Saturday, 23 April 2011

Tok Moyang Zainal bin Ismail, Klang (1)

Full name: Zainal bin Ismail
Call name: Datuk Zainal Klang, Tok Zainal Klang .... datuk moyang/great-grandfather

Children: 3
Names of children:
  1. Mohamad Arshad @ Ami Arshad
  2. Maimunah @ Nya Intan
  3. Khatijah @ Nya Elok

From Bapak:
Tok Zainal lived in Klang and was therefore called Datuk Zainal Klang. He was the Sultan's private tutor.

Tok Zainal married Nenek Klang. Both are Malay. The 2 ladies (Nya Intan and Nya Elok) looked Chinese, were thin and tall. "Nya" refers to Nyonya, meaning Chinese ladies.

The relatives in Klang knew about an incident when Nenek Inchek hit her first child's head (Mak Ainon's head) and it bled. It became a criminal case. At the court hearing Walid said he did it (and Nenek Inchek went scot free). Walid underwent rigorous imprisonment (RI) for 2 months (60 days) for a crime which he did not commit. Walid lost his government job as an entomologist but some relative got him his previous job (reinstated). Walid was very brave to stand in for his beloved Nenek Inchek whom he loved dearly. Nenek Inchek went on to have 14 more children! Bapak still respects his mother despite the incident.

Bapak (HARMY = Haji Abdul Rashid bin Mohd Yusope)
13 October 2007

From Abang Sharif (25 April 2012):
Tok Zainal was the tutor to Sultan Abdul Samad.
Nya Intan's correct name is Maimunah. Nya Elok's correct name is Khatijah.

From me (28 April 2012):
Tok Zainal Klang was the tutor to Sultan Abdul Samad.

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