Saturday, 17 January 2015

Normah bt Abdul Hamid

Full name: Normah bt Abdul Hamid
Call name: I call her Kak Normah-Abang Hadi

Her husband: Abdul Hadi bin Awang Hamat (b.28 July 1949)
I call him: Abang Hadi-Kak Normah

Residence: Villa Rahmat, Lot 179, Jalan Telipot, 15150 Kota Bharu. Rumah di belakang Sekolah Kebangsaan Zainab 2. Go to the end of the school block and follow the tiny road to the housing area. Or come from behind Zainab School and take the tiny road by the big monsoon drain, and turn left up the tiny lane. House is on the right, after a row of kampung shops, at the first bend.

Children: 4

  1. Norhadiman (Iman) bin Abdul Hadi. Married with 2 kids.
  2. Yuri bin Abdul Hadi - UTM lecturer in Architecture at De MontFort University, Leicester
  3. Imee Nadia (Imee) bt Abdul Hadi (27 Oct 1983) - Asst. Director Aswara in KL. Married on 28 January 2017 to Faeiz Arifth bin Azizi at Villa Rahmat.
  4. Ili Hanim (Ily/Ilyhan) bt Abdul Hadi (14 Jan 1988). Married 30 May 2015 to Afiq Azreen bin Zainuddin.

Family tree:
Kak Normah is closely related to arwah Esah/Bik Esah/Nenek Inchek/Aishah bt Mohd Amin. I didn't know the real links before.

Her father is Abdul Hamid bin Mohamad. Her paternal grandfather is Mohamad bin Hj Md Noor. Her great-grandfather is Hj Md Noor (@Hj Buruk) bin Mohd Amin.

Her mother is Fatimah be Hashim. Her maternal grandparents are Muttalib and Halimah.

One of her parents is Bugis and the other is Rawa. She still has aunts and uncles in the south. Her uncle who prepared the family tree has passed away. Her Facebook is hacked and everything was lost.

Her 3 married children are married to southerners - Negeri Sembilan and Johor.

She mentioned Kulup. She also mentioned one of her grandmothers/aunts  was a Chinese.

We attended Imee's wedding reception at Villa Rahmat on 28 January 2017:

Abdul Hadi Awang Hamat in Facebook:

Kak Normah in Facebook:

Yuri Hadi in Facebook:

Iman Hadi in Facebook:

Imee Nadia Hadi in Facebook:

Ilyhan Hadi in Facebook:

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