Saturday, 23 April 2011

Bik Ninggal

Full name: Bik Ninggal bt __
Call name: Bik Ninggal/Mak Ninggal

From Bapak:
Bapak said he didn't know/couldn't recall Bik Ninggal. We don't know why she was called "Bik Ninggal" whether ninggal referred to dead, death or dying.

Bapak (HARMY = Haji Abdul Rashid bin Mohd Yusope)
13 October 2007


From me:
I don't know her or whether I've met her. I have no recall whatsoever. Sorry.


From Abang Sharif:
He asked to contact Muzlifah anak Mak Nya (Gombak).

As for Bik Ninggal she is living in Jalan Yadi Klang. Pls call Muslifah Ab Aziz anak Mak Nya 016-6937904. She is in Telok Gong. She always contacts them and she knows their house.

From Muzlifah bt Ab Aziz (anak Mak Nya):
According to Muzlifah, Bik Ninggal is Nenek Inchek's cousin.

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