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"Mat Amin Pasar" @ Mohd Amin - wives and children


Muhammad Amin (Mohd Amin) was a Javanese Malay man who worked in early Kuala Lumpur during British Malaya. His full name and date of birth are unknown by family members, surviving grandchildren and relatives.

He was the Market Keeper, Supervisor or Enforcement Officer (penguasa pasar) for Pasar Kuala Lumpur. Since he passed away circa 1936, before the Pasar Chow Kit brick building was constructed in 1955, he was probably working at Kuala Lumpur Central Market - the old one, before the 1937 brick building was ready - in the wet market section - ie, most possibly the section with fish stalls.

Mohd Amin was known by 2 call names, Mat Amin Pasar (referring to Pasar Kuala Lumpur/Kuala Lumpur Central Market) and Mat Amin Chow Kit (referring to Pasar Chow Kit). Both markets are in different locations.

Kuala Lumpur Central Market was the older one and began in 1888 as a few long and low market buildings by the river. It was upgraded and finally reconstructed as the brick building present today. It was both a wet and dry market. and later became a dry market and now a gallery for handicrafts and souvenir stalls plus eateries.

Pasar Chow Kit (Chow Kit Market) was probably a sprawling market initially and a brick market was constructed in 1955 and upgraded later. It is now demolished (2016), and a temporary market serves the area. This market is jam packed and stalls are crowded with narrow walking paths. The floor is wet and uneven.

As Market Supervisor, Mat Amin was much respected. He need not purchase vegetables and fish as these were given to him FOC by the stall owners. The stall owners gave him their best samples for the day, and everyday! The market owners gave him the best fish and vegetables free. As such he developed a high taste for fish; he would only eat fish of a certain size - e.g., ikan parang not less than 8 inches wide.

From Bapak 
Mat Amin Pasar lived in Jalan Stony, Kampong Baru, Selangor, the Federated Malay States. Today, only a brick post (tiang batu) marks the spot of his house. Nobody has a photograph of his house.

From his grandchildren
From various accounts of his grandchildren and grand-son-in-law (Pak Cik Hassan), we know he had 4 wives. His first wife, Che' Pah, bore him a son. His second wife, Sekmah, bore him 5 children. His third wife, Enjah, bore him 15 children. His fourth wife, Hasnah @ Senah, was childless with Mat Amin, but had children from a previous marriage. Altogether, Mat Amin Pasar had 21 children from 3 of his 4 wives.
  1. Che' Pah - 1 son
  2. Sekmah - 5 children (Nenek Inche's mother; she died when Nenek Inche was 6 years old)*
  3. Enjah - 15 children 
  4. Hasnah @ Senah - childless (she had children from a previous marriage)

Mat Amin Pasar lived healthily and well. He had sufficient food and a full life. According to Pak Cik Hassan, Mat Amin Pasar passed away in 1936 (my Bapak was 5 years old). His grandchildren never saw a glimpse of him in the flesh. He is remembered by all descendants as the famed Mat Amin Pasar, the market keeper, enforcement officer or supervisor. 

Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi rojiuun.
May he rest in peace, in sya Allah.


Mohd Amin @ Mat Amin Pasar or Mat Amin Chow Kit.
Portrait from Bapak's pendrive in 2011.*
 *This is the only photo of Mat Amin that we all have. We don't know if other photos of him exist.
Mohamed Shapri juga menghantar gambar Mat Amin Pasar drp Bik Rahmah Gombak in his email on 25 March 2016.
- this is the same photo of Mat Amin Pasar above
- it seems that there is no other photo of Mat Amin Pasar
- British records may have his full name and other photos of him or a group photo

From Bapak
Real name: Mohd Amin (bin Haji Mahmud?)
Call names: Mat Amin Pasar / Mat Amin Chow Kit?

Date of birth (DOB): ?
Home address: 1 Jalan Stony, Kampong Baru, Selangor, Federated Malay States
House landmark: "tiang batu"
Workplace: Pasar Kuala Lumpur (Pasar KL)
Occupation: Market Supervisor (Penguasa Pasar)


From Tan Sri Dr Abdul Majid bin Ismail, interviewed 11 May 2007
The market owners gave Mat Amin Pasar the best fish and vegetables free.

From Pak Saleh (8 June 2011):
Mat Amin worked at Pasar Kuala Lumpur; the wet market is Pasar Chow Kit. He probably owned the entire market or owned a stall in the market. He would only eat fish of a certain size - eg ikan parang not less than 8 inches wide.


From Bapak (13 October 2007):
Bapak (HARMY = Haji Abdul Rashid bin Mohd Yusope)
Mat Amin Pasar had 3 or 4 wives: 
  1. First wife: Aminah? ......... No, incorrect.
  2. Second wife: Rahmah? .... No, incorrect.
  3. Third wife: ?
  4. Fourth wife: ?
From Mak Bedah (8 June 2011):
Mat Amin Pasar/Chow Kit married four wives:
  1. 1st wife: Che' Pah; she had a son named Abu Hassan
  2. 2nd wife: Sekmah; she had 5 children (she is the mother of Nenek Inche)
  3. 3rd wife: Mother of Bik Rama (her name is unknown); she had 15 children
  4. 4th wife: Hasnah (she was known as Nenek Senah); she was childless with Mat Amin
Altogether, Nenek Inche had 21 siblings from 3 mothers; a fourth mother was barren with Mat Amin but had children from her previous marriage..

4 wives of Mat Amin Pasar/Chow Kit as narrated by Mak Bedah on 8 June 2011

From me (2 October 2015):

Mat Amin Pasar/Chow Kit married four wives.
Who was Banom? What was her full name?
Did Mohd Amin marry Banom? Is she the mother of Nenek Inche? No. 

