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Baharudin bin Mohd Yusope 1940-2006

Baharudin bin Mohd Yusope
@ Pak Din
1940 - 2006

Full name: Baharudin bin Mohd Yusope
Call names: Bapak and Mak called him Badin. I called him Pak Din.
DOB: 14 June 1940
Deceased: 18 August 2006

Wife: Fatimah binti Abd Ghani
Call names: Mak called her Fuzi. I called her Mak Cik Fauziah.
DOB: 24 February 1945
Deceased: 8 April 2011
Daughter: Nooraini (Noni)
DOB: 25 June 1971

Fatimah bt Abd Ghani
@ Mak Cik Fauziah / Fuzi
1945 - 2011

Children: 3 - girl, boy, girl (deceased at young age)

My story

I called him Pak Din. He was Bapak's younger brother (before Pak Saleh). Pak Din and Pak Saleh grew up with me and my sibs at Rumah 262 Banda Hilir in Malacca.

Pak Din and Pak Saleh helped to look after the guinea pigs and fed them.

Later Pak Din attended night classes (English?). We were living in Sabah at the time.

Then Pak Din worked for Tun Hussein Onn as his private secretary.

When Pak Din worked for Tun Hussein Onn, there were Parliament meetings. Pak Din's wife, Mak Cik Fauziah cooked meals for Parliament meetings, etc. She was a good cook. We didn't have Master Chef TV program at the time or she would be on TV.

When I went overseas in 1976, Pak Din gave me a green velvet sejadah (prayer mat). Pak Din and Pak Saleh signed my MARA scholarship application form as guarantors.

Pak Din was Malaysia's Consular in Phnom Penh, Cambodia in the 1970s. He left me a bag and a pretty orange cloth with Mak in Penang. Mak made me a pretty orange blouse with the cloth. I also took a photo of the pretty blouse.

Pak Din and Mak Cik Fauziah came to my wedding in Penang in June 1983. Mak Cik Fauziah was very helpful. She made a Malay kuih for me. She said Malay weddings have this delicacy. I think it was kuih talam ubi keledek (pengenan kacau) and she topped it with a glazed cherry. I ate the cherry.

I don't know what Pak Din did after he retired. He became involved with some religious activities.

Pak Din came one day to our house in Kubang Kerian. At the time he was in PAS. He came for the Muktamar PAS in Kelantan. I can't remember what year but it was before his daughter Noni got married. We had all gone to bed when Pak Din arrived late past midnight. Pak Din slept in the car till the next morning. Pak Din said he knocked on the door but everyone was fast asleep and he had nowhere to sleep except in his car.

Pak Din came again to Kelantan with Mak Cik Fauziah to shop for Noni's wedding preparation. They bought a lot of pretty plastic flowers from Rantau Panjang. I did not attend Noni's wedding but Mak and Minah told me it was a lovely wedding.

In loving memory of a loving couple, my uncle Pak Din and his wife Mak Cik Fauziah. Photo from Noni in FB.
Mak Cik Fauziah carrying Noni. Photo from Bapak's pendrive.
Pak Din when he served as the Malaysian Consular in Cambodia in the 1970s.
I was in California 1976-1982. Photo from Noni in FB.
Pak Din is in the middle.
From Abang Sharif (25 April 2012): In pink dress
- Maimunah aka Mak Besar/Habsah anak Tok Ali Kedah.
Pak Din (left) and Tok Idris at Pak Din's govt quarters in KL. June 1987.
From Abang Sharif (25 April 2012): Pak Din & Tok Idris rumah Pak Din - double-storey govt quarters KL.
My father Abdul Rashid bin Mohd Yusope (Bapak) as Imam, leading prayer at rumah Pak Din in Cheras Batu 10. The makmum were his brothers Pak Din (striped shirt and kain pelikat), Pak Saleh and (possibly) my brother Amin. Photo from Bapak's collection.
Children of Mohd Yusope bin Hj Mohd Sharif. These are 5 siblings.
Seated from left are brothers: Pak Din, Bapak and Pak Saleh.
Standing from left are sisters: Che Nah (Zainah) and Mak Bedah.
Mak Cik Zahrah (isteri Pak Saleh) with Mak at Pak Din's house in Cheras.
From left: Mak Bedah, Pak Din and Mak.
Noni anak Pak Din & Mak Cik Fauziah

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