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Keturunan Ismail Alyamani (Penang-Melaka)

Maulidur Rasul 12 December 2016

Tonight is a great night. I found my father's documents tonight - his certificates, photos, photo album, birth certificate, death certificate, booklets, cards etc. They were in my house all the time. I had a look at them long ago, but forgot about them, except the photos.

I found everything tonight except some sheets about his family tree, which I prepared before. I remember the details but I have misplaced those papers.

Tonight I found out my ancestors on my father's side. Tonight I found his Pagaruyung family tree, but all in tulisan Jawi, which I cannot read (it is in very small print). It is the same family tree that Tok Kalthom showed me at her home in Batu Uban, Penang.

Part 1
Location: Jelutong, Penang

Shaik Mohamad bin Salem Alyamani married 2 wives -
1. Hjh Noor
2. Hawa

Hjh Noor's daughter is Fatma Bee bt Shaik Mohamad.

Fatma Bee bt Shaik Mohamad was known as Patma Bee, or written only as Pahmah on her son's birth certificate (Mohd Yusope, born 11 Feb 1896). Bapak described her as "putih macam Cina".

Hawa had 7 children:
1. Siti Saedah (Zubaidah)
2. Shaik Omar
3. Shaik Abdul Aziz (Ami Aziz Alyamani)
4. Siti Mariah
5. Siti Kechil
6. Siti Hajar (she married to ISMAIL ALYAMANI as his 2nd wife)
7. Shaik Ismail

#3 Shaik Abdul Aziz is known as Ami Aziz Alyamani. He married 2 wives:
     1. Siti Rahmah bt Abdul Rashid Makawi (Batu Uban, Penang)
     2. Siti Aishah bt Abdullah (Nenek Jepun; Hutton Lane, George Town, Penang)

#7 Shaik Ismail is known as Ami Ismail Alyamani. He married Maimunah bt Zainal (Nya Intan) of Klang. She is anak Tok Zainal of Klang*.

*Tok Zainal is the youngest of 3 brothers - Hj Mohd Shariff b ISMAIL ALYAMANI (Banda Hilir), Hj Mohd Nordin b ISMAIL ALYAMANI (Ujong Pasir) and Zainal/Zenal b ISMAIL ALYAMANI (Klang). Hj Mohd Shariff and Hj Mohd Nordin were Imam Masjid Banda Hilir, Melaka.

Part 2
Location: Masjid Kapitan Keling, George Town, Penang

Who was ISMAIL ALYAMANI? Where did he work?

ISMAIL ALYAMANI was a jeweller at Masjid Kapitan Keling area in George Town, Penang.

Masjid Kapitan Keling was built in 1802, but there was a hut madrasah on site well before this date, which was constructed by Datuk Keramat. Datuk Keramat was Major Nadhor Khan @ Jemaldin, who was in the British Indian Army in Penang.

The jewellery shops surrounding Masjid Kapitan Keling were dominated by Indian Muslims, and included Habib Jewels and Melati etc. Indian scripts and Malay are used on the shop signboards which indicate Tamil as lingua franca of this area. Masjid Kapitan Keling also uses Tamil for its sermons (khutbah), and for which the Malays later built Masjid Melayu Acheh in 1806.

Masjid Kapitan Keling, George Town, Penang
Jewellery shops beside Masjid Kapitan Keling
Habib Jewel near Masjid Kapitan Keling

Part 3
Location: Jelutong, Penang vs. Malacca

ISMAIL ALYAMANI (possibly) married 2 wives:
1. Inchej Nyonia bt Tuan Sheikh Sahabudin (Tengkera, Melaka) ... first wife
2. Siti Hajar (adik Ami Aziz Alyamani, Penang?) ... second wife?

It is unknown where ISMAIL ALYAMANI is buried. He would possibly be buried in Jelutong.

It is unknown where Inchek Nyonia is buried. She could be buried in Tengkera. Bapak said there is Makam Shahbudin Alyamani in Tengkera. He could be her father.

Siti Hajar would possibly be buried in Jelutong, Penang.

Part 4
Location: Tengkera vs Banda Hilir, Malacca

Inchek Nyonia bt Tuan Sheikh Sahabudin was from Tengkera, Melaka. It is unknown whether Tuan Sheikh Sahabudin was indeed Dato Shahbuddin bin Mohd Amin (asal Cirebon) or Sheikh Shahbudin Alyamani (an Indian Muslim) from Tengkera (more likely). Makam Shahbudin Alyamani is at Tengkera (Bapak beritahu). I haven't seen this Makam Shahbuddin.

Inche Nyonia had 3 sons:
1. Hj Mohd Sharif b ISMAIL ALYAMANI (Banda Hilir, eldest)
2. Hj Mohd Nordin b ISMAIL ALYAMANI (Ujong Pasir, middle)
3. Zainal/Zenal b ISMAIL ALYAMANI (Klang, youngest).

Part 5
Location: Bapak cerita

Bapa said he went to ask Ismail Alyamani in Penang for money to go to Kirkby, England. So Ismail Alyamani was living in George Town, Penang in 1951. Ismail Alyamani gave Bapak some money. Bapak said he was rich.

Part 6
Location: Masjid Acheh, George Town, Penang

I had talked to an Indian Muslim man who came to  pray at Masjid Melayu Acheh, Penang. I asked him about ISMAIL ALYAMANI (a jeweller). He said that he knew ISMAIL YAMANI's people. According to him, ISMAIL ALYAMANI was in the jewellery business at Masjid Kapitan Keling area in George Town, Penang.