1st wife: Che' Pah. What is her full name? Was her name Sharifah Bainun? How many children did she have? She had a son named Abu Hassan Mohd Amin. Where is he today?

2nd wife: Sekmah; she had 5 children (she is the mother of Nenek Inche) Yes 

3rd wife: Enjah bt Nekmat. Mother of Bik Rama. She had 15 children. Is this Bik Rama, Rahmah bt Mohd Amin in Kajang?

4th wife: Hasnah (she was known as Nenek Senah). What is her full name? She was childless with Mat Amin but had children from her previous marriage, to whom? What was her previous husband's name? Who are her children from her previous marriage.


From Pak Cik Hassan anak Tok Rashid Serdang, 11 June 2010:

Mat Amin Pasar
Children: 8
All 8 children are deceased.
  1. Muhamad Saleh (Long) di Kg Baru - eldest ... this is "Tok Alang Kg Baru," Abang Nenek Inche 
  2. Bik Che' Mah di Serdang ... isteri Tok Rashid Serdang (bapak Pak Cik Hassan)
  3. Idris (Busu) - tinggal di Jengka (deceased) ... kahwin Nenek Busu
  4. Bik Endon kahwin Tok Ali (Information Officer/Pegawai Penerangan) di Alor Star, Kedah
  5. Bik Rahmah di Kajang. Either her husband/son was the Ambassador to Japan
  6. Bik Leha di Petaling Jaya (deceased). Bik Ninggal - she is Nenek Inchek's cousin
  7. Aishah bt Mohd Amin (Nenek Inche) - Her mother died when she was 6 years old. She married at age 12, to Tok Walid, Mohd Yusope bin Hj Mohd Sharif of Banda Hilir.

Children from Mohd Amin's 1st wife, _____ (her name is unknown)
All her children have passed away.
  1. Mohd Nor ... @ Haji Buruk
  2. Mak Ngah ... who is this?
  3. Muhamad Saleh ... this is Tok Alang of Kg Baru in KL, bapak Mak Cik Jamilah
  4. Esah ... this is Bik Esah. I call her Nenek Inche. She is Aishah bt Mohd Amin
  5. Ismail (Pak Busu Mail, KL)  ... who is this?
Children from Mohd Amin's 2nd wife, Enjah
All her children have passed away.
  1. Che Mah (died 1975) ... this is the wife of Tok Rashid of Serdang, ibu Pak Cik Hassan 
  2. Ali ... this is Tok Ali of Gombak
  3. Zainab ... this is Bik Jenab. Her husband is Nasir (passed away in early 1950s 1948)
  4. Salihah bte Mohd Amin ... this is Bik Leha, ibu Mak Cik Salmah Ahmad
  5. Enson ... this is Bik Enson
  6. Endon ... this is Bik Endon of Alor Setar, married to Tok Ali of Kedah
  7. Idris ... this is Tok Busu Jengka. He married Nenek Busu Jengka.

One son from Mohd Amin's first wife, Che Pah:
(eldest son of Mohd Amin by his first wife)


There is no update on him.

5 Children from Mohd Amin's second wife, Sekmah:
All her children have passed away.
  1. Mohd Nor ... @ Haji Buruk
  2. Mak Ngah ... who is this?
  3. Muhamad Saleh ... this is Tok Alang of Kg Baru in KL, bapak Mak Cik Jamilah
  4. Esah ... this is Bik Esah. I call her Nenek Inche. She is Aishah bt Mohd Amin
  5. Ismail (Pak Busu Mail, KL)  ... who is this?


Mohd Nor Mohd Amin @ Haji Buruk (he was mentioned in Tan Sri's book)
All his children have passed away.
  1. Mohamad bin Mohd Nor
  2. Kassim bin Mohd Nor
  3. Maznah bt Mohd Nor
  4. Khalijah bt Mohd Nor
Mohamad and Kassim are brothers.
Maznah and Khalijah are sisters.

From me
There is a photo of Maznah's and Khalijah's children at Bik Leha's house when Bik Leha returned from the Hajj in 1976. Mak and Kamariah Bujang (carrying Afiq) were also in one photo, along with Mak Cik Uda -Tan Sri Coco's sister.


Mak Ngah ... who is she?

There is no update on her.


Muhamad Saleh bin Mohd Amin
@ Tok Alang Kg Baru.
Abang Nenek Inchek.

Full name: Muhamad Saleh (Muhammad Salleh)
Call names: Muhamad Saleh (Long) di Kg Baru; Bapak addressed him as Pak Lang. I called him Tok Alang/Tok Alang Kg Baru.
He is Abang kepada Nenek Inche; he is the eldest (sulong)
He is bapa kepada Mak Cik Milah isteri Pak Cik Hassan
Born: __
Deceased: __

Wife: Sum bt Ahmad @ Shamsiah bt Ahmad
Her call names: Mak called her Sum. Others called her Mak Lang/Mak Lang Kg Baru. I called her Nenek Alang Kg Baru
Born: __
Deceased: Nenek Alang passed away on 14 February 2015 @ 5:30 pm.

