Sunday, 29 April 2012

Will of Haji Mohamad Sharif bin Ismail (Tok Sharif)

I received a softcopy of Haji Mohamad Sharif's Will (Wasiat Tok Sharif) today (29 April 2012) from Abang Sharif, who in turn obtained it from Farid, who in turn obtained it from Bapak. Here are some interesting contents of the Will.

Will of 1 March 1906, Malacca
Probate No. 4 of 1912

Name: Haji Mohamad Sharif  bin Ismail (this is Tok Sharif)
Wife: Fatimah bte Mohamad (this is Patma)
Mother: Inche Nyonia binte Tuan Sheik Mohamad Sahabudin (this is Tok Sharif's mother)

1) Mohamad Usuf bin Haji Mohamad Sharif (this is Walid)
2) Mahani bte Haji Mohamad Sharif (this is Nenek Ani)
3) Alijah bte Hj Mohamad Sharif (this is Nenek Jah)
4) Aminah bte Hj Mohamad Sharif (I heard Bapak mentioned her name as Amnah.)
5) Asiah bte Hj Mohamad Sharif (this is Nenek Yah)

Grandfather: Mohamad Saleh bin Khatib Usuf (this is the grandfather of Tok Sharif)

The properties mentioned in the Will include these, but addresses may have changed after so many years:
No. 76 and 77 Banda Hilir
Banda Hilir No. 111
Banda Hilir brick house No. 113

These are some lands (see specifications) mentioned in the Will:
Bukit Tempurong
Padang Semabok
Ujong Pasir

These were the witnesses for the Will. 
Zainal bin Omar Sidang
Omar bin Saleh Bilal
The last word after the name is the post held, eg Tok Sidang, Tok Bilal. They were men from the mosque, but it doesn't specify which mosque, most probably from Masjid Banda Hilir, unless he had reason to use people from Masjid Semabok.

