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Haji Ahmad bin Haji Abdul Latiff (HABHAL)

Haji Ahmad bin Haji Abdul Latiff
Lived in early 1900s - died before 1981

Full name: Haji Ahmad bin Haji Abdul Latiff
His father is Haji Abdul Latiff bin Tambi, Ulamak Nusantara, of Masjid Tengkera, Melaka

Abbreviation of his name: HABHAL

Date of birth (DOB):
He was possibly born at the turn of the century, in the early 1900s (estimated based on his eldest son's possible birth in 1926/7).
I remember him as a tall fair man with Turkish looks and wearing a red tarbus when he came to visit us in Banda Hilir. We gathered at Mak Sarah's house and he walked through the living-room packed with us kids (my cousins). He wore a suit - I can't recall anymore of what he wore. He was smiling and looked kind indeed. That was the only glimpse of him at Banda Hilir when I was 5. I don't recall Nenek Amnah at the time. I think maybe she had already passed away and HABHAL came without her. He probably came with his children - I remember hearing the name 'Nana Zaini' from my aunt, Mak Bedah.
There was another time when my family visited him at his place in Geylang. I was older, possibly 7 (Standard 1) in 1965. It could be at the same time when the ice show, Disney on Ice, came to Singapore.
Soy sauce owner and manufacturer in Singapore (saudagar kicap di Singapura). His soy sauce (kicap) was known as HABHAL cap kipas udang.

  1. Jalan Mangga, Geylang, Singapore
  2. 134 Lorong Sarina, Singapore

Deceased: before 1981 ... before Cikgu Zaini & Cikgu Saadiah went for Hajj.

Wives: 2
  1. Hajjah Amnah bt Haji Mohd Sharif .... first wife (deceased in late 1960s)
  2. Hajjah Mahani bt Haji Khalil .............. second wife (married 12 April 1970) ... she was known as Mak Cik Ende to Zariyah bt Haji Daud of Kg Hulu. Zariyah was my classmate at MGHS in 1972 and 1973.
HABHAL married Nenek Amnah bt Hj Mohd Sharif, Bapak's aunt (Tok Walid's younger sister). Nenek Amnah passed away in late 1960s and HABHAL remarried Nenek Mahani bt Haji Khalil in 1970.

Hjh Mahani is the daughter of Haji Khalil bin Hj Husin, the First Mufti of Melaka.


FAMILY TREE (tentative; we are still figuring out the correct links)

From Bapak:
Amnah was Bapak's aunt, the daughter of Tok Haji Mohd Sharif and Nenek Patma. Amnah married to Haji Ahmad bin Haji Abdul Latif (abbreviated as HABHAL).

Who was HABHAL?


HABHAL himself was a fair northern Indian Mamak. HABHAL was a very nice man (orang baik) as he gave Bapak money (beri Bapak duit). Bapak went to stay at his house. HABHAL was generous. HABHAL gave a trishaw (beca) to Mohd Yusope (Walid) but Bapak dismantled it and removed the bicycle for his father to use.

HABHAL lived in a double-storey building.

HABHAL's wife Amnah was rich. Amnah died and was buried in Singapore.


Children: 7

HABHAL and Nenek Amnah had 7 children in Singapore. Their names and birth order are as follows:
  1. Haji Zaini (eldest; arwah, born 1926/7)
  2. Hajjah Zaiton (arwah; passed away on Friday 20 Nov 2015 at 4pm) ... informed in WS by Nhpp +60 16 264 4559 via Abg Razak from Singapore) 
  3. Muhammad (arwah, bachelor, born 1931)
  4. Haji Mahmood Kicap (arwah, bachelor)
  5. Hajjah Sa'adiah (arwah)
  6. Haji Tamby (this is Haji Tamby bin Ahmad, Baharin's father, born 1936) 
  7. Hajjah Aishah (youngest, born 1937)
Photos of HABHAL's Children
Anak-anak HABHAL

1. Haji Zaini bin Haji Ahmad (Zaini HABHAL)
2. Hajjah Zaiton bt Haji Ahmad (Zaiton HABHAL)
3. Muhammad bin Haji Ahmad (Muhammad HABHAL)
Mahmud bin Haji Ahmad @ Mahmood Kicap.
(edited portrait from a photo supplied by Baharin bin Tamby). 2015
4. Haji Mahmood bin Haji Ahmad (Mahmood HABHAL)
5. Hajjah Saadiah bt Haji Ahmad (Saadiah HABHAL)
6. Haji Tamby bin Haji Ahmad (Tamby HABHAL)
7. Hajjah Aishah bt Haji Ahmad (Aishah HABHAL)
Anak-anak Tok saudara HABHAL and Nenek saudara Amnah.
Seated from left: Hajjah Aishah, Hajjah Zaiton and Hajjah Saadiah.
Standing from left: Haji Tamby, Muhammad and Haji Mahmood Kicap.
Missing Haji Zaini as he had died long before this photo was taken.
Photo from and ID by Baharin bin Tamby, Singapore. 20 March 2016


Newspaper articles on HABHAL

The Straits Times, 8 April 1935, Page 7
- HABHAL was a committee member of the Moslem Association of Singapore at its 38th Annual General Meeting in April 1935.

The Singapore Free Press and Mercantile Advertiser (1884-1942), 14 May 1940, Page 5
- HABHAL was Honorary Treasurer of the Singapore Malay Association (SMA) in 1940
- The first annual meeting of the SMA was held at Dewan Malaya, Moulmein Road, Singapore

Berita Harian, 4 August 1969, Page 10
- HABHAL was a committee member of Dewan Perniagaan Melayu, Singapura in August 1969.

Sekolah Menengah Islam S'pura tetap di-bena
Berita Harian, 22 December 1969, Page 2
- HABHAL was Penolong Bendahari PERGAS (Persatuan Guru2 Ugama Singapura)
- Construction of the school began 10 years ago at Kaki Bukit

Sama Chantek Sama Padan
Which newspaper?
- Featured his marriage to Mahani bt Haji Khalil on 12 April 1970


Yusof Ishak video featuring HABHAL at 30.10-30.12 minutes:

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