Children: 7
  1. Zaiton (b.1.10.1946) - eldest; married to Zainal Abidin bin Ibrahim (84 Jln 2, Ampang Jaya, Selangor)
  2. Jamilah (b.23.7.1948) - Mak Cik Milah; married to Pak Cik Hassan bin Mohd Rashid (anak Tok Rashid Serdang and Bik Che Mah #6/13; kakak Nenek Inchek. 3 Desa Al-Amin, Kg Sg Tangkas, Kajang. Mak Cik Jamilah: 019-350 8343)
  3. Hasnah (b.16.7.1953) - married to Abdul Ghani Mohammed (19 Feb 1952-28 April 2011; deceased), 3 children. (No. 94, Jln Bunga Kekwa 2/12, Shah Alam; 019-200 8121)
  4. Mohd Yusope (b.3.12.1955-d.9.1998) (unmarried; deceased Sept 1998 @ HKL)
  5. Abdul Latiff (b.1.1.1958-d.5.2005) (unmarried; deceased May 2005 @ Hospital Klang)
  6. Prof Hamzah Salleh - Biochemistry, USA. UIA. Married Nor Jannah Hassan (No 23, Jln Nakhoda Kiri 3, Kg Nakhoda, Batu Caves; 013-345 7711)
  7. Zulkifli - married; first wife passed away May 2007; re-married, to Aida A. Rahim, second wife (17 Jalan P9 A/4, Presint 9, Putrajaya)

In front from left: Zaiton (eldest child), Jamilah, and Hasnah. Back row from left: Sum bt Ahmad (wife), Mohd Salleh bin Mohd Amin (Tok Alang Kg Baru) holding Mohd Yusope (deceased), and Bik Wah anak Nenek Inchek. Undated photo. Photo from Prof Hamzah M Saleh. 1 July 2014.

Pak Cik Hassan, Mak Cik Milah and Halimah visited us at home in Taman Makmur, Kg Chicha. Jan 2015
Pak Cik Hassan, anak #6/13 Tok Rashid Serdang. Jan 2015
Mak Cik Milah, anak #2/7 Tok Alang Kg Baru, KL. Jan 2015
Halimah Hassan, anak bongsu Pak Cik Hassan dan Mak Cik Milah. Jan 2015
Keluarga Mak Cik Hasnah 
Mak Cik Hasnah

Professor Dr Hamzah bin Mohd Salleh
Office : E0-2-2-065
Department of Biotechnology Engineering & the International Institute for Halal Research & Training (INHART)
IIUM Gombak (since 1995)
Phone : +603 6196 4426 / 4495
hp: 013-345 7711
Emails : & 

Hamzah Mohd. Salleh  (b.16.2.1963)
23 Jalan Nakhoda Kiri 3
Kg. Nakhoda, Bt. Caves, 
Selangor 68100.
House: 03-61775179

Wife: Nor Jannah bt Hassan (b. 19.3.1964)
Children: 5 (all were born at Kitchener, Ontario in Canada)
Names of children:
  1. Mohammad Khair Hamzah (b.26.11.1985)
  2. Maryam Hamzah (b.17.11.1987)
  3. Munira Hamzah (b.22.5.1989) married to Salman
  4. Muhsin Hamzah (b.26.6.1990)
  5. Mohammad Haneef Hamzah (b.18.8.1993)

Keluarga Prof Hamzah Mohd Salleh
Keluarga Prof Hamzah Mohd Salleh
(Pak Cik) Prof Hamzah Mohd Salleh
Anak Tok Alang #6/7.
(Mak Cik) Nor Jannah, isteri Prof Hamzah Mohd Salleh


Aishah bt Mohd Amin
(Bik Esah/Nenek Inche)
Anak Mat Amin Pasar/Chow Kit
Isteri Walid/Tok Walid.
Bapak punya mak.

Full name: Aishah bt Mohd Amin
Call names: Bapak & Mak Bedah addressed her as Inchek. I called her Nenek Inchek. Kak Normah-Abang Hadi referred to her as Bik Esah.
Born: 1906 (estimated)
Deceased: 1978 (aged 71)
Nenek Inche was Bapak punya mak; ibu kepada Bapak.
Nenek Inche was Bapak's mother. She was my Nenek Inchek
Buried: Nenek Inche dikebumikan di Kampong Cangkat, dan bukan di Semabok, Melaka.
Date of marriage: April 1920 (estimated)
Children: 15
Nenek Inchek mempunyai 15 orang anak.

Her mother died when she was 6 years old
She married at age 12, going on 13.

She married to Mohd Yusope bin Haji Mohd Shariff (Tok Hj Mohd Sharif), Banda Hilir
She lived at Jalan Imbi in KL before the war, and in Banda Hilir when KL was bombed
She had 15 children, but 2 died; 13 survived to adulthood and married, and had families
Her children addressed their mother as Inchek

Nama anak Nenek Inchek/Bik Esah:
  1. Ainon (lahir Ahad, 10 pagi, 6/2/1921)
  2. Idris (meninggal)
  3. Zaina (lahir Khamis, 12 malam, 3/4/1924)
  4. Ramlah (lahir Sabtu, 5 pagi, 29/9/1925)
  5. Shamsu'ain (meninggal)
  6. Sara (lahir Khamis, 6 petang, 3/5/1928)
  7. Abu Bakar (lahir Khamis, 7:28 malam, 19/3/1930
  8. Abdul Rashid (lahir Sabtu, 3:20 petang, 28/11/1931)
  9. Rahmah (lahir Rabu, 7:30 pagi, 15/11/1933) ........ ini ialah Mak Nya Gombak
  10. Safura (lahir Selasa, 8:27 malam, 21/5/1935)
  11. Jaafar (lahir Ahad, 11:05 pagi, 28/8/1936)
  12. Inchek Beda (lahir Khamis 1:55 petang, 25/10/1938)
  13. Baharudin (lahir Jumaat, 6 pagi, 14/6/1940)
  14. Inchek Sekmah (lahir Khamis, 12:20 pagi, 13/11/1941)
  15. Saleh (lahir Khamis, 6:30 petang, 12/2/45) ...... lahir semasa Perang Dunia Kedua

She lived with our family and followed us everywhere.
Towards her old age, she lived in her own wooden house in Gombak beside Mak Nya's house.
We visited her a few times in Gombak.
She suffered from complications of diabetes and died in Gombak.
She is interred in KL and not in Semabok as planned. Nenek Inche dikebumikan di Kampong Cangkat, dan bukan di Semabok, Melaka.