H A Hannen - Malay Interpreter
Supreme Court of The Straits Settlement

D Bratty - Registrar
Supreme Court, Malacca
These are my comments & queries (from a research point of view):
  1. Why didn't the Executor (Haji Nordin) also sign on the Will? Is that not allowed?
  2. In the Probate of 1912, why didn't Haji Nordin's name & signature appear on the Will since he was the named Executor?
  3. Which document has Haji Nordin's name AND signature, that indicates he accepted this difficult task of being the Executor of his elder brother's Will?
  4. Did we have cameras in 1906 and 1912? When were cameras invented?
  5. Are there photos or paintings of the portraits of Haji Mohamad Sharif, his wife, his mother and grandfather? Are there thumbprints of any of them?
  6. What did Haji Mohamad Sharif look like? Was he rich? Was his family a wealthy or poor family?
  7. What was Haji Mohamad Sharif's occupation(s)?
  8. What was his wife's occupation(s)?
  9. What was Haji Mohamad's approximate income or worth when things were good?
  10. Were there times when Haji Mohamad Sharif had poor income or insufficient income?
  11. In his son's birth certificate, Haji Mohamad Sharif was a Joggry Boiler. What is a joggry boiler? Is it the same as tukang buat gula Melaka?
  12. From Mohamad Usuf's birth certificate, we know he was born in ____. This means he became 21 in ____. 
  13. What are the birth dates of the other siblings? Who keeps their birth certificates?
  14. When did the 5 children turn 21?
  15. When all the children turned 21, did Haji Nordin give them their properties as requested in the Will? 
  16. If Haji Nordin had given the children and the mother their rights, then there is no problem today.
  17. If Haji Nordin did not give the 5 children and their mother their rights (Faraid as in Islam), then what were the reasons for not doing so? 
  18. Was Haji Nordin alive when the 5 children turned 21?
  19. Was their mother still alive when the 5 children turned 21?
  20. When did his wife pass away?
  21. When did Mohamad Usuf pass away?
  22. When did Nenek Ani pass away?
  23. When did Nenek Jah pass away?
  24. When did Nenek Amnah/Aminah pass away?
  25. When did Nenek Yah pass away?
  26. It will be important to know each person's date of birth (DOB) and date of death (DOD).
  27. It will be important to know when Haji Nordin met the 5 children (and their mother) to distribute the wealth from their father, if any.
  28. What was the worth of Haji Mohamad Sharif's estate when he passed away?
  29. If the amount of worth is known, then there is something to work on.
  30. If the lands and properties are still around today, they would be too old and unusable (dilapidated in the case of buildings) and non arable in the case of paddy fields, etc.
  31. If the harvest from his lands deteriorated/became less/reduced till there was nothing worth of them, then the reasons for those should be made known. For example, severe drought, etc. Those reasons can be checked with the records of the weather and conditions of that time/period after Haji Mohamad Sharif passed away.
  32. It would be important to know how the widow and children survived after Haji Mohamad Sharif passed away.
  33. This Will clearly indicates that Haji Nordin should not inherit/take any amount of Haji Mohamad Sharif's estate. If he wanted to give a part of his estate, he would have given it away to his brother as Hibah (gift given before death) as only Faraid applies after a person is deceased.
  34. Therefore, if there are plans to sell any part of Haji Mohamad Sharif's estate after his death, it is not right.
  35. Nobody can sell any part of Haji Mohamad Sharif''s estate without the consent of his 5 children and his widow (all deceased now). Since all are deceased, the consent must come from the issues of the 5 children and their spouses. Mohamad Usuf married and had 13 children, Nenek Ani and Nenek Jah never married, Nenek Amnah/Aminah married, lived in Singapore and had 4 children, Nenek Yah married but did not have her own children. Thus, the legal inheritors are Mohamad Usuf, his wife and 13 children and Nenek Amnah/Aminah, her husband and 4 children. Mohamad Usuf and wife have died. Nenek Amnah/Aminah and husband have died. So the consent must come from their issues - 13 children + 4 children = 17 cousins. Of the 17 cousins, many have died. Some married and have issues. Now the consent must come from the spouses and their children (great grandchildren of Tok Sharif). There are many great grandchildren of Tok Sharif. 
  36. It is not worth fighting or arguing. 
  37. It is worth for all the great grandchildren (and their issues) of Tok Sharif to know the outcome of the Will.
  38. Tok Sharif's Will was not managed properly from the beginning. So the outcome is selling off someone else's property and becoming super rich from an illegal transaction which the inheritors don't even know. The Quran mentions about a greedy man named Qarun. Benda-banda macam ni tak boleh bawak main, bukan benda gurauan, sebab esok-esok Neraka tunggu nak bakar kita dan kekayaan kita peroleh cara tak betul di dunia. Kena selalu beringat. Jangan tersilap dua kali.
  39. It will be nice to see what Haji Nordin/Haji Rahim/whoever is from his side has to say because the Will alludes to execute to the laws in Islam (Faraid), and nothing about taking or pilfering. The estate of Tok Sharif cannot just transfer to another person when the deceased clearly had a widow and children. Kena gonstan balik kiraan Faraid and start calculating from there. 
  40. Nowadays, there are calculators and Faraid online. So try and check the calculations online. Use Google Map to locate the probable areas. Go and visit the sites and Land Office in Banda Hilir and ask. Can also check with British records of the Straits Settlements. The British do not divulge their records. It may take time to check records but Faraid is the quickest way to work out what is due and who gets what (now fully computerised). Tak boleh tipu.
  41. In this respect, I would like to remind everyone of the great error and sin when it comes to take harta anak yatim, in this case the properties of the 5 children of Tok Sharif where under age 21.
  42. Whoever is handling the Will of Tok Sharif, I think it is best to consult a religious person from the Faraid office or USM in Penang and ask, rather than sell off the estate of Tok Sharif. 
  43. I am not speaking for anyone. I am a great granddaughter of Tok Sharif. My father (Bapak) was Tok Sharif's grandson. Bapak's father is Walid, the eldest and only son of Tok Sharif. Mati miskin tak pe tapi mati kaya dengan menipu lebih dasyat.
  44. With this Will and knowledge of its contents, my paternal lineage is now: Faridah bt Abdul Rashid bin Mohd Yusope bin Mohamad Sharif bin Ismail bin Mohamad Saleh bin Khatib Usuf.
  45. There are 2 more persons missing in this lineage: Khatib Usuf bin A-name and A-name bin B-name.
  46. B-name is the ancestor who came from Hadramaut, Yemen/Yaman.
  47. It would be good to obtain the birth certificates of everyone in order to construct a complete family tree and position the family properly in Malacca history.
  48. Please note that there are no Syed names in the family, clan or ascendants. Why did Mohamad Usuf/Mohd Yusope use the call name Walid?
That's brain-storming from me.

