Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Kampung Baru and Gombak Relatives

These are old photos of relatives from my father's collection. Some are relatives from Kg Baru and Gombak, KL. Some are the sisters and relatives of Coco (Tan Sri Abdul Majid bin Ismail).

On the left is Nenek Rahmah bt Ismail (Coco's sister, also known as Bik Rama), wife of Tok Ali Gombak. Pak Din (Baharudin bin Mohd Yusope) is in the middle. This is Tok Ali's home in Gombak. From Abang Sharif (25 April 2012): 3rd Pic - In pink dress - Maimunah aka mak besar/Habsah anak Tok Ali Kedah. From me, Mak Cik Habsah is deceased.
Dato Ali of Gombak and Bapak. Both are deceased.
Pak Din and Tok Idris. June 1987.
From Abang Sharif (25 April 2012): 2nd Pic - Pak Din & Tok Idris rumah Pak Din - double-storey govt quarters KL. From me: both are deceased.
Mak (2nd left in blue) with Coco's sister Hasnah (extreme left), Nenek Endon (isteri Tok Ali Alor Star, Kedah), Nenek Alang (isteri Tok Alang Kg Baru, ibu mak cik Milah/aunty Jamilah Salleh), Kamariah dukung Afiq (isteri arwah Farid) and Mak Besar/Habsah is behind Kamariah (in pink dress). At rumah Nenek Leha (Bik Leha or Salihah bt Mohd Amin) after returning from the Hajj (Nenek Leha balik drp Haji). Dated 26 June 1988
At left is Nenek Leha (Bik Leha), after her return from the Hajj. Seated on the chair is Nenek Rahmah (Bik Rama), wife of Tok Ali Gombak. 26 June 1988
Same as above but 2 additional neneks can be seen at left. On the extreme left is Nenek Alang (Sum bt Ahmad, isteri Tok Alang Kg Baru, KL). Nenek Leha is in light blue tudung, talking to Nenek Rahmah (Bik Rama).  26 June 1988
Same as above but 2 new neneks have joined in on the extreme left and right. Who are they? Who are the kids? 26 June 1988. One nenek is Nenek Zainab (Bik Jenab). The other nenek is Nenek Enson (Bik Enson).


  1. Person behind Kamariah in pink dress is my mother Puan Hajah Maimunah aka Kak Besah/Habsah...i'm not sure what & where the event is..

    1. TQ Rahmat Awaludin. Is Kak Besar/Habsah in pink dress in both photos? I went to her wedding in Alor Star in 1960s. They gave bunga emas at the wedding. It was a lovely wedding. Is the house in Alor Star still there?

  2. Yes it is...the house still there...no 29..lorong fajar 4...you may call aunt Zainah 047319679.. All the family members had gathered around in Penang last week...our cousin wedding..anak arwah Pak Harris...mom's brother.

    1. TQ. I will let my husband know and we can try and drive to Alor Star some day and see the place and your mum's house. This is my Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/faridah.abdulrashid