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Thamby Ali bin Haji Bidin

Haji Nordin had 6 children:
1. Abdul Rahim
2. Saleh
3. Hendon @ Encau
4. Haji Rahim
5. Zubaidah @ Che Bedah @ Hjh Bedah
6. Hjh Aishah

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18 June 2013
From Mahadhir Mohamad

Mahadhir's father is Mohamad Sidek bin Thamby Ali bin Haji Bidin bin Haji Abas bin Haji Ali. Haji Ali was an Imam.

Haji Bidin bin Haji Abas was Imam Masjid Ujung Pasir. Haji Bidin had 3 wives: 1. The first wife had 2 sons - Thamby Ali and Abdullah. Thamby Ali is the elder brother of Haji Abdullah. 2. The second wife was Putih @ Encim, whose daughter is Fatimah bt Bidin, who married to Haji Rahim bin Haji Nordin, and their son is Haji Mazlan bin Haji Rahim. 3. The third wife is _______ bt Awal, "adik Haji Ahmad bin Awal".

Thamby Ali married the eldest daughter of Haji Nordin named Hendon @ Encau.

Haji Abdullah appears in the photo with Haji Rahim, in front of the 302 Banda Hilir house, going for Hajj. Haji Abdullah obtained 7 pieces of land belonging to Haji Bidin but they are gone as Haji Abdullah liked to borrow from chetty; the lands were lost to the chetty. Haji Abdullah was imprisoned at Pudu Jail for "kes tipu geran tanah". Haji Abdullah's daughter is Hajjah Rokiah bt Abdullah (narrator, storyteller).

Zubaidah @ Che Bedah bt Haji Nordin married to Haji Ahmad bin Awal (4th Imam of Masjid Banda Hilir). Haji Ahmad's younger sister is Ainon bt Awal.

Haji Rahim bin Haji Nordin married Fatimah bt Bidin and their son is Haji Mazlan bin Haji Rahim. Haji Rahim also married Ainon bt Awal but they have no kids (tiada zuriat).

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Masjid Ujung Pasir's original dome has been replaced.

There is a small graveyard, which has 3 sections:
1. Old generation
2. Generations 7 to 8
3. New generation:
    a) Kubur keturunan Haji Bidin
    b) Kubur keturunan Haji Ahmad bin Haji Awal.

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