Also see 302 Banda Hilir blog

Hj Mazlan bin Hj Rahim bin Hj Nordin, Mahadhir Mohamad (cicit Hj Nordin), pemegang amanah tanah pusaka di Banda Hilir, Settlement of Malacca, Will of Haji Mohamad Sharif bin Ismail (Tok Sharif), 302 Banda Hilir. 


  1. Saya cadangkan Prof dptkan maklumat dari Hj Mazlan bin Hj Rahim bin Hj Nordin, pemegang amanah tanah pusaka di bandar hilir. Saya difahamkan bapa prof selalu pulang ke melaka semasa hayatnya. Bapa prof juga memberi kebenaran rumah 262 itu dirobohkan dgn syarat digantikan dgn rumah yg lain. Sebelum ini bapa saya memegang amanah ini sebelum diperturunksn kpd Hj Mazlan. Tiada gadaian tanah betlaku malah cukai tanah bandar dilunaskan setiap tahun. Prof pasti maklum jika cukai tanah tertunggak dlm jumlah yg agak besar kerajaan negeri pasti merampasnya dan inilah yg berlaku pada kebanyakan tanah melayu di bandar. Seperkara lagi, wasiat hanyalah wasiat tapi tanpa geran tanah ia tidak memberi erti apa apa. Bagaimanapun saya kagum dgn kajian Prof berhubung salah silah atau root keluarga Prof.

    mahadhir mohamad
    cicit hj nordin

    1. TQ Mahadhir Mohamad, cicit Hj Nordin, untuk menulis dan memaklumkan hal tentang pemegang amanah tanah pusaka di Bandar Hilir. Saya tiada di Malaysia buat masa yang lama dan tidak tahu-menahu tentang apa bapa saya buat di Bandar Hilir. Dia tidak memaklumkan apa-apa kepada saya. Saya cuma ada gambar yang saya peroleh dari pendrive bapa saya setelah ia meninggal dunia - tiada apa-apa nota tentan Banda Hilir.

