Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Muhammad Dimyati bin Abdullah

He is the brother of Dr Zainurin bin Abdullah. Muhammad Dimyati is in-charge of the special fragrant rice produced by the business arm of the Dato' Jenaton clan. The rice is not available for nationwide distribution yet. I sampled the cooked rice at the Hari Keluarga Dato' Jenaton Ke-6 held on 2 June 2013 at Vistana Hotel, Penang. The rice was soft, fragrant and very nice.

From Facebook (12 Nov 2013):
Muhammad Dimyati Bin Abdullah. Salam Faridah Abdul Rashid, the Beras is called MRQ76 by MARDI. It is currently grown only in Kuala Bera by us (BIONIC AGRO) and some in Kelantan by Paddytech. Hopefully it will be branded as Beras Jenan and distributed by Koperasi Keluarga Dato Jenan. Current stock (is) not sufficient since half of it (is) taken up by MARDI for distribution to other farmers to propagate the species. It is the first Malaysian beras wangi which can maintain its fragrance over many periods of planting cycle.

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