When I was attending Kolej Tunku Kurshiah in Seremban (1974-75), Bapak took a few photos of Mak Nya and her family at her Gombak house. At the time, Nenek Inchek was living with Mak Nya, and so some photos had both Mak Nya and Nenek Inchek. I remember Nenek Inchek said (something to this effect), "Aku tak nak ambik gambau. Aku tau bila ambik gambau, tanda aku nak mati..." I think it is true, that people take a lot of photos of you before you die, and in case you die. Nenek Inchek later passed away of diabetic complications at Mak Nya's house circa 1978.

Mak Nya's house in Gombak. Nenek Inchek is seated. Pak Aziz is wearing kain pelekat, and standing next to Mak Nya. Rahim (Abdul Wahid) is at far right. The 3 girls are Pah, Rabi and me. The 2 boys are Farid and Amin. The 2 little girls in front are Jamaliah and Dora, anak Mak Nya.


Ismail bin Mohd Amin @ Pak Busu Ismail's
Wife: __

Children: 4
  1. Mohd Nor
  2. Norma ... this is not Kak Norma-Abang Hadi of Kelantan.
  3. Rabiah
  4. ?
I don't know where Kak Normah bt Abdul Hamid belongs. She knows Bik Esah (Nenek Inchek). She said they are closely related, but how? Her father is Abdul Hamid. Her grandparents are Muttalib and Halimah. Her other grandfather is Mohd Nor/Md Noor. Is Mohd Noor nicknamed Haji Buruk?

Full name: Normah bt Abdul Hamid
Call name: I call her Kak Normah-Abang Hadi

Her husband: Abdul Hadi Awang Hamat (28 July 1949)
I call him: Abang Hadi-Kak Noma

Villa Rahmat, Lot 179 Jalan Telipot, 15150 Kota Bharu, Kelantan.

Children: 4

1. Norhadiman (Iman) bin Abdul Hadi
2. Yuri bin Abdul Hadi - UTM lecturer in Architecture at De MontFort University, Leicester, UK
3. Imee Nadia (Imee) bt Abdul Hadi (27 Oct 1983) - Asst. Director Aswara in KL
4. Ili Hanim (Ili/Ilyhan in FB) bt Abdul Hadi (14 Jan 1988)

Abdul Hadi Awang Hamat in Facebook:

Kak Normah in Facebook:

Iman Hadi in Facebook:

Yuri Hadi in Facebook:

Imee Nadia in Facebook:

Ilyhan Hadi in Facebook:

15 Children of Mohd Amin's third wife, Enjah bt Nekmat
All her children have passed away.
  1. Che Mah (died 1975) ... this is the wife of Tok Rashid of Serdang, ibu Pak Cik Hassan 
  2. Ali ... this is Tok Ali of Gombak
  3. Zainab ... this is Bik Jenab. Her husband is Nasir bin Mohd Zain (passed away in 1948)
  4. Salihah bte Mohd Amin ... this is Bik Leha, ibu Mak Cik Salmah Ahmad
  5. Enson ... this is Bik Enson
  6. Endon ... this is Bik Endon of Alor Setar, married to Tok Ali of Kedah
  7. Idris ... this is Tok Busu Jengka. He married Nenek Busu Jengka.


Full name: Che Mah bt Mohd Amin (anak Mat Amin Pasar)
Call name: Bik Che Mah Serdang ... kakak Nenek Inche
Born: __ (before 1906, before Nenek Inchek was born)
Deceased: Bik Che Mah died in 1975 in Makkah

She is the first wife of Tok Rasid of Serdang, ibu Pak Cik Hassan.
Husband: Mohd Rasid bin Ahmad (from Singapore). He worked at the Serdang Agricultural School.
Call name: Tok Rasid Serdang ... see below

Children: 13
  1. Siti Rafeah *
  2. Siti Ayeshah *
  3. Harun *
  4. Abdul Rahman *
  5. Abdul Rahim - married Dr Jariah Masood. Insun Sony Mustapha Hussain Fenner knew Abdul Rahim bin Mohd Rasid. Pak Cik Rahim appeared on several gardening programs on TV. He wrote the book Seri Taman.
  6. Hassan (Pak Cik Hassan) - married Jamilah bt Muhammad Salleh (Mak Cik Milah).
  7. Ali - Abidin Hussin knew Ali bin Mohd Rasid while at Bukit Besi.
  8. Siti Zubaidah
  9. Zainal Abidin
  10. Siti Khatijah
  11. Siti Mariam
  12. Siti Hajar - She came to visit me in Chico, California in 1980. She taught at MRSM P. Chepa.
  13. Ahmad - he is Mat Rasid in Facebook.
Abdul Rahim bin Mohd Rashid (#5/13) married Dr Jariah Masud (Rembau). According to Nonie anak Pak Din, Dr Jariah teaches Family Finance at UPM Serdang. Jariah Masood is kakak ipar Pak Cik Hassan. She is the wife of Pak Cik Hassan's brother, Abdul Rahim b Mohd Rashid.

