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Hajjah Mahani bt Haji Khalil

Che Mahani bt Hj Khalil
when she married to HABHAL in April 1970.
News pic.

Full name: Hajjah Mahani bt Haji Khalil
Call name: Zariyah addressed her as Ende.
DOB: __

Her father, Haji Khalil bin Haji Husin was the first Mufti of Melaka.
Che Mahani was HABHAL's relative.

Marriage: 12 April 1970 at Jalan Kg Hulu, Melaka
Husband: HABHAL ... his second wife
Children: None

Sibs: 4 sisters (not in any order)
  1. Elder sister
  2. Mahani
  3. __
  4. Youngest sister

Her elder sister married and lived in Kg Baru, KL. They are famous for Majid Satay. Their son is Zain Azman, a popular Malay singer in the 1950s, 1960s.

Zariyah bt Hj Daud, my ex-classmate at MGHS Durian Daun in Malacca, knows Hajjah Mahani and her family.


Satay Anika official opening tomorrow
The Business Times, 18 January 1984, Page 2

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