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Haji Mohd Sharif bin Ismail (7)

  • Abdul Aziz bin Sheikh Mohamad (Ami Aziz Al-Yamani)
  • Mazalifah bt Abdul Aziz
  • Nenek Jepun is Aishah Abdullah
  • Rumah Abu in Banda Hilir
  • Wasiat Hj Mohd Sharif bin Ismail
  • Fatimah bt Sheikh Mohamad (Patma)
  • Haji Mohd Sharif bin Ismail (Tok Moyang Hj Mohd Sharif) 

Full name: Haji Mohd Sharif bin Ismail
Call name: Bapak addressed him as Datuk Haji Mohd Sharif.
I referred to him as: Tok Moyang Haji Mohd Sharif

Occupation: brewer (buat gula Melaka or gula keret. Also reared chickens (perlihara anak ayam)
Death: He died early at age 38 circa 1906
Wife: Patma (Fatimah be Sheikh Mohamad; she was from Tranquerah)
Children: 5

Names of children:
  1. Mohd Yusope @ Mohamad Usuf bin Haji Mohamad Sharif (Bapak's father)
  2. Amnah or Aminah - she married to HABHAL, she lived and died in Singapore
  3. Mahani (Nenek Ani - guru Quran in Banda Hilir)
  4. Asiah (Nenek Yah) - she married to a businessman and lived in Tampin. She returned to Malacca after her husband passed away.
  5. Alijah (Nenek Jah) - she became mentally challenged but she was good to me. She had many cats.

Haji Mohd Sharif left a Will (Wasiat). The Will explained his land area and the periphery and what went to whom. I don't remember much of his wasiat anymore but I have read it once before it went missing.

From Bapak
Datuk Haji Mohd Sharif owned the land and the Banda Hilir house. According to Haji Mohd Sharif's Wasiat, the Banda Hilir house was "Rumah Abu", meaning it was a house for his generation and future generations, and there were no conditions set for living there. Anyone of his generation and future generations can live there but nobody can own the house personally. However, when Haji Mohd Sharif died, Haji Abdul Rahim (son of Haji Nordin) said that the last person who lived longest in that house, the Banda Hilir house becomes his/her personal property. How can that be? Rumah Abu can never be converted into personal property.

His wife Patma bt Sheikh Mohamad was fair like a Chinese (putih macam Cina). Patma's brother is Abdul Aziz bin Sheikh Mohamad (Ami Aziz Al-Yamani @ Aziz Yamani @ Abdul Aziz Al-Yamani) in Penang who married first to Nenek Siti Rahmah bt Abdul Rashid Makawi and then to Aishah bt Abdullah @ Nenek Jepun. Nenek Jepun adopted a Chinese daughter, Mazalifah Aziz, who  married to Inspector Mohd Noor.

Bapak (HARMY = Haji Abdul Rashid bin Mohd Yusope)
13 October 2007

From meMazalifah Aziz and Bapak are cousins, but not blood cousins (i.e., no blood relation). Mazalifah Aziz was an adopted Chinese girl as Nenek Jepun was probably past her reproductive age when she married to Ami Aziz Al-Yamani.

As a child when we visited Nenek Jepun and Ami Aziz for Hari Raya Aidilfitri at their shop-house in George Town, Penang, Nenek Jepun served us a green syrupy drink which I refused to drink. With her being Japanese, I had thought it was probably a poisonous drink!

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