Monday, 26 March 2012

Relatives at Rumah Banda Hilir

I don't know everyone in these photos and hope someone knows some of the people and can let me know. I usually asked Mak and Mak is gone for good. So I have to depend on who knows whom now. The photos were taken at Rumah Banda Hilir (ceased to exist 2007).

All photos from Bapak's pendrive after he died.

From left: Bik ____???, 2 kids sleeping, Pak Cik Pau/Jaafar (back turned towards camera), Nenek Inche' and Bik Wa
Mak Ainon (standing/walking). Seated: Pak Abas, woman=Mak Edah???, Mak Nya (Jami'ah) and Nenek Yah
Standing: Pak Abas (Abas bin Haji Abdul Rahman) and Mak Ainon. Seated: Nenek Yah. Boy standing at left: ??? Man sitting at right: ????
From right: Nenek Inche', Nenek Yah and 2 kids. Rumah Banda Hilir.

Tea at Rumah Banda Hilir, early 1960s. From left: Mak Ainon, Bik/Nenek Enson and Bik/Nenek Leha. 

From Pak Saleh in Amalan Potensi (Facebook)

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