Sunday, 29 April 2012

Tok Moyang Zainal bin Ismail, Klang (2)

From Abang Sharif, 25 April 2012 (edited):

When Tok Moyang Zainal passed away. Nenek Klang remarried an Indian convert or mamak. Tok Arshad called his step-father terompah buruk. They lived on Tok Moyang Zainal's land in Kg Baru (Jalan Raja Ali or Raja Alang). There was a big bungalow, I went there once with Nenek Nya Elok.

Tok Zainal had a lot of land. I do not know what happened to it all. From what I heard Nenek Klang changed the land title to her new husband and when she died the lands went to her husband. So Tok Moyang Zainal's siblings did not get anything. The lineage stops there. I have no knowledge about them.

As for Bi' Ninggal she is living in Jalan Yadi Klang. Pls call Muslifah Ab Aziz anak Mak Nya 016-6937904. She is in Telok Gong. She always contacts them and she knows their house.

As for the Wasiat of Hj Mohd Sharif, pls send your email address I'll email to you.

From me (3 September 2013):
Tok Moyang Zainal Klang was a private tutor to Sultan Abdul Samad. I have no further information about Tok Zainal Klang's work at the palace.

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