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Hassan bin Mohd Rasid & Jamilah bt Muhamad Salleh

Full name: Hassan bin Mohd Rasid (sib #6/13)
Call name: I called him Pak Cik Hassan
Occupation: Tobacco industry; now retired
His father: Tok Rashid (Serdang)
His mother's full name: Che Mah bt Mohd Amin (Mat Amin Pasar)
His mother's call name: Bik Che Mah (Serdang; Bik Che Mah is kakak Nenek Inche)

Pak Cik Hassan's sibs are:
(* deceased)
  1. Siti Rafeah *
  2. Siti Ayeshah *
  3. Harun *
  4. Abdul Rahman *
  5. Abdul Rahim - married Dr Jariah Masood. Insun Sony Mustapha Hussain Fenner knew Abdul Rahim bin Mohd Rasid. Pak Cik Rahim on TV - gardening program; wrote Seri Taman.
  6. Hassan (Pak Cik Hassan) - married Jamilah bt Muhammad Salleh.
  7. Ali - Abidin Hussin knew Ali bin Mohd Rasid while at Bukit Besi.
  8. Siti Zubaidah
  9. Zainal Abidin
  10. Siti Khatijah
  11. Siti Mariam
  12. Siti Hajar - She came to visit me in Chico, California in 1980
  13. Ahmad

Wife's full name: Jamilah bt Muhamad Salleh
Call name: Mak Cik Milah
Occupation: Malaysian Finance Ministry; now retired

Mak Cik Jamilah's sibs are:
(* deceased)
  1. Zaiton
  2. Jamilah (Mak Cik Milah)
  3. Hasnah
  4. Prof. Hamzah (Biochem, USA; married Norjanah)
  5. Yusof * 
  6. Latif * 
  7. Zulkifli
Pak Cik Hassan & Mak Cik Milah's children:
  1. Effendi bin Hassan
  2. Melati bt Hassan - nurse; worked in UAE; now owns 2-3 dialysis centres in Perak and Kelantan
  3. Edila bt Hassan (UKM; Eddie in FB)
  4. Fatimah bt Hassan (UNITEN)
  5. Halimah bt Hassan (UIA) - visited Taman Makmur, Kg Chicha in Kubang Kerian, Kelantan on 31 January 2015.
Alamat Pak Cik Hassan Rashid & Mak Cik Jamilah Salleh
No. 3 Desa Al-Amin
Kg. Sungai Tangkas
43000 Kajang
Selangor D.A.
Pak Cik Hassan:
Mak Cik Jamilah: 019-3508343

Surau An-Nurwhere Pak Cik Hassan prays

Darul Syifa' - near Pak Cik Hassan's place
operated by Ustaz Haron Din
Perubatan Islam
Tuesday AM, first 200 patients
Other times, his assistants will be on duty


Mak Cik Jamilah and Pak Cik Hassan are first cousins. Mak Cik Jamilah is anak Tok Alang Kg BaruPak Cik Hassan is anak Tok Rashid Serdang. 

Mohd Salleh bin Mohd Amin (Tok Alang Kg Baru)

Tok Alang is Mohd Saleh bin Mohd Amin. Tok Alang is anak Mat Amin Pasar, abang Nenek IncheNenek Inche is Bapak's mother, my paternal grandmother. 

Prof Hamzah gave me a family photo of Tok Alang's family.

Mohd Rasid bin Ahmad (Tok Rashid Serdang)

Tok Rashid Serdang and Mohd Yusope bin Hj Mohd Sharif (Walid) have worked together in the same department in KL, before WWII. Both were in agriculture. 

Mohd Yusope bin Hj Mohd Sharif (Walid)

Walid was an entomologist (pengkaji serangga). Walid is Bapak's father. Walid is my paternal grandfather whom I have never met (he died in January 1954; I was born in 1958).

Abdul Rahim bin Mohd Rashid (sib #5/13) (Pak Cik Rahim)

Pak Cik Abdul Rahim bin Mohd Rashid
Dr Jariah Masud (Mak Cik Jariah)

From Nonie (anak Pak Din in FB, 12 Dec 2014) and from SMS (13 Dec 2014, 3:34pm): 
Pak Cik Abdul Rahim bin Mohd Rashid (anak Tok Rashid Serdang) is married to Dr Jariah Masood. Dr Jariah teaches Family Finance at UPM Serdang. Jariah Masood is kakak ipar Pak Cik Hassan. She is the wife of Pak Cik Hassan's brother, Abdul Rahim b Mohd Rashid.

Masood is also spelled as Masud in FB (Jariah Masud) and is pronounced as Mas'ud. 

Her FB says that she is from Rembau. 

Bapak had informed me about his relative, Jariah Mas'ud, and I went to search for her. Jariah had studied in Fresno, California when I was studying in California in 1976-1982. I had met her then and ate at her place, some time between 1976 and 1980. 