Pak Cik Hassan (#6/13): Pak Cik Hassan & Mak Cik Jamilah's children:
  1. Effendi bin Hassan - married Seri Idawaty Mat Zain (reception 12 Feb 2011)
  2. Melati bt Hassan - nurse; worked in UAE; now owns 2-3 dialysis centres in Perak and Kelantan
  3. Edila bt Hassan (UKM; Eddie in FB)
  4. Fatimah bt Hassan (UNITEN)
  5. Halimah bt Hassan (UIA) - visited Taman Makmur, Kg Chicha in Kubang Kerian, Kelantan on 31 January 2015.

Me, Mak Cik Jamilah Muhamad Saleh, Pak Cik Hassan Mohd Rashid and Affandi Hussien.

Siti Hajar bt Mohd Rashid (#12/13). I was with Mak Cik Siti Hajar bt Mohd Rashid at my residence, 609 Rancheria Drive, Chico, California; May 1980.


Mohd Rasid bin Ahmad @ Pak Rashid, Serdang
Full name: Mohd Rasid bin Ahmad
Call name: Bapak called him Pak Rashid (suami Bik Che Mah, kakak Nenek Inche). I called him Tok Rashid Serdang.
Born: 1914, Kampong Melayu, Singapore (on the west coast)
Deceased: 1986, interred at Perkuburan Serdang, UPM; aged 73 years

Father: Ahmad bin Hassan
Mother: Unknown (she died after giving birth)

Siblings (all Singaporeans)
  1. Mohd Rashid (Pak Rashid/Tok Rashid) 1914-1986
  2. Ismail
  3. Said
  4. Yusof - Haji Yusoff bin Ahmad married Hajah Arfah bt Hamzah (daughter of Dr Hamzah bin Md Taib (1900-1955) and Hajah Safiah bt Dato' Haji Abdullah - refer pages 458-459 of my book)
  5. Salamah
  6. Safiah
  7. Maimunah
  8. Salleh (KL)
  9. Asiah
  10. Daud
  11. Kalthom

Biography Tok Rashid Serdang
    1. He graduated from Raffles College in 1935, in the same class as Tan Sri Prof Ahmad Ibrahim, Kuliyyah of Laws, UIAM. He was active in Shakespeare theatre. The theatre group was all white people and he was the first Malay in the theatre group.
    2. Pak Rashid taught at an Arab school after graduation. Which Arab school?
    3. Pak Rashid was in the Pahang Volunteer Force during World War II/Japanese occupation.
    4. Pak Rashid was anti UMNO and hated UMNO (ikut telunjuk). His party & logo had seikat padi
    5. He was one of the early lecturers at UPM.
    6. Pak Rashid and datok Mohd Yusope worked together in one department in Kuala Lumpur, before WWII.
    7. After WWII, Pak Rashid and Pak Idris worked with an iron mining company in Terengganu, which shipped iron to Japan.
    8. Nationalist - Pak Rashid fought for UMNO but left, along with Dato Onn Jaafar
    9. Aziz Ishak (Pak Aziz) was his good friend. He was jailed under ISA for 20 years, without trial. Pak Rashid competed against Aziz as they didn't know. Baja urea was $4 billion/year. Aziz Ishak had blocked? He wrote a book, Guest. He was unfairly charged; Tun Hussien Onn reinstated and paid him the losses & pay. His brother Yusof Ishak was Singapore's first President
    10. Brothers Aziz Ishak and Yusof Ishak are from the Datuk Jenaton Minangkabau lineage, and are related to Nakhoda Nan Intan and Nakhoda Kecil.
    11. He was at Kolej Pertanian
    12. He lost the election and went to work at an iron mine in Terengganu which earned $300 million/year in 1950. Bukit Besi closed in 1964. Bukit Besi is isolated, 18 miles from Dungun. Bukit Besi already had a supermarket then. Iron was exported via Sura to Japan. Bukit Besi iron was of low quality, used for plating, cannot be used for shipbuilding. The family lived in wealth. Abidin Hussin (in Facebook, 1 February 2015): He says he knows Pak Rashid, Hassan Rashid and Ali when they were at Bukit Besi before.
    13. He was an Agricultural Officer, earning $2000/month (a lecturer's pay was $400/mo) at Kolej Pertanian which was 43 acres. He was at Kolej Pertanian in 1947-1955. When he came back for the interview, there was still no development. That time Tun Abdul Razak was developing FELDA. Kolej Pertanian was isolated. Pak Rashid returned to UPM with $800/mo pay. UPM had 3,000 acres of land. He had built UPM from scratch and served UPM. The Rashid Foundation was set up at UPM in his honour.
    14. Pak Rashid Serdang married twice. Pak Rashid first married Bik Che Mah (she died in Makkah in 1975). Pak Rashid remarried. He escaped to Malaysia for 10 years until Pak Cik Hassan was born. Then he was reunited. He had ran away because he could not marry his sweetheart. He married her later, after 40 years. His second wife was Rahmah (saudara anjing) - they married at 60 years; she already had her own children. 
    15. Pak Rashid suffered from lung cancer. He was referred to Wak Majid's son, Dr Jefri (Wak Majid is Tan Sri Dr Abdul Majid). He had asked Pak Hassan to call Dr Jefri. Dr Jefri operated on him. The right lung was removed (60%). He survived another 3 years. He was 73 when he died.
    Mohd Rashid @ Pak Rashid, Founder of UPM (1914-1986)
    Pak Rashid the Chegu

    Pak Cik Hassan informed that Tok Rashid's Serdang younger brother Yusof bin Ahmad married to Dr Hamzah's daughter, Arfah. Their son is Prof Nordin.
    From my book, Biography of the Early Malay Doctors 1900-1957:
    Dr Hamzah bin Mohd Taib (1900-1955) was an early Malay doctor from Johor (pages 448-463). He had 10 children from his first wife, Hajah Safiah bt Dato' Haji Abdullah: Anisah, Rokiah, Arfah, a daughter (deceased at childhood), Jamaliah, Mustafa, Md Yusof, Khadijah, Yunus, and Ishak (pages 458-459).
    I had mentioned about Hajah Arfah and her husband Haji Yusoff Ahmad on page 459. Haji Yusoff Ahmad was Senior Manager of Ford Motors in Singapore. They have five children-Aziz, Ismail, Rosli, Professor Dr Nordin, and Latifah.



