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Hj Yusuf bin Buntal

Yusof bin Buntal and Banda Hilir relatives at Pulau Besar, Melaka in 1948
Yusuf bin Buntal circa 1949/1950 (after Abang Muin was born in 1949; before he went for Hajj in 1954)
@ Pak Ji Usop Semabok @ Imam Masjid Semabok
Deceased 1987

Full name: Haji Yusuf bin Buntal
Call names: Cikgu Haji Yusuf/Imam Haji Yusuf. I called him Pak Ji Usop.
Occupation: Teacher and Headmaster; Imam Masjid Semabok
Deceased: 24 September 1987
Car: Black Morris Minor

Wife's full name: Hjh Ramlah bt Hj Mohd Yusope (b.1927-d.26 Oct 2001)
Call name: Her son Abang Muin referred to her as Melah/Mak Melah. I called her Mak Lah

Mak Lah was a full-time housewife. She was a petite woman and soft spoken. She never scolded anyone when we visited her.

She blinked too frequent, as if there was dust in her eyes.

She always cooked for us and I enjoyed eating at her house when we visited her family in Semabok, Malacca, during school holidays.

Mak Lah's house is still extant, beside Kak Bibah's house, in front of Kak Salmah's house, and near Masjid Semabok where her husband had served as Imam Masjid Semabok. Her daughter Salmah lives in the proximity of Mak Lah's house - Kak Salmah lives behind Mak Lah's house.

Update 21 Dec 2014 (from Kamariah isteri Farid):
Kak Bibah's house is beside her parent's house.

Mak Lah's husband was a famous man. Even Malay folks living in Perth in Western Australia in 1989 knew him as their Qadhi. Her husband is Cikgu/Imam Haji Mohd Yusuf bin Buntal of Semabok. He was in a 1948 photo at Pulau Besar.

Mak Lah suffered a stroke  and was warded at Hospital Melaka. She passed away on 26 October 2001, aged 74.

Mak Lah
Children: 5
  1. Mu'in (Abang Mo'in) ... born 1949 ... my second eldest cousin
  2. Habibah (Kak Bibah) ... born between 1950-1953
  3. Ruslan bin Hj Yusuf (Roslan)
  4. Salmah (Kak Salmah)
  5. Hamdan (deceased) 

B/W photos of 1954 were from Bapak's pendrive.
Coloured photos on 2014 were from my younger brother Farid (arwah).


Masjid Semabok
Masjid Semabok after renovations and upgrading, with a parking lot. The old masjid building had tiered roofs, a minaret and an associated cemetery behind the masjid. Photo by arwah Farid, 2014.

Pak Usop nak pergi Haji 1954.
Gambar di perkarangan rumahnya di Semabok.

Pak Ji Usop standing at the anjung of his house in Semabok, Malacca. 1954

Before Pak Ji Usop went to Makkah. Thursday, 10 June 1954
Pak Ji Usop (left). 1954


Pak Ji Usop passed away and is laid to rest at Tanah Perkuburan Masjid Semabok. His grave is near the shrine (makam) of Haji Ahmad bin Haji Abdul Rauf (bright orange), Mufti Pertama Melaka and a close friend of (tok moyang) Haji Mohd Sharif bin Ismail of Banda Hilir.

Amiruddin bin Ahmad (anak Kak Bibah) at the grave plot of his grandparents, Pak Ji Usop and Mak Lah.
Pusara Pak Ji Usop
War hamhu
Wa'k firhamhu
Haji Yusuf bin Buntal
Kembali ke Rahmatullah
25 tahun 1407
Pusara Hjh Ramlah bt Mohd Yusope
Kembali ke Rahmatullah 27 October 2001

Gambar B/W 1954 dari pendrive Bapak:

Che'gu Yusof and his son Mu'in. Taken on Sunday, 10 September 1950

Habibah bte Yusof. Semabok.
Kak Bibah of Semabok

From left: Kak Hawa (anak sulung Mak Ainon di Umbai), Kak Bibah (anak Pak Ji Usop), Abang Muhammad (anak Mak Ainon), and Abang Mu'in (anak Pak Ji Usop), 10 January 1954.
More recent photos of anak-anak Pak Ji Usop and Mak Lah

Abang Mu'in
Kak Bibah

Kak Salmah
Arwah Hamdan (youngest, deceased)

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