Friday, 25 March 2016

Lagu Melayu Asli

Lagu Melayu Asli is a precious body of culture, knowledge and tradition. Unlike modern songs and music, Lagu Melayu Asli (Malay Classical Music or Traditional Malay Music) is rarely heard or performed today. As such Malay children born after 1980s, do not know or do not like to listen to Lagu Melayu Asli. They can hardly appreciate Lagu Melayu Asli, thinking that it sounds stupid.

Lagu Melayu Asli keeps the lyrics intact for generations for people in the region - the larger Malay World - Dunia Melayu, and the Archipelago - Nusantara. Only the pronunciation of certain words may change as the Malay language evolves - words like kerana can be karena. Indonesian words make good replacement for many words - eg pasrah, peria, and wishes such as Minal Aidin Wal Faizan.

For many Malay music lovers, Lagu Melayu Asli is evergreen and calming. They provide good listening during the hot afternoons and warm evenings as the Malays certainly enjoy siesta, while waiting for the scorching sun to slip and sunset to come alive. Malay life is calm, alive and lively as their music.

In Malacca, the Dondang Sayang dominates the night air after the last night prayer. One can hear Dondang Sayang music clearly throughout the night up to midnight. When Dondang Sayang stops at midnight, the night becomes totally quiet.

I have always enjoyed Lagu Melayu Asli and Dondang Sayang in particular. I have not appreciated modern music much except the jazz that I now. If you appreciate jazz, then you will appreciate Lagu Melayu Asli.

Lagu Melayu Asli
Selat Melaka
Sri Mersing
Bunga Tanjung

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