    Ali bin Mohd Amin @ Tok Ali Gombak
    Tok Ali married Rahmah bt Ismail (Coco's sister, child #2 of 9)

    Full name: Ali bin Mohd Amin
    Call name: Tok Ali Gombak
    Born: __
    Deceased: __

    Wife: Rahmah bt Ismail
    Her call names: Nenek Rahmah / Bik Rahmah / Bik Rama / Bik Ama
    She is Tan Sri Dr Abdul Majid's sister (sib #2 of 9)
    As a child, Rahmah was fluent in Tamil
    Rahmah’s husband is Ali bin Mohd Amin (Mat Amin Pasar) 
    Rahmah is Nenek Rahmah to me and my siblings. 
    She is Bik Rama to my parents.
    Born: __
    Deceased: __

    Children: 5
    1. Abdul Ghani @Atan - he was mentioned in Tan Sri's book - An Old Man Remembers, 2006
    2. Kalsom @ Kak Tachom (deceased)
    3. Kamsiah ... did she visit our house in Jalan Day, Alor Setar in Kedah?
    4. Razak - retired Maybanker, lives in Fasa 6 Taman Melawati
    5. Zul (deceased)
    Photos from Bapak's pendrive of 2009:

    Ali bin Mohd Amin @ Tok Ali Gombak (left) and my father, Bapak (Abdul Rashid bin Mohd Yusope). Tok Ali is also my paternal granduncle - my grandmother's brother, and my father's uncle.

    On the left is Nenek Rahmah bt Ismail (Coco's sister, #2, also known as Bik Rama), wife of Tok Ali Gombak. Pak Din (Baharuddin bin Mohd Yusope) is in the middle. This is Tok Ali's home in Gombak. From Abang Sharif (25 April 2012): In pink dress - Maimunah aka Mak Besar/Habsah anak Tok Ali Kedah. From me, Mak Cik Habsah is deceased.
    Pak Cik Razak bin Ali 1954 (portrait cropped from photo below)
    Kamsiah and Razak, anak Pak Li (Tok Ali Gombak), 29 April 1954.
    Photos from Bapak's collection. They are now more than 62 years old in 2016.
    They are my Mak Cik Kamsiah and Pak Cik Razak.
    Photos from my cousin Shawal anak Bik Wa, 5 August 2015:

    Keluarga Tok Ali-Bik Ramah Gombak. Photo was taken at the hospital quarters in Jalan Fletcher off Jalan Pekeliling (now Jalan Tun Razak). Orang lama panggil Sekelar Road (Circular Road). Tok Ali and Bik Ramah are seated in front. 5 Children standing from left: Razak, Kalsom@Kak Tachom, Ghani@Atan, Kamsiah, and Zul. Photo from Shawal Mohd Zan (anak Bik Wa), 5 Aug 2015
    Tok Ali-Bik Ramah's family at their Gombak home.
    Photo from Shawal Mohd Zan, 5 Aug 2015
    From left: Shawal with wife and son, 2 daughters of Tok Ali, and Mastura anak Bik Wa with husband Bahrom. Photo from Shawal Mohd Zan, 5 Aug 2015
    From left: Mastura, 2 daughters of Tok Ali and wife of Shawal.
    Photo from Shawal Mohd Zan, 5 Aug 2015


    Full name: Hjh Zainab bt Mohd Amin
    Call names: Bapak addressed her as Bik Jenab. I addressed her as Nenek Jenab.
    Relationship: Nenek Jenab was Nenek Inchek's younger sister by another mother.
    DOB: 23 January 1919 in Kg Baharu, Kuala Lumpur
    Occupation: Tailor, cook, making up brides (Mak Andam)
    Date of demise: 12 February 1983 (aged 64)
    Place of burial: Muslim cemetery, behind Petronas, Stadium Perak
    Residence: No. 5, Jalan Stony ... later changed to No. 10, Jalan Sultan Sulaiman Kelab
    Husband: Nasir bin Mohd Zain (proofreader with Utusan Melayu in Singapore; deceased 1948)

    From Pak Cik Hassan (6 March 2015)
    Nenek Zainab suaminya Nasir meninggal awal 50s 1948. Anaknya Hamid dan Yatim. Hamid is in Ipoh and Yatim has been missing for a few years and our guess he is in Indonesia.

