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Researching Inche Mohamed Yusope (4)

Inche Mohamed Yusope (1896-1954)
Walid/Tok Walid/ Suami Nenek Inche/Bik Esah

Full name: Haji Mohamed Yusope bin Haji Mohamed Sharif
Call names: Bapak called his father Walid. I refer to him as Tok Walid.
Date of birth: 11 February 1896
Place of birth: 262-T Banda Hilir (Rumah Banda Hilir), Malacca
Education: Passed Junior Cambridge, Standard 7
Occupation: 1. Assistant Inspector of Schools 2. Entomologist

Demise: circa January 1954
Cause of death: Heart attack (he was 58 when he died)
Place of demise: Rumah Banda Hilir
Place of burial: Tanah Perkuburan Islam Masjid Semabok. Malacca

From Mak Bedah on 26 December 2016, at Azizah Ramli's wedding reception in Jengka:

Walid's demise
- Mak Bedah's father died when she was 10
- Mak Bedah described how her father died: Walid went to buang air besar (BO). At maghrib, he suffered pain in the neck (sakit tengkuk). He had burst a vessel due to hypertension (darah tinggi). He did not suffer from any debilitating disease when he died. My Bapak was overseas when Walid died. Pak Bakar was in Singapore. Mak Bedah sat at Walid's feet when he died.


His father: Haji Mohd Sharif bin Ismail
His mother: Patma / Fatma bt Mohamad (a fair lady like a Chinese)

Sibs: 5
Haji Mohamed Yusope (Tok Walid) is the only son and the eldest of 5 sibs.
  1. Haji Mohd Yusope (Walid, Tok Walid; eldest child)
  2. Mahani (Nenek Ani)
  3. Amnah (Nenek Amnah)
  4. Alijah (Nenek Jah)
  5. Asiah (Nenek Yah)
Haji Mohd Yusope bin Haji Muhammad Sharif (Walid)
He worked in Kuala Lumpur before marriage and before the war.
He lived at 1092 Jalan Imbi government quarters in Kuala Lumpur.
He returned to 262-T Banda Hilir in 1942 when KL was bombed.
Nenek Ani lived at the adjoining quarters at Rumah Banda Hilir 1963
She taught Quran to kids, including my brother Sharif and sister Sharifah (Pah).
Nenek Amnah married to HABHAL and went to live in Singapore.
--- Nenek Jah's photo to insert here ---

Nenek Yah married to a mamak businessman and went to live with him at Tampin where her husband had a shop.

Wife: Aishah bt Mohd Amin
Her call names: Bapak called his mother Inche. I called her Nenek Inche.
                          Others called her Bik Esah.
Date of birth: c.May-July 1907
Place of birth: Kampong Bahru, Kuala Lumpur
Demise: 1978 (died at age 71)
Cause of death: Diabetic complications

Nenek Inchek at her home at Jalan Imbi in Kuala Lumpur,
before KL was bombed in 1942. She then moved to Banda Hilir with her kids.
Walid followed later.
Nenek Inche (at right) and Nenek Ani (silhoutte) at rumah Banda Hilir.
Probably preparing to go for the Hajj in 1963
Nenek Inche was already a Hajjah before I went to school in 1965. She wore a white muslin cloth for a serban. She came to live with us at Jalan Day in Alor Setar, Kedah. 1964-1967. Then we went to live in Sabah 1967-1969.
Probably her photo for her Malaysian passport to go to Sabah in 1967.
She wore celak as eyeliner.

Date of marriage: c.Feb-May 1920
Walid was 24 years old when he married Nenek Inche in February/March/April/May 1920.

Children: 15 (2 died)
He had 4 children in 1928. Nenek Inche was carrying her 5th child (Mak Sarah) in 1928.

In summary:
Mohamed Yusope bin Mohamed Sharif was born on 11 February 1896 at 262-T Banda Hilir, Malacca (Rumah Banda Hilir). His mother was called Padma. Her name was written as Pahma in his birth certificate. Her real fullname is Fatmah bt Mohamad. His father was Haji Mohd Sharif bin Ismail. His father returned from the Hajj in 1897. His father died suddenly and he was looked after by his uncle Zenal bin Ismail in Klang. He married Aishah bt Mohd Amin of Kampong Bahru in 1920. She was a 12/13-year old orphan girl. She was called Nenek Inche or Bik Esah. Inche Mohamed Yusope was an entomologist and worked with Tok Rashid at Serdang. He was then an Assistant Inspector of Schools in British Malaya. He was present at the Kampong Bahru Malay Girls' School on Empire Day on 24 May 1928. He was 32 years old in 1928. He lived at 1092 Jalan Imbi in KL in November 1931 when my Bapak was born. He returned to Banda Hilir, Malacca when the Japanese war broke out in Malaya and KL was bombed.

The Singapore Free Press and Mercantile Advertiser (1884-1942), 
8 June 1928, Page 16
Malay Girls and Empire Day.
Given the right education, what the Malay boys can do with regard to learning and drill the Malay girls are also capable of carrying out. It is reported that the girls of the Kampong Bahru Malay Girls' vernacular school, Kuala Lumpur, assembled at the school compound on May 24th. to celebrate the Empire Day. The Lady supervisor of the Malay vernacular girls' school and her assistant, Inche Mohamed Yusope, Assistant Inspector of Schools, Mr. Haji Mohamed Sidin, Malay visiting teacher, and a large number of the parents and other relations of the girls were present at the function. The proceedings commenced at 9.30 a.m. when Inche Haniffa binti Mohamed, who is said to be one of the best lady teachers in the school, made a long speech, explaining the meaning of "Empire Day" and why it is celebrated all over the British Dominions, Colonies and Protectorates. At the conclusion of the speech, the girls exhibited themselves at their best in the matter of drill and other exercises which were much appreciated by the large audience. ...

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