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Abdul Majid Cassim Lebai & Sophia Abdullah


Generation 1 (G1)

Sheikh Shahib
  • He could be from India. 
  • He could have arrived with the British Army as a dhobi or tailor. 
  • Who was his wife? 
  • Was she from India or Malaya? 
  • Was this couple from India or Ceylon?
  • Whom did he marry?
  • Who were his children?

Generation 2 (G2)

Cassim Lebai
  • Cassim Lebai in written English, is Lebai Kasim in spoken Malay. 
  • He maybe attached to a masjid.
  • Was he attached to any masjid?
  • Which masjid was Cassim Lebai attached to?
  • Who is Hawa?
  • Is she Hawa bt Jelani? 
  • Is she the great-grandmother of Syed Mohamad bin Syed Omar?

Generation 3 (G3)

Abdul Majid Cassim Lebai
  • He is Abdul Majid bin Lebai Cassim
  • Was he an Indian Muslim? 
  • What was his occupation?
  • He was a businessman in Kuala Lumpur 
  • Where was his business located in KL?
  • Was his business the famed Majid Satay in Kg Baru? ... they became rich and famous
  • Was his son the famous Malay singer, Zain Azman in the 1950s, 1960s?
  • He married Sophia Abdullah.
Sophia Abdullah
  • Who was Sophia Abdullah?
  • Was Sophia a Chinese lady?
  • Sophia Abdullah probably had fair complexion.
  • Was her relative (Ende) Mahani bt Hj Khalil?
  • Sophia was active in the Malaysian Muslim Women's Welfare Board (LKPIM), which Datuk Lily later joined.
  • When did Datuk Lily Majid join LKPIM?

Abdul Majid bin Lebai Cassim married Sophia bt Abdullah and had 8 children:
  1. Datuk Lily
  2. Dr Ruby
  3. Ismail
  4. Rozina
  5. Dato' Hamzah 
  6. Ann
  7. Datin Paduka Profesor Emeritus Siti Zuraina Abdul Majeed
  8. Zain (deceased) .


Generation 1 (G1)

Abdullah (Taukeh)
  • His name seems like a businessman or trader. 
  • What did he trade in? Pepper? 
  • If he was Chinese, did he trade in things Chinese?
  • He married Raden Fatimah
Raden Fatimah
  • Who was Raden Fatimah? 
  • Where was she from? 
  • Was she from Java or Sumatra? 
  • How did Abdullah (Taukeh) meet her? 
  • Under what circumstances was she married off to Abdullah (Taukeh)? 
  • Was it an arranged marriage?
Abdullah (Taukeh) married Raden Fatimah, and their daughter is Chik bt Abdullah (Taukeh).


Generation 2 (G2)

  • She was Chik bt Abdullah (Taukeh)
  • Her mother was Raden Fatimah
  • Was Chik the only daughter of Abdullah (Taukeh)? 
  • Was Chik the only daughter of Raden Fatimah?
  • Did Abdullah (Taukeh) have other children? 
  • Did Abdullah (Taukeh) have other wives?
  • Chik married to Abdullah
  • Abdullah was the husband of Chik. 
  • Where was he from?
  • What was his full name?
  • What was his occupation? 
  • Was he Abdullah Chik the famous Malay chef?

Chik bt Abdullah (Taukeh) married to Abdullah. Who are their children?


FAMILY TREE #1 ... continued:

Generation 4 (G4)

Update on 25 April 2015

The Majeed siblings
  1. Datuk Lily Abdul Majeed (eldest)(born 14 March 1921, KL-died 8 Jan 2010, PJ), aged 88; 3 grandchildren.
  2. Datuk Paduka Dr Ruby Abdul Majeed (1924-2013), aged 89 (m. Dr Syed Mahmood) - 3 kids = 1 girl + 2 sons (1 son died, left 2 - 1 girl in Australia, 1 son in PJ). Dr Sharifah Sorayya in Australia. Dr Ruby died in Australia and is buried in Australia.
  3. Ismail Majeed
  4. Rozina Majeed
  5. Dato Hamzah bin Abdul Majeed (m. Datin Freida Mohd Pilus)
  6. Ann Majeed
  7. Prof Datuk Dr Siti Zuraina Abdul Majeed (m. Prof Vincent Lowe, 2 kids)
  8. Zain (deceased)

Dr Lily Majid is deceased.
Dr Ruby Majid is deceased.
Zain is deceased.
The remaining 5 sibs are still alive, but are elderly.

  • Who was Zain?
  • Was he the famous Malay singer, Zain Azman of the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s?
  • When did Zain/Zain Azman pass away?

Family photos

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