriage: Estimated circa May 1895 (his eldest son was born on 11 Feb 1896)

Hajj: Haji Mohd Sharif probably had performed a previous Hajj. He was away to perform the Hajj in August 1986, after his eldest and only son was born. His youngest brother (Zainal Ismail) registered the birth of his son (Mohd Yusope) while he (Haji Mohd Sharif) was away in Makkah.

Residence: He built Rumah 262-T Banda Hilir in 1897, after returning from the Hajj in late 1896.

Occupation: He was a jaggery boiler (pembuat gula Melaka) and had workers working for him. He was a jeweller or goldsmith (made golden rings; buat cincin salut emas) after 1896, after learning the gold plating trade in Makkah during the Hajj in 1896.

Palm sugar or gula Melakagula tuakgula keret or nise

Deceased: Circa 1906 (before 1912). There is no death certificate available.

Cause of death: Unknown. There was one source (my mother) and it was tragic death. I will not disclose details until I have researched and proof, the death certificate or report from the coroner/mortuary/forensics.

Burial: He is interred at Tanah Perkuburan Islam Masjid Semabok, Semabok. There are a set of 4 liang lahad, but only 3 are filled with corpses - Hj Mohd Sharif, his wife Patma, and son Mohd Yusope. I remember visiting the graves in the 1960s, and the mosque was farther away from these graves. However, in 2016, after extensive renovations, the mosque has encroached on the graveyard and the 3 graves are now just outside the Mihrab. The 3 graves are situated closest on the left side of the Mihrab if facing Qiblat.



Wife's full name: Fatimah bt Mohamad / Fatimah bt Sheikh Mohamad

Call name: Patma, Padma, Patema. There was also a Patma Bee?

Wife's namestring: Fatimah bt Mohamad bin Abdullah .... this could be from the Jenaton Clan.

Wife's mother's namestring: Noor .... from Jelutong side.

Her younger brother: Abdul Aziz Alyamani (Ami Aziz Alyamani), who relocated from Malacca to Penang

Born: She was probably 12/18/21/25 when she married to Mohd Sharif bin Ismail of Banda Hilir circa May 1895. So she could have been born in 1870/1874/1877/1883.

Birthplace: Bapak said she came from Tengkera. But her parents could be from 2 places - father from Tengkera, Malacca & Jelutong, Penang and mother from Jelutong, Penang. We always visited Jelutong Timur for Hari Raya since 1960s (since I was 5).

Deceased: She was lost to follow-up since her husband died circa 1906. In 1906, she would have been 23/29/32/36. But Bapak must have seen her since he described her as "Putih macam Cina". Bapak was born in KL in 1931 and lived in KL till the war broke out. Bapak & family returned to Banda Hilir in 1941 when the Japanese War hit KL. If Bapak met her in Malacca in 1941, she must have been elderly - ie about age 48/54/57/61, depending on her year of birth (unknown).
  1. She was born in 1870/1874/1877/1883.
  2. She married circa May 1895. She was 25/21/18/12. 
  3. She gave birth to Walid (first born) on 11 Feb 1896. She was 26/22/19/13.
  4. Her husband died circa 1906. She was 36/32/29/23. Walid was 10.
  5. Walid married at 24 circa May 1920. She was 50/46/43/37.
  6. If she was alive in 1931 when Bapak was born, she was 61/57/54/48. Walid was 35. [Likely]
  7. If Bapak met her in Malacca in 1941 when war broke out, she was 61/57/54/48. [Likely]
  8. If Bapak met her in 1951, Walid was still alive, before MCKK, she was 81/77/74/68. [Possibly]
  9. If Bapak met her in 1955, after Walid died, when he married, she was 85/81/78/71. [Unlikely]

Date of death: Her date of death in unknown. She could have died circa 1941 and aged between 48 to 61. She could have died circa 1951 while Walid was still alive and before/after Bapak went to MCKK, she was aged between 68 and 81. She could have died circa 1955, after Walid died, before Bapak married, she was aged between 71 and 85. She must have died in old age, maybe aged between 48 and 85. Most Malay ladies live that long after their husband's death. It is possible.

Burial: She is interred adjacent to her husband at the Semabok graveyard. The information on her tombstone is written in Jawi, but is illegible (sukar nak baca). Since she is buried in Semabok, she could have continued to live in Malacca after her husband's demise. There is no news about what happened to her after her husband died. She probably returned to Tengkera. She could have abandoned her 5 children and returned to Tengkera. Her children were looked after 2 surviving brothers - Haji Nordin Ismail (Banda Hilir) and Zainal Ismail (Klang).

Remarriage? She did not remarry since she is interred adjacent to her husband in Semabok. Why not? She was still young. Why didn't she look after her own kids? What was her state of mind when her husband died? Was she terribly upset, depressed or became insane? Was she incapacitated that she could not look after her own children, and the remaining 2 brothers had to care for her 5 children? Her husband died a tragic death while she was still very young. She was a full-time housewife. So she must have been terribly shocked, such that her well-being was affected, rendering her inept to fend for herself. Just my thesis.

Children: 5
  1. Haji Mohd Yusope bin Haji Mohd Sharif (Tok Walid) .... eldest son; entomologist
  2. Mahani bt Haji Mohd Sharif (Nenek Ani) ... guru Quran; unmarried, lived in a granny flat attached to the big house built by her father in 1897
  3. Amnah bt Haji Mohd Sharif (Nenek Amnah) ... married to HABHAL and went to live in Jalan Mangga, Geylang in Singapore
  4. Alijah bt Haji Mohd Sharif (Nenek Jah) ... unmarried
  5. Asiah bt Haji Mohd Sharif (Nenek Ya) ... married Haji Ibrahim, a businessman who had a kedai runcit in Tampin. She also taught Quran when she returned to Banda Hilir after her husband died. She had no children. She adopted an Indian boy.

From Abang Sharif (edited):
Haji Mohd Sharif Ismail or Tok Sharif went to study in Makkah in his younger days with the first Malacca Khadi Tuan Haji Khalil bin Haji Hussin. There were 3 of them, I can't remember his 3rd friend. He also picked up the gold trading skills in Makkah. Celup mas etc. He was very jealous of his wife. The Bandar Hillir house windows will always be closed. He would stock up the coconuts at the centre door (pintu tengah selalu kita duduk petang-petang). He'll go round with his horsewagon cart whilst Phatma will do the gold jobs etc.
Central staircase with a Dutch door.

The house in Bandar Hilir has 2 more of the same design somewhere in Malacca as the 3 friends made a pact to built their houses with similar features. If you remember in the attic there were bundles of flattened cigarette boxes (Rough Rider) with all the customers items details etc. There was a gold daching and many other gold trading items. I do not know what happened to them.
When he died, Tok Moyang Zainal Ismail took Tok Yusope and Nek Jah (actual name is Khalijah/ Halijah) under his arm whilst Tok Nordin took care of Mahani, Amnah & Asiah.
He performed the Hajj in 1897. He went with his younger brother Hj Nordin and a relative, Hj Mohd Khalil (first Mufti of Melaka)


From me, 28 April 2012: 
The last time I saw the daching and a bunch of metal ring size guide was in Rumah Jalan Durian Daun, Malacca. After that, I went to TKC in 1974.

Ring size chart

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