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Haji Abu Bakar bin Ahmad

Haji Abu Bakar bin Ahmad
@ Haji Bachik (Melaka)

Full name: Haji Abu Bakar bin Ahmad
Call name: Haji Bachik
Location: Melaka


In late 1953/early 54, after Bapak returned from Kirkby, he became a schoolteacher at Jasin English School. He married Mak in 1955, had Abang Sharif in 1956 and Pah in 1957 - just after Merdeka.

In 1958 (the year I was born), Bapak was Guru Pelawat in Malacca. He drove a relative's car and met with an accident - terlanggar a wooden hut/wakaf or selonggok kayu api di tepi jalan. The accident caused damages to the right fender of the car. The car belonged to Haji Abu Bakar (@ Haji Bachik). The car was a B/W Morris Minor with the number plate M 3601 - a Malacca plate number.

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Bapak mentioned to me that "Bachik" was related to us.
I found this article on 2 Bachiks.


Father: Salim Bachik

Salim Bachik was born in Malacca in 1936, into a family of artists. He first went to Singapore in 1956 at age 20 years. He signed up with the British Armed Forces (BAF) as a peon (budak pejabat). However, he was talented and moved on into arts and culture shortly after arrival in Singapore. He joined the Tanglin Tinggi Scouts as a comedian and singer in the Scouts choir.

Salim then ventured into Malay-language theatre which was gaining resurgence in Singapore. He was a noted actor-comedian in stage dramas presented by Perkumpulan Seni (Singapore Art Group) in 1960. In 1961, he left Perkumpulan Seni to join Sriwana as chairman of the drama section. In 1967, he acted in the Sriwana production Awal dan Mira at the Victoria Theatre.

In 1968, Salim co-founded Bengkel Drama Kelab Panggung Negara (National Theatre Club Drama Workshop) where he conducted drama workshops for aspiring actors. He acted in the highly acclaimed play, Lela Satria, which was jointly presented by Perkumpulan Seni and Sriwana.

Salim’s talent and stage popularity was comparable to P. Ramlee’s universal appeal in Malay movies. Salim was a significant figure in Singapore Malay theatre. Like P. Ramlee, Salim achieved great acclaim as a television and film personality in the ’60s and ’70s.

He was a popular lead actor in Singapore's TV serial, Pak Awang Temberang. Salim Bachik became a household name and was cast in several films by Shaw Brothers and Cathay-Keris Films such as Gerak Kilat.

A significant figure in Singapore Malay theatre, Salim also achieved great acclaim as a television and film personality in the ’60s and ’70s. He was a popular lead actor in TV Singapura's Pak Awang Temberang series that turned him into a household name, and was cast in several films by Shaw Brothers and Cathay-Keris Films such as Gerak Kilat. Known for his serious work ethic, Salim’s hard work and talent earned him a reputation as a top actor.

When Cathay Keris Films closed in 1973, Salim moved to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to work as an acting coach with Television Malaysia, imparting his passion for acting to young actors, and as a broadcast assistant with Radio Malaysia.

In February 1977, Salim passed away at the age of 41. His sudden death due to heart ailments in the prime of his acting career came as a shock to his peers in Malay theatre and film. Salim is survived by his son Harun.

Son: Harun Salim Bachik

Harun Salim Bachik is a well-known television and film actor in Malaysia.


I emailed Syed Alwi Idid in Singapore on 10 July 2013:
He is at 74 Bussorah Street.
Names like Bachik was mentioned by him (Bapak). Mahadhir also mentioned this Bachik man. I think the wealthy man in Munshi Abdullah's village refers to this Bachik in the book. Bachik also partly sponsored the religious school in Penang - al-Mashhur/Almashoor. I have not been able to follow up on Bachik. There are other Bachik names which I have been given by various people. They may all be related and related to Munshi Abdullah, and also to my great granduncle, Hj Noordin bin Hj Ismail of Banda Hilir/Ujong Pasir.

I visited Masjid Annur Banda Hilir on 4 June 2016. Bachik's son's name and Hj Mazlan's names are on the board in the masjid.

Masjid Annur
Lot 96 Jalan Banda Hilir
75000 Melaka 
JK Kariah Masjid Annur Banda Hilir, Melaka
1 Januari 2016-31 Disember 2017 
Hj Mazlan bin Hj Abdul Rahim - 010-402-0494
Ahli JK Masjid 
          .... his father is Abdul Rahim bin Hj Noordin
          .... Hj Noordin and his elder son Salleh were in
               the 1948 group photo at Pulau Besar
          .... Abdul Rahim is not in any of Bapak's photos
               (I don't know what he looked like)
En Aziz bin Bachik - 012-619-4198
Pemeriksa Kira-kira Masjid 
.... he could be the son of Abu Bakar Bachik (@ Hj Bachik)

Haji Mazlan bin Haji Abdul Rahim bin Haji Noordin

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