    Zainab bt Mohd Amin Bik Zainab (Bik Jenab) 
    She married to Nasir (deceased early 1950s 1948)
    1. Hamid (in Ipoh)
    2. Yatim (probably in Indonesia)
    From Pak Cik Hamid anak Bik Jenab (by email on 25 March 2016):

    Hjh Zainab bt Mohd Amin @ Bik Jenab, Kg Bharu
    - ada 2 anak:
    1.   Mohamed Shapri bin Nasir (Mohamed Shapri is better known as Hamid in Kg Bharu) - Ipoh
    2.   Mohamed Yatim bin Nasir - he lives at Bukit Tinggi in Sumatra, Indonesia
    Mohamed Shapri Nasir @ Hamid (deceased 2016)
    2 Persiaran Bintang
    Taman Sunrise
    31400 Ipoh

    26 June 1988. One nenek is Nenek Zainab (Bik Jenab). The other nenek is Nenek Enson (Bik Enson). Photo from Bapak's pendrive of 2009.


    Salihah bte Mohd Amin
    @ Bik Leha / Nenek Leha

    Salihah bte Mohd Amin @ Bik Leha / Nenek Leha
    Full name: Salihah bte Mohd Amin
    Call name: Bapak, Mak and Mak Bedah called her Bik Leha. I called her Nenek Leha.
    Her mother is Enjah.

    Husband: Ahmad bin Dom
    She married to Ahmad bin Dom
    Bik Leha lived in Petaling Jaya (deceased).

    Children: 7
    1. Zainal (deceased)
    2. Ariffin (deceased)
    3. Salmah (8 December 1953)
    4. Sulaiman
    5. Salmiah (2 April 1956)
    6. Jasmine 
    7. Rosli (deceased)
    Tea at Rumah Banda Hilir, early 1960s. Mak Ainon serving Nenek Ensun and Nenek Leha, adik-beradik Nenek Inchek. Photo from Bapak's pendrive of 2009.

    Salihah bt Mohd Amin (Bik Leha, Nenek Leha)
    Parents of Salmah Ahmad and Salmiah Ahmad.
    Salihah bte Mohd Amin and Ahmad bin Dom.

    Ahmad bin Dom
    Bapak and Pak Din at rumah Nenek Leha after she returned from the Hajj. 26 June 1988. Photo from Bapak's pendrive of 2009.

    Mak (2nd left in blue) with Coco's sister Hasnah (extreme left), Nenek Endon (isteri Tok Ali Alor Star, Kedah), Nenek Alang (isteri Tok Alang Kg Baru, ibu mak cik Milah/aunty Jamilah Salleh), Kamariah dukung Afiq (isteri arwah Farid) and Mak Besar/Habsah is behind Kamariah (in pink dress). At rumah Nenek Leha (Bik Leha or Salihah bt Mohd Amin) after returning from the Hajj (Nenek Leha balik drp Haji). Dated 26 June 1988
    At left is Nenek Leha (Bik Leha), after her return from the Hajj. Seated on the chair is Nenek Rahmah (Bik Rama), wife of Tok Ali Gombak. 26 June 1988
    Same as above but 2 additional neneks can be seen at left. On the extreme left is Nenek Alang (Sum bt Ahmad, isteri Tok Alang Kg Baru, KL). Nenek Leha is in light blue tudung, talking to Nenek Rahmah (Bik Rama).  26 June 1988
    Same as above but 2 new neneks have joined in on the extreme left and right. Who are they? One nenek is Nenek Zainab (Bik Jenab). The other nenek is Nenek Enson (Bik Enson). Who are the kids? 26 June 1988. 

    All photos below are from the respective Facebook accounts of Nenek Leha's daughters.



    Enson bt Mohd Amin
    (Bik Enson/Nenek Enson)

    Enson bt Mohd Amin @ Bik Enson
    She married to Abdul Ghani

    Children: 8
    1. Fatimah
    2. Roslin (Datin Roslin)
    3. Siti Salmah
    4. Maimunah
    5. Ramlah
    6. Samsuddin
    7. Yusof
    8. Ann
    Tea at Rumah Banda Hilir, early 1960s - circa 1962/63.
    Mak Ainon serving tea (after lunch) to Nenek Enson and Nenek Leha.
    From left: Mak Ainon (Che Non, Umbai), Nenek Enson (Bik Enson) and Nenek Leha (Bik Leha).
    Nenek Leha is the mother of Salmah Ahmad.

    At Nenek Leha's house after she returned from the Hajj. 26 June 1988. There are 2 persons at extreme right and left. One person is Nenek Zainab (Bik Jenab) and the other person is Nenek Enson (Bik Enson). Who is with yellow tudung? Who are the kids? Photo from Bapak's pendrive of 2009.


    Endon bt Mohd Amin
    @ Bik Endon / Nenek Endok of Alor Star, Kedah
    isteri Tok Ali Kedah

    Endon bt Mohd Amin @ Bik Endon
    She married to Ali (Tok Ali Kedah)
    The family lived in Alor Star, Kedah
    Bik Endon kahwin Tok Ali (Information Officer/Pegawai Penerangan) di Alor Star, Kedah

    Children: 10

    From Siti Aishah bt Mohd Ali (11 August 2013):
    Anak-anak Bik Endon:
    (arwah = ar)
    1. Maimunah (ar) ... I met her in 1965 at her wedding.
    2. Rohana (ar) 
    3. Harisfathilah (ar)
    4. Jaafar 
    5. Mustafa (ar) 
    6. Zainah 
    7. Siti Zaleha 
    8. Siti Aishah, ... Facebook/sitiaishahmohdali08 ... I met her in January 2016.
    9. Kamal 
    10. Mashitah (ar-@ birth)
    Nenek Endon is third from left. At rumah Bik Leha after she returned from the Hajj. Baju biru is my Mak. Left most is adik Tan Sri Coco Majid. Nenek Alang is behind Nenek Endon. Kamariah is in tudung putih carrying her eldest child - Mohd Afiq bin Muhd Farid. Behind her is Mak Cik Maimunah anak Nenek Endon. All are arwah except Kamariah and her son.

