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Rahmah bt Mohd Yusope (1934-1992)

Rahmah bt Mohd Yusope
@ Jamiah/Mak Nya
1934 - 1992

Full name (from Rahim): Rahma bt Mohd Yusope (@ Jami'ah / Mak Nya Gombak)
Call name: Bapak called her Jami'ah. Her sisters called her Nya. I called her Mak Nya.
Relationship: She is Bapak's younger sister
Home: She lived in Gombak, on top of a steep hill - Bukit Gombak
Occupation: Housewife
DOB: 15 November 1934
Date of demise: 17 February 1992, buried in Serdang

Abdul Aziz bin Muin
@ Pak Aziz
1929 - 2010

Husband: Abdul Aziz bin Muin (Pak Aziz Gombak; born 1929-deceased July 2010, aged 81 years)
Call name: Pak Aziz
Sibs: Pak Aziz ada 4 adik-beradik - 3 kakak + Pak Aziz (bongsu) ... all deceased
  1. Policeman, from before the Malayan independence in 1957. 
  2. Pak Aziz kerja Securico in KL

Children: 7
  1. Abdul Wahid (@ Abdul Rahim; 12 June 1955)
  2. Rashidah (18 January 1957; adopted by Bik Zainab/Bik Jenab)
  3. Muzlifah (29 May 1958)
  4. Abdul Ghafar (31 May 1961)
  5. Jamaliah (5 August 1968; adopted by Mak Bedah)
  6. Dora Rafidah (4 February 1970; adopted by Mak Bedah)
  7. Mohd Azhar (21 January 1973)

My story:

I had known Mak Nya in Malacca and before I went to school in Alor Star, Kedah. Mak Nya was a full-time housewife. 

She was good with handicrafts and made beautiful Malay wedding preparations herself. I had helped her to make small yellow raffia baskets for hard boiled eggs, when we visited her during school holidays. 

She worked very fast and screamed if you did house chores wrongly. She kept her entire house clean - kitchen, bedroom, living room, toilet, etc. She was very strict. She always said "Kan aku dah cakap?!" and then her screaming began. She often got angry with her kids easily and would hit them and her kids would cry. Her kids were scared stiff of her. I have never seen a mother so angry at her own kids. 

But she was still a nice aunt to me. She always teased me and then she would smile or laugh. She was very kind to me. One day when she heard I was going overseas, she quickly came to see me late at night and brought durians from her hill home orchard in Gombak. She grew the best "durian Gombak" I have ever tasted. 

The last I heard of her, she had collapsed while visiting Malacca. She subsequently died of hypertension (HPT)! I missed her because she taught me how to clean house and keep it spic clean. Nobody taught me how to clean house the way she did - very clean and hygienic. 

I remember in 1963, Bapak bought a B/W TV for her family to watch the agricultural programs. One of Pak Rashid's sons was involved in the program.

When I was attending Kolej Tunku Kurshiah in Seremban (1974-75), Bapak took a few photos of Mak Nya and her family at her Gombak house. At the time, Nenek Inche was living with Mak Nya, and so some photos had both Mak Nya and Nenek Inche. I remember Nenek Inche said (something to this effect), "Aku tak nak ambik gambau. Aku tau bila ambik gambau, tanda aku nak mati..." I think it is true, that people take a lot of photos of you before you die, and in case you die. Nenek Inche later passed away of diabetic complications at Mak Nya's house circa 1978.


From Jamaliah Abdul Aziz:

Mak Nya or Jamiah is Rahmah bt Mohd Yusope
She died on 17 Feb 1992 and is buried in Serdang

Pak Aziz and Mak Nya
From left: Pak Din, Pak Aziz and Mak Nya
From left: Pak Din, Bapak, Pak Aziz and Mak Nya
Mak Nya's house in Gombak. Nenek Inche is seated. Pak Aziz, in kain pelekat, is standing next to Mak Nya. Rahim is at far right. The 3 girls are Pah, Rabi and me. The 2 boys are Farid and Amin. The 2 kids in front are Jamaliah and Dora.

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