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Researching Mohd Amin Pasar Chow Kit

Mohd Amin of Kg Baharu, Kuala Lumpur
Selangor, Federated Malay States, British Malaya

Mohd Amin Pasar Chow Kit died in 1936

Residence: 1 Jalan Stony, Kampong Baharu, Kuala Lumpur

What is his full name?

His fullname was supplied by Siti Aishah Mohd Ali (Kedah)
Mohd. Amin bin Haji Hassan - 514 results in NewspaperSG

This "bin Haji Hassan" surname was published in G. M. Gullick's book (a History of Kuala Lumpur) in a footnote, but the person turned out to be a draughtsman or architect, or similar, not someone related to Pasar Kuala Lumpur or Pasar Chow Kit.

There was a Mohd Amin bin Mahmud present at a gathering in the 1930s at the Sultan Sulaiman Club in Kg Baharu, which was close to his home - across the padang. He was at a gathering with Dr Che Lah bin Mohd Joonos and Dr Abdul Ghani bin Mohammad, both doctors graduated from the King Edward VII College of Medicine in Singapore in March 1930, and were from Penang, but were serving in Selangor.

Dr Che Lah bin Md Joonos later took Mohd Amin's daughter, Aishah bt Mohd Amin, for Hajj in 1962/1963.

Other possible names (search 1900-1936):

H. Amin - 1914
Mohd Amin - 1924
Mohamed Amin bin Selat - 1927
Mr. M. Amin - 1927
Mohd. Amin, the Malay boxer - 1927
Mohd. Amin bin H. M. Yusope - 1927
Pte. Mohamed Amin - 1928
Mohd. Amin bin Haji Mahmud - 1930
Mohamed Amin - 1932
Mohamed Amin Hashim - 1932
Inche Amin bin Ketchil - 1933
Amin Kechil -1934
Inche Mohamed Amin bin Abdul Rahman - 1936
Mohd. Amin - 1936
Haji Mohamed Amin bin Amran - 1950 .... not his name as he died in 1936
Mohd. Amin b. Satin - 1961 ...................... he was deceased in 1936
Jalan Mohd. Amin, J.B. - 1973 .................. road named after whom?


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