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Haji Mohd Yusope bin Haji Mohd Sharif (2)

Bapak gave me a copy of Walid's birth certificate. This information is taken from Walid's birth certificate. Walid was born at home on 11 February 1896 in Rumah Banda Hilir, Malacca.

142                                                                                                (K 8)

Settlement of Malacca

Register No: 328/96

Name: Mohd Yusope bin H. Mohd Sharif

Sex: Male

Father's Name: Haji Mohd. Sharif  bin Ismail (... he was already Haji when his eldest so was born)

Father's Occupation: Joggry Boiler (buat gula Melaka)

Father's Nation: Malay

Mother's Name: Pahmah

[Note: Pahmah was the only entry on the birth certificate. In pencil was added 'bt Mohd' and beneath it Mohd bin Abdullah. This is Patma bt Sheikh Mohamad, Ami Aziz's sister. 

Mother's Nation: Malay

When born: 11th February, 1896

Where born: B. Ilir
(that is the Dutch spelling for Banda Hilir; he was born in Rumah Banda Hilir)

Name of Informant: Zenal

[Note: This is most possibly Tok Zainal, the youngest of the 3 brothers. From Bapak: Tok Zainal lived in Klang and was therefore called Datuk Zainal Klang. Tok Zainal married Nenek Klang. Tok Zainal was a private tutor to Sultan Abdul Samad.]

Date of Registration: 12th February, 1896

Remarks: (Nil - no entry, just an empty blank space.)

Certified to be a true Extract from the Register of Births.

9th February, 1923

Signed by Vivien _____ (a small $1 Straits Settlement postage stamp was affixed on the signature)
Dy. Registrar of Births and Deaths.

[Note: Dy. is short for Deputy.]

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