Prof Jariah Mas'ud (UPM pic)

Siti Hajar bt Mohd Rashid (sib #12/13) (Mak Cik Hajar)

I was with Mak Cik Siti Hajar bt Mohd Rashid at my residence, 609 Rancheria Drive, Chico, California in May 1980. She came to see me graduate.

Pak Cik Hassan and Mak Cik Milah visited Kg Chicha in Kubang Kerian, Kelantan in June 2010

Pak Cik Hassan and Mak Cik Milah visited us for the first time in June 2010. They came to visit their besan (Melati's mother-in-law) and to attend the daughter's wedding reception at a nearby hall across the road from her house.

From my childhood days, I can remember Pak Cik Hassan who worked somewhere in Kelantan. He was in the tobacco industry and rode an open jeep (buggy). Bapak liked him very much and they often met.

I remember Mak Cik Milah from my childhood days. She was tall and thin, and is Tok Alang's daughter. I didn't know where she worked until Bapak told me. Mak Cik Milah informed me about the Tsunami December 2004 when she was on holiday at Batu Ferringhi in Penang.

Me, Mak Cik Milah, Pak Cik Hassan and Affandi Hussien. June 2010
Melati and her baby in 2010. She is now 5 years old in Dec 2014

Pak Cik Hassan and Mak Cik Milah visited their besan in December 2014
I again met Melati and her youngest daughter in Dec 2014 at Mak Cik Milah's besan's house, near where they had the wedding reception last time in 2010. The daughter is now 5 years old. She's very pretty. I also met Melati's husband, Wan - I don't know his full name. They have 2 sons studying in Egypt - I saw them in FB, ages 13 and 15.

Update on Pak Cik Hassan in early 2013
Mak Bedah's friend in my Facebook informed that Pak Cik Hassan recently suffered from mild stroke and was hospitalised.

Update from Pak Cik Hassan himself when we met at his besan's house in KB in Dec 2014
Pak Cik Hassan is fine now. He recovered from the stroke and is doing ok. He attended Ceragem sessions which helped him a lot and improved his overall health. I am really happy to hear from Pak Cik Hassan himself. Pak Cik Hassan told me to try Ceragem as it has really beneficial effects on health. I still haven't located a place in KB to have a look at the Ceragem set up.

Update from Hasnah Hashim (my former classmate at MGHS, Malacca) in Melbourne in Dec 2014
She bought a Ceragem bed for RM8K a long time ago. She has tried it before, and she says it is good for her muscle aches. She brought her Ceragem bed to Melbourne. I must try the Ceragem bed and get the bed for myself. It seems like a good thing to have in the house.

Update from Pak Cik Hassan and Mak Cik Milah on 31 January 2015
Pak Cik Hassan and Mak Cik Milah went for Umrah in Dec 2014 with Al-Quds. They have just returned from Umrah.

Pak Cik Hassan and Halimah drove from KL, stayed overnight at Kuala Krai and then drove to KB. They drove a brand new Peugeot - Yus said it is a nice car.

Pak Cik Hassan, Mak Cik Milah and Halimah visited us at home in Taman Makmur, Kg Chicha.

Pak Cik Hassan, anak ke-6 Tok Rashid Serdang. Jan 2015
Mak Cik Milah, anak kedua Tok Alang Kg Baru, KL. Jan 2015
Halimah Hassan, anak bongsu Pak Cik Hassan dan Mak Cik Milah. Jan 2015
Hj Yusof bin Ahmad
Hj Yusof is the younger brother of Tok Rashid Serdang.

Pak Cik Hassan informed that Tok Rashid Serdang's younger brother Yusof, married Dr Hamzah's daughter, Arfah. Their son is Prof Nordin. Mak Cik Milah also wrote the same in FB.

From my book, Biography of the Early Malay Doctors 1900-1957
Dr Hamzah bin Mohd Taib (1900-1955) was an early Malay doctor from Johor (pages 448-463). He had 10 children from his first wife, Hajah Safiah bt Dato' Haji Abdullah: Anisah, Rokiah, Arfah, a daughter (deceased at childhood), Jamaliah, Mustafa, Md Yusof, Khadijah, Yunus, and Ishak (pages 458-459).

I had mentioned about Hajah Arfah and her husband Haji Yusoff Ahmad on page 459. Haji Yusoff Ahmad was Senior Manager of Ford Motors in Singapore. They have five children-Aziz, Ismail, Rosli, Professor Dr Nordin, and Latifah.

I don't know Prof Nordin bin Haji Yusoff bin Ahmad, his siblings and parents. I have not met Prof Nordin Haji Yusoff.

Haji Yusoff bin Ahmad is the younger brother of Tok Rashid Serdang (Tok Rashid is the eldest). Prof Nordin's grandfather is Dr Hamzah bin Mohd Taib, an early Malay doctor.

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