Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Enson bt Mohd Amin

From anak Nenek Enson, Noraini bt Abdul Ghani (Ann) in WhatsApp (Wed, 19 October 2016):

Hjh Enson bt Mohd Amin. Before 2010
(Bik Enson/Nenek Enson, Kajang)

Full name: Enson bt Mohd Amin
Call names: Bik Enson, Nenek Enson. Her children called her Mak.
Born: 6 July 1924
Occupation: __
Residence: Kajang
Deceased: 28 January 2010. Meninggal di Kajang.
Burial: __

Nenek Enson lived with her youngest daughter Siti Salmah in Kajang and visited her other children in turn. She was mostly in Kajang.

Husband: Abdul Ghani bin Khamis
Call names: __
Born: __
Occupation: __
Deceased: __
Burial: __

Children: 8
  1. Fatimah married to Ghazali
  2. Datin Roslin married to Dato Ibrahim
  3. Samsudin (arwah) married Kalsom
  4. Kamarulzaman married Sh. Fazilah
  5. Maimunah married to Mohd Nor (arwah)
  6. Ramlah married to Musa (arwah)
  7. Noraini (Ann) married to Muhamad Yusuf
  8. Siti Salmah (Siti) married to Raja Mohd Tahir
Grandchildren: 28

Nenek Enson had 28 grandchildren.

Family photos

At Rumah Nenek Leha when she returned from the Hajj 1988
(From Bapak's pendrive 2009)

Anak-anak Nenek Enson

Anak-anak Nenek Enson. Photo from FB (cropped).
From left:  Aunty Fatimah (eldest), Ramlah (#6), Ann (#7) and Maimunah (#5).

1. Fatimah
2. Query Roslin?
3. Samsudin (arwah)

4. Kamarulzaman

5. Maimunah
6. Ramlah
7. Noraini (Ann)
8. Siti Salmah

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