Minaret of Masjid Melayu Acheh viewed from the minaret at Masjid Kapitan Keling

Masjid Melayu Acheh, George Town, Penang

Part 7
Location: Banda Hilir

Hj Mohd Sharif bin ISMAIL ALYAMANI married Fatma Bee bt Shaik Mohamad (Patma/Pahmah). She came from Penang to Tengkera, and over to Banda Hilir when she married. She had 5 children in Banda Hilir:

1. Mohd Yusope (born 11 February 1896 - deceased 4 January 1954) - eldest child
2. Amnah (she married to Hj Ahmad bin Hj Abdul Latiff (HABHAL) as his first wife)
3. Mahani - unmarried
4. Alijah - unmarried
5. Asiah - married a businessman in Tampin

#1 Mohd Yusope b Hj Mohd Sharif (1896-1954) is called Walid by his 13 children (2 of 15 children died). He married Aishah bt Mohd Amin (Mat Amin Pasar, penguasa Pasar Chow Kit di KL). Mat Amin of Kg Baru, KL was from keturunan Jawa.

#2 Amnah married to Hj Ahmad b Hj Abdul Latiff (HABHAL) and went to live in Singapore. HABHAL made kicap cap kipas udang in Singapore (tawkey kicap). HABHAL is cicit Hj Muhammad Saleh @ Nakhoda Nan Intan. HABHAL is Hj Ahmad bin Hj Abdul Latiff bin Hj Nuruddin (@Hj Tambi) bin Hj Muhammad Saleh (@Nakhoda Nan Intan). HABHAL, Hj Abdul Latiff and Hj Tambi were from Tengkera, Melaka but they had a cloth shop (kedai kain) at North Bridge Road in Singapore; their business was in Singapore. Amnah passed away and HABHAL remarried, this time to Hjh Mahani bt Hj Khalil. Hj Khalil bin Hj Husin was Mufti Pertama Negeri Melaka.

#3 Mahani is Nenek Ani who taught Quran at Banda Hilir to Ayah Wan Merican Noordin (a cousin of my cousins Baizura, Mas, Shawal & Kamarul) and my sibs Abang Sharif and Kak Sharifah (Pah). I did not mengaji Quran from Nenek Ani when I was small - memang rasa sangat rugi lah.

#4 Alijah is Nenek Jah. She was unwell, but I liked her very much. She reared 16 cats. I played with her cats.

Alijah bt Hj Mohd Sharif (Nenek Jah)
She was on her way to town and passed by our front staircase, Banda Hilir

#5 Asiah is Nenek Yah. She married a mamak businessman and they lived in Tampin. She had no children, but adopted an Indian boy. She also taught Quran at Banda Hilir (assisted Nenek Ani).

Part 8
Location: Kg Hulu, Melaka

Hj Khalil bin Hj Husin was a family relative from Kg Hulu (saya sedang mencari details). Hj Mohd Sharif, Hj Mohd Nordin and Hj Khalil went together to perform the Hajj in 1896/97. They returned and each built the same house style - rumah godang Minangkabau (rumah godang means big house). Hj Mohd Sharif built his house in Banda Hilir - behind Masjid Banda Hilir (1897-2007). Hj Mohd Nordin built his house in Ujong Pasir (house is extant but was moved to Duyong). Hj Khalil probably built his house in Kg Hulu (is his house still standing?).

Hj Khalil bin Hj Husin was the first Mufti of Melaka (1926-1960; officially appointed April 1960). He was the one who held up the Merdeka Charter for Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra to read at Padang Merdeka in Banda Hilir, Melaka. Merdeka was first proclaimed in Melaka before it was proclaimed at Stadium Merdeka in Selangor. I have no personal photos of this event so far.

Hj Khalil bin Hj Husin had a few children (4 girls and a son?) - in no order:
1. Salma
2. Hjh Mahani
3. girl
4. girl
5. Zakaria

#1 Salma married to (Abdul) Majid who made famous Majid Satay of Kg Baru, KL. Their son was the famous jazz singer, Abdul Aziz @ Zain Azman (nama samaran). Zain's elder brother, Datuk Mohd Salleh, had worked in the Land & Mines Dept in KL, and was the boss of Hj Mohd Shapri bin Nasir, the elder son of Nenek Zainab bt Mohd Amin (Nenek Jenab). Mohd Shapri bin Nasir had worked under Datuk Mohd Salleh Majid in KL. He remembered Datuk Mohd Salleh Majid, his boss. Hj Mohd Shapri was better known as Hamid or Pak Hamid in Kg Baru, KL. Nenek Jenab and her 2 sons, Hj Mohd Shapri & his younger brother at Bukit Tinggi, Indonesia have all passed away. Her 2 sons died in 2016.

#5 Zakaria went to school with Abu Seman bin Awang Besar (Pak Abu). Pak Abu attended Sek Men Sultan Abdul Halim, Jitra, Kedah. Pak Abu studied at the Malaysian Teachers' Training College (MTTC), Johor. He was a Mathematics teacher at MTTC. Pak Abu is retired now, but paints at the Kraftangan Village in Kota Bharu. He lives in Kota Bharu

Abu Seman b Awang Besar (Pak Abu) FB image

I met Pak Abu at the Karnival Seni & Kemanusiaan on campus last week. Pak Abu will try and contact Zakaria for details and photos. Pak Abu said to me that "orang2 Kg Hulu ini semua cun2 belaka"  - very pretty people! They have kulit putih-merah (humaira - macam Nabi SAW sebut tu). So we wait and see.

With Pak Abu at the Karnival on campus 8 Dec 2016

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