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Abas bin Haji Abdul Rahman

Abbas bin Haji Abdul Rahman
Pak Abas suami Mak Ainon

Name: Abas bin Haji Abdul Rahman
Call name: Pak Abas
DOB: __
Occupation: Lorry driver
Marriage: __
Demise: October/November 1997

Wife: Ainon bt Mohd Yusope
Call name: Mak Ainon
Born: Ahad, 10 pagi, 6/2/1921 .... Sunday, 10 am, 6 February 1921
Occupation: Full-time housewife
Demise: August 1984

Residence: Umbai

Children: 6
  1. Abdul Rahman
  2. Mohamad
  3. Hawa
  4. Mariam (deceased)
  5. Zaleha
  6. Musa
12 September 2016

Ena Mohamad left a message in my WhatsApp. She said she is Abang Mohamad's daughter.

Azreena bt Mohamad (Ena Mohamad in FB) called on behalf of her father, Abang Mohamad (my second eldest cousin). I did not pick up the calls as I did not know who was calling. I then spoke to Abang Mohamad. I have never spoken to him on the phone before.

I don't recall Mak Ainon's 2 elder sons. I only heard their names and have their photos (from Bapak's collection) when they were little boys (ages 4-5 years old).  I met him and his elder brother when Mak Ainon was taken ill and laid on her death bed in a small wooden house. I could not tell the brothers apart. Mak Ainon passed away soon after we left Umbai, in August 1984. Arwah Farid my brother took Affandi and me to visit Abang Rahman and wife at their home, behind a petrol station. They had already retired from the catering business.

I then spoke to Abang Mohamad on the phone.

From Abang Mohamad (Monday, 12 September 2016), first day Hari Raya Haji/Aidiladha:

His parents:
  1. Mak Ainon passed away in August 1984.
  2. Pak Abas passed away in Nov/Oct 1997.

Susunan anak-anak Pak Abas-Mak Ainon:
  • Abang Rahman (Abdul Rahman) is the eldest, Abang Mohamad (himself) is second, Kak Hawa is third, arwah Kak Yam (Mariam) is fourth), Kak Leha (Zaleha) is fifth and the youngest is Musa. 
Update adik-beradik Abang Mohamad:
  • Abang Rahman is about 70+. His wife has passed away. She was doing catering. Lived in Shah Alam.
  • Abang Mohamad worked at Eon HQ. He is retired. He married Arison bt Mohamed. She had worked as an MLT at IMR in KL for 36 years (1972-2005; +3 years). I spoke to Kak Arison. She knows Dr Lim Ju Boo and Dr DeWitt of IMR. She said Dr DeWitt was a gerago(?) - Melaka Portuguese, but looked more Chinese. She worked in Hematology under Dr Zabedah, who was much junior and often went to USM Kubang Kerian. She worked on cancer. She continued to work on contract after retirement but then retired for good to join her daughter in Melbourne. Abang Mohamad has 3 daughters - Azreena (Ena Mohamad in FB) is married and has 4 kids. She and husband pursued their PhD in Education at Melbourne University under scholarship from the Ministry of Education.  She is now at Sekolah Tg Melewar, Seremban. Her colleague at Melbourne U is Dr Azreene of USM. Abang Mohamad has 12 grandchildren (cucu). Abang Mohamad gave his phone number.
  • Kak Hawa married Abang Razak. Abang Razak is older than Abang Mohamad; he is probably 72 years old. Abang Razak has retired from the private sector. He is now a pensioner. He had undergone bypass. Kak Hawa has a son named Rafikudin. Abang Mohamad gave Kak Hawa's phone number.
  • Kak Zaleha is the youngest girl.
  • Musa is the youngest sibling.


Family photos

Bapak's family and Tok Hj Noordin's family at Pulau Besar. 1948
8-Ustaz Hj Abdul Latiff, 9-Pak Abas (topi), and 10-Tok Walid di Pulau Besar 1948
Photo from Bapak's pendrive 2011
Pak Abas with Mak Ainon's younger siblings (adik-beradik Bapak) at Banda Hilir. 1948

 Mak Ainon walking. Rear portion, Rumah Banda Hilir, 1962/63
Mak Ainon (left) serving tea at rear portion, Rumah Banda Hilir. 1962/63.
From left: Mak Cik Hjh Aishah bt Hj Ahmad (Aishah HABHAL), Bapak, Pak Abas, Kak Zaleha bt Abas, and Mak at rumah Pak Abas-Mak Ainon in Umbai. Photo from Bapak's pendrive 2011.


Family Tree

Pak Abas is also Coco's relative and Nenek Mun's relative.

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