  2. Terima kasih prof kerana memberi respon ke atas komen saya. Saya juga tidak mengambil berat tentang urusan tanah pusaka ini sehinggalah Hj Mazlan meminta persetujuan dari 33 waris (kalau tak silap saya) utk menjual salah satu lot tanah. Saya dari 5 waris telah tidak bersetuju dan ia tidak jadi dijual. Menurut Hj Mazlan, tanah masjid An Nur dan seekar tanahnya tidak mempunyai nama pemilikan yg jelas. Beliau cuma diberi amanah memunggut sewa rumah utk menampung cukai tanah. Hal ini menurut Hj Mazlan prof boleh mendapatkan maklumat dari Hj Salleh yg menetap di Kelang Selangor. Namun menurut seorang saksi percakapan Aziz Bachik (juga pemenang pingat emas sukan sea manila 1977), soal tanah itu telah diwakafkan kpd masjid cuma dari cakap cakap tetapi bapa atau datuk dan moyang prof tidak pernah memberi persetujuan secara bertulis dan ia masih milik waris Hj Sharif, Allahualam. Berhubung tanah tanah di semabuk, ujung pasir dan bukit tempurung, menurut Hj Mazlan ia telahpun dijual oleh waris waris Hj Sharif. Hj Mazlan amat gembira bila diberitahu tentang blog prof ini dan berharap dapat berjumpa demi mengeratkan silaturahim. Menurutnya beliau turut menziarahi kediaman prof di Pulau Pinang sewaktu bapa prof meninggal dunia. Prof, waris Hj Nordin sudah byk kali berusaha utk mendapatkan taraf tanah reserve melayu tapi tidak mendapat sokongan (meskipun orang kampung disini merupakan penyokong kuat Umno sejak merdeka. Sekarang, sendiri mau ingatla). Kali terakhir menurut Hj Mazlan supaya tanah di Bandar Hilir ini diberi status tanah warisan ditolak oleh KM Ali Rustam dgn alasan tanah warisan adalah anugerah kerajaan persekutuan. Prof mungkin boleh dpt satu cerita yg menarik berhubung cerita wakaf ini dari Aziz Bachik tapi mungkin dikesempatan yg lain atau jika prof dapat menebual dgn beliau sendiri. Sekian sahaja.

    1. TQ, Mahadhir Mohamad (cicit Hj Nordin). Saya tidak mengenali ketiga-tiga nama berkenaan di atas - Hj Mazlan, Hj Salleh dann Aziz Bachik. Menurut adik saya Muhammad Farid, bapa saya telah memberi geran tanah kepadanya, dan ia pula memberi geran berkenaan kepada abang sulung saya, Muhammad Sharif. Saya tidak ada apa-apa berita daripada abang sulung saya yang baru-baru ini sakit dan dimasukkan ke hospital. Saya ada di rumah bapa saya di Minden Heights Jalan 7 semasa ia meninggal dunia. Saya tak kenal ramai orang yang turut hadir kerana saya tak pernah jumpa mereka. Saya tak pasti tanah di Banda Hilir tu tanah wakaf dan apa dia tanah yang seekar tu. Saya ambil maklum tentang penjualan tanah Hj Sharif di Semabok, Ujung Pasir dan Bukit Tempurung. Bagi menjadikan Masjid Bandar Hilir dan kawasannya sebagai warisan, saya rasa mungkin boleh minta pihak Kementerian Warisan atau Arkeologi tengokkan. Prof Zuraina Majid ialah saudara sebelah bapa saya dan dia terlibat dengan banyak tapak arkeologi sebagai warisan. Mungkin dia boleh membantu. Saya mendapat tahu yang penempatan di Bandar Hilir diasaskan oleh Nakhoda yang berketurunan Minangkabau daripada Istana Pagarruyung. Dengan itu, sepatutnya penempatan di Bandar Hilir dikaitkan dengan Masjid Batu Uban di Kg Melyu Batu Uban di Pulau Pinang, yang juga diasaskan oleh Nakhoda pada tahun 1734. Walaupun Majlis Perbandaran Melaka telahpun mentarikhkan penubuhan Masjid Bandar Hilir pada 1820, saya rasakan tarikh ini tak betul kerana hampir 86 tahun beza masa. Nakhoda mengasaskan ketiga-tiga masjid di Pulau Pinang, Melaka dan Singapura, jadi waktunya patut sama atau dekat sekitar 1734. Lagi satu, saya diberitahu oleh pewaris generasi ke-5 Datuk Jenaton bahawa Nakhoda dikebumikan di Tanah Perkuburan Masjid Batu Uban, tapi saya tak sempat mencari pusaranya. Datuk Jenaton dikebumikan hampir 1 km dari ruma ibu saya di Minden Heights. Saya ada salasilah keturunan Nakhoda, baik yang dari Pagarruyung mahupun yang Arab, mungkin daripada Hadramawt. Hari ini seorang waris bernama Syed Alwi Aidid menulis bagi menerangkan perkahwinan beberapa orang waris. Saya tak pernah jumpanya.