    Anak perempuan Nenek Busu operates a restaurant called Putera Ayu d Padang at Padang Jawa in KL. Aunty Siti Aishah bt Mohd Ali (anak Tok Ali-Nenek Endon Kedah) ajak makan dinner on 21 January 2016. She brought along her son. I went with my 2 daughters, Mira (adik) and Farah (kakak). Aznijar bin Ahmad-Yazid (saudara Bapak sebelah Dato Jenaton) joined us much later.

    Aunty Siti Aishah and her son at Putera Ayu d Padang, 21 January 2016.
    Aznijar talking to anak Aunty Siti Aishah. Aznijar is a lecturer in Engineering at UM.
    Mira and Farah


    Idris bin Mohd Amin
    @ Tok Busu Jengka

    Idris bin Mohd Amin @ Tok Busu Jengka
    Full name: Idris bin Mohd Amin
    Call name: Tok Busu Jengka
    Occupation: Welder (tukang kimpal besi)
    Sibs: Idris bin Mohd Amin, Bik Che Mah, and Bik Esah (Nenek Inchek)
    Idris (Busu) - tinggal di Jengka (deceased) 

    From Bapak:
    Pak Idris was the youngest sibling and had no education as a young person. After the Second World War (WWII), Pak Idris and Pak Rashid (Tok Rashid Serdang) worked at an iron ore mining company (syarikat) that shipped iron to Japan. He married Nenek Busu (Mak Busu). Source: Bapak (HARMY = Haji Abdul Rashid bin Mohd Yusope) 3 October 2007

    Tok Idris ... kahwin Nenek Busu
    He married Zainab @ Nenek Busu from Terengganu

    Wife: Zainab
    Call names: Nenek Busu / Mak Busu from Terengganu
    Nenek Busu (widow to Tok Busu Idris) also lives in Jengka Pusat.

    Children: 4
    1. Jamel 
    2. Jamal (lives in Klang)
    3. Yasmin
    4. Yaslina (currently lives in Jengka Pusat). 
    Anak perempuan Nenek Busu operates a restaurant called Putera Ayu d Padang at Padang Jawa in KL. 

    Ramli Hamid (suami Rabi'ah) and Tok Busu di Jengka Pusat, Pahang. 1987
    Photo from Bapak's collection.
    Both men are deceased.
    Pak Din and Tok Idris. June 1987.
    From Abang Sharif (25 April 2012): 2nd Pic - Pak Din & Tok Idris rumah Pak Din - double-storey government quarters in KL. From me: both are deceased.

    Zainab/Nenek Busu Jengka 22 June 2014
    Larger photo from Prof Hamzah bin Mohd Saleh
    Zainab/Nenek Busu Jengka

    At Azizah bt Ramli's wedding 26 December 2015

    Jamal bin Idris 22 June 2014
    Larger photo from Prof Hamzah bin Mohd Saleh

    Nenek Busu Jengka; Son-in-law wearing cap (husband of Yaslina bt Idris – second daughter of Nenek Busu); and Jamal bin Idris (second son of Nenek Busu). - Larger photo from Prof Hamzah bin Mohd Saleh.
    Yaslina bt Idris 22 June 2014
    Larger photo from Prof Hamzah bin Mohd Saleh
    Yaslina bt Idris and husband

    Larger photo from Prof Hamzah bin Mohd Saleh


    Bik Rahmah di Kajang. 
    Either her husband/son was the Ambassador to Japan.

    9. ___ BIN/BTE MOHD AMIN

    Siapa nama anak yang ke-9?

    10. ___ BIN/BT MOHD AMIN

    Siapa nama anak yang ke-10?

    11. __ BIN/BT MOHD AMIN

    Siapa nama anak yang ke-11?

    12. __ BIN/BT MOHD AMIN

    Siapa nama anak yang ke 12?

    13. __ BIN/BT MOHD AMIN

    Siapa nama anak yang ke 13?

    14. __ BIN/BT MOHD AMIN

    Siapa nama anak yang ke-14?

    15. __ BIN/BT MOHD AMIN

    Siapa nama anak yang ke-15?

    There is nothing known about the children of Hasnah @ Nenek Senah, Mohd Amin's fourth wife.

    She had children from her previous marriage, but had no children from her marriage to Mohd Amin.

    There is no update on her or her children.


    Altogether, Mohd Amin had 21 children from 3 wives; a fourth wife was barren with Mohd Amin, but had children from her previous marriage.


    1. anak-anak Bi Endun
      1. Maimunah (Hafsah) - deceased
      2. Rohana - deceased
      3. Harisfathilah - deceased
      4. Jaafar
      5. Mustaffa - deceased
      6. Zainah
      7. Siti Zaleha
      8. Siti Aishah
      9. Kamal
      10. Mashitah -deceased - after birth

      1. TQ ctais08. Siapa nama anda sebenarnya?

    2. kalau masuk kategori cucu Bi Endun...lagi ramai ni...anak-anak Maimunah & Awaludin :-
      1.Siti Azlina
      2.Siti Aida
      3.Siti Noriza
      4.Siti Nadiyah
      5.Siti (deceased)
      6.Mohd Rahmat - me
      7.Siti Nursaadah
      8.Mohd Aimran

      1. TQ for providing the names of your siblings.

    3. ini cucu-cucu Bi Endun...anak-anak Jaafar & Sabariah....
      1) Sayyidatulkarimah
      2) Mohd Shahrizal - saya
      3) Mohd Safwan
      4) Mohd Asyraf
      5) Mohd Anas