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Haji Mohammed Saleh (6)

Was Nakhoda Nan Intan a Sufi?

Someone wrote on 18 May 2016 to ask how Nakhoda Nan Intan and Haji Abdul Latiff Tambi were related.

I wrote at my blog in March 2016 that Nakhoda Nan Intan was the grandfather of Haji Abdul Latiff Tambi who was an Islamic scholar from Tengkera, Malacca.

His full namestring is Haji Abdul Latiff bin Haji Nuruddin (@ Tambi) bin Haji Mohamed Salleh (@ Nakhoda Nan Intan).

  • Clan founder: Hj Mohamed Saleh @ Nakhoda Nan Intan
  • Son: Hj Nuruddin @ Hj Tambi
  • Grandson: Hj Abdul Lathif @ Ulama Nusantara
Makawi vs Malakawi:

  • Makawi indicated a person from Makkah, Saudi Arabia.
  • Malakawi in Arabic indicates that the person was from Malacca.
  • The tombstone dated 1333 AH indicated Al Makawi (which is a surname from the Middle East). The tombstone may not be that of Nakhoda Nan Intan as he was from Istana Pagaruyung in West Sumatra.

Indian vs Minangkabau Malay:

  • Haji Abdul Latiff bin Haji Thamby was said to be of Indian descent while Nakhoda Nan Intan was from West Sumatera, Dutch Indonesia.


  • Nakhoda Nan Intan was a Sufi.
  • Do you know which Tariqat order he practiced?
  • From what I know, our clan follows Nasqbandiyah Sufi path

Q. Is there any info on how Haji Abdul Latiff is related to Nakhoda Nan Intan who is buried in Batu Uban Mosque in Penang?

  • Haji Abdul Latiff is the grandson of Nakhoda Nan Intan
  • Haji Abdul Latiff is Haji Abdul Latiff bin Haji Nuruddin bin Hj Muhammad Saleh @ Nakhoda Nan Intan
  • Hj Nuruddin is the only son from Nakhoda Nan Intan's Malacca wife - Sa'odah
  • Sa'odah had only 1 child -  a son named Hj Nuruddin @ Hj Tambi.
  • The call name Haji Tambi was more popularly used throughout his life, and his children were known as anak Hj Tambi instead of his real name.

Nakhoda Nan Intan's grave
Tok Chu's wife (Prof Ahmad Murad Merican's mother) said Nakhoda's grave is at the Arab graves in Kampung Melayu Batu Uban, in the graveyard by the mosque. I didn't recognise the Nakhoda's grave when I went there with my family. There were many graves and I didn't know those buried there.

Makam Nakhoda nan Intan
(bricks surrounded by overgrown tree roots)
in the graveyard of Masjid Batu Uban, Penang

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