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Ainon bt Mohd Yusope

Ainon bt Mohd Yusope
@ Che Non / Mak Ainon Umbai
(kakak Bapak)

(1921 - 1985)

Full name: Ainon bt Mohd Yusope
Call name: Bapak called his sister Che Non. I called her Mak Ainon.
Born: Hari Ahad, Zohor, 10 pagi (Sunday, 10 am) 6 February 1921
Deceased: circa 1985.
Occupation: Housewife
Residence: Umbai, Melaka

Husband: Abas bin Abdul Rahman
Husband's call name: Pak Abas
Occupation: Lorry driver

Children: 6
  1. Abdul Rahman
  2. Mahmud
  3. Hawa
  4. Mariam (arwah)
  5. Zaleha
  6. Musa

Family photos
Photos from Bapak's pendrive

--------  At Rumah Banda Hilir 1963 --------

Mak Ainon and Pak Abas visited our house at 262-T Banda Hilir. These photos below could be from 1963 when Nenek Inche was to go on her first Hajj.

Relatives gathered at Rumah Banda Hilir. Nenek Inche nak pergi Haji 1963. Pak Abas is looking up at Mak Ainon (standing). Seated behind Mak Ainon are Mak Edah, Mak Nya and Nenek Yah.
Mak Ainon serving tea and dessert to Nenek Enson and Nenek Leha. 1963

---------- Rumah Pak Abas & Mak Ainon in Umbai --------------

Mak Ainon, Pak Abas and the kids lived in a big wooden Malay house on stilts in Umbai. The house was very airy and very neat. The house had many sections - a small living-room in front, bedrooms in the middle, and a big kitchen and a big bathroom on the groundfloor at the back.

Her neighbours included Nenek Mon (Maimun). There were a few other smaller houses too but I can't recall.

My parents visited Mak Ainon's house in Umbai, Malacca. 1976-1982
From left: Mak Cik Aishah HABHAL (Bapak's cousin and mother of Kak Fuziah bt Abdul Latiff of Tumpat), Bapak, Pak Abas, Zaleha bt Abas and Mak.

---------------- Pak Abas -----------------

Ainon (Mak Ainon) is isteri Pak Abas. Pak Abas is related to Tan Sri Dr Abdul Majid @ Coco or previously Doktor Majid (then Tan Sri, now arwah).

Pak Abas suami Mak Ainon
Pak Abas at Pulau Besar 1948
Pak Abas with Mak Sekmah, Pak Saleh, son Abdul Rahman
Pak Abas at Umbai 1976-1982

Anak2 Pak Abas & Mak Ainon

1. Abdul Rahman bin Abas
He was already walking in 1954. He is older than Kak Bibah and Kak Hawa. I think he was an architect for Shah Alam or built houses. He had suffered a stroke, but recovered. There is no update on him.

2. Mahmud bin Abas
I am uncertain whether we met him at home in Selangor. He and wife had already ended their catering business.

3. Kak Hawa bt Abas 
She lives in Singapore (pic of 2012). Kak Hawa made delicious boiled fruit cakes for Hari Raya. I remember us Banda Hilir kids escorting her at Padang Melaka for makan angin at night just before her wedding. Kak Hawa then moved to Singapore after marriage

4. Kak Mariam bt Abas
Kak Mariam has passed away. Her husband held exhibits at many places. I met her and family at rumah Mak Lah in Semabok. She leaves behind 2 children. Her daughter Amrah (016 261 5450) married a Kelantanese, but he had passed away. I texted her daughter on WhatsApp.

5. Kak Zaleha bt Abas 
Kak Leha lives in Umbai (pic 1976-1982)

6. Musa bin Abas
Musa was at Adibah's (anak Farid) wedding at Masjid Al Firdaus, Taman Pinggiran Templer. We talked, but I did not take his photo. He was selling saris - complete with jewellery.


My story

Mak Ainon was a lively woman. She was always happy when we visited her family. She spoke in a happy voice, had jovial spirit and often laughed. She had a loud voice. She called Mak "Che' Bee".

Mak Ainon was big and tall. She was the biggest and tallest aunt. I have never seen a Malay woman so big! She looked very strong.

She was a full-time housewife. She was a good cook and made fruit cake which Kak Hawa later made, and my sister Pah (Sharifah) learned from Kak Hawa.

After her house burnt down Mak Ainon moved to a neighbour's house where she was taken ill and laid in bed. My family visited her when she was ill and bed-ridden at a small house nearby. Most of our relatives were there to see her before she passed away. I was already married when Mak Ainon passed away in Umbai.


From Zariyah Hj Daud in WhatsApp:

Mak Ainon Umbai..?
Faridah, i ada relative by that name kat Umbai..
Depan rumah dia ada rumah Nek Gayah/Jailani..
In shaa Allah i'll find time pegi umbai n akn confirmkb dgn u faridah..

Zariyah bt Hj Daud was my classmate at the Malacca Girls High School in Form 2 and Form 3 (MGHS 1972-73) at Durian Daun, Malacca. She recalls Pak Abas, Mak Ainon and their house in Umbai. She is Bapak's relative.

However, Zariyah texted me again. Her Mak Ainon may not be the same as my Mak Ainon.

[19/05 11:24 am] Zariyah Hj Daud: Faridah: I tak tau whether Mak Ainon i is the same person dgn mak ainon u. M.ainon i kdg2 xde rmah..pegi rmah anak2 di seremban n sometimes ke singapore..rmah mak saudara dia..

[19/05 11:33 am] Faridah Abdul Rashid: Hmmm. Mungkin orang sama atau lain.
[19/05 11:33 am] Faridah Abdul Rashid: Have u got photos?
[19/05 11:34 am] Faridah Abdul Rashid: But if u know Che Gayah, Jailani Kupah, Nenek Mon, .... then u are related to me via my father.

[19/05 11:41 am] Zariyah Hj Daud: When last u pegi rmah nek Gayah?
[19/05 11:45 am] Zariyah Hj Daud: I used to go rmah n.gayah masa Hari Raya bila i pergi rmah nek inchah (emak mak ainon) yg tinggal not far behind rmah n.gayah
[19/05 11:45 am] Zariyah Hj Daud: Itupn when masa umur primary school.
[19/05 11:46 am] Zariyah Hj Daud: Masa i secondary..nek inchah n mak ainon..dh pindah rmah but still area umbai
[19/05 11:47 am] Zariyah Hj Daud: N.inchah tggal dgn mak ainon smpai she passd away..

[19/05 12:19 pm] Faridah Abdul Rashid: I last gi rumah Nenek Gayah, nenek Mon 1972/73.
[19/05 12:20 pm] Faridah Abdul Rashid: Emak Mak Ainon nama panggilannya Nenek Inchek. Her real name is Aishah bt Mohd Amin.
[19/05 12:21 pm] Faridah Abdul Rashid: I don't know this N.Inchah


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