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Masjid Banda Hilir 1820 (3)


Bapak (17) di tangga utama Masjid Banda Hilir semasa zaman remaja, selepas perang 1948

Mohd Yusope bin Hj Mohd Sharif (Walid) is leftmost, with Orang Masjid in front of Rumah 262-T Banda Hilir selepas perang 1948

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The old masjid underwent renovations a few times. Here are some description of the renovations:
  1. The perimeter wall of Masjid Banda Hilir was bombed during the Japanese war (World War Two, WWII). The wall was re-built in the post-war. There are photos of the reconstruction of the perimeter wall in the post-war from Bapak's collection.
  2. There was no cement floor at the masjid entrance. A cement floor was built for the masjid and stretched from the former ablution well to just before the front staircase of Rumah Hj Mohd Sharif bin Ismail. 
  3. Previously, the women prayed at home since there was hardly space for women at the majid. Then a corridor was added to the masjid wall facing Hj Mohd Sharif's house. This extra space allowed the women to come and pray at the masjid, especially for maghrib and isya' prayers.
  4. The roof of the masjid was extended toward Rumah Hj Mohd Sharif. It appeared almost as one adjoining roof.
  5. External painting was done a few times. The masjid was white with dark green frames or trims.
  6. The toilet at the front entrance was improved, and later demolished altogether.
  7. The masjid never used a microphone in the 1950s and 1960s. It only used a big drum (beduk) to call for prayers. The beduk sound was so loud and it rang through the walls of Rumah Hj Mohd Sharif, 5 times a day.

The perimeter wall was badly destroyed during WWII (terkena bom). Photo of 1948. Bricks were bought to repair the front perimeter wall.

Completed wall; dilihat dari tingkap rumah 262-T Banda Hilir (Rumah Hj Mohd Sharif).  The front also had a new cement floor circa 1962-63

Old restored entrance to Masjid Banda Hilir and its compound circa 1962-63.

Old gate after being restored following WWII and a porch with roof made. Photo of 1962-63.

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Pembesaran Masjid Banda Hilir - tambahan kaki 5 sebagai ruang solat untuk wanita. Rumah Hj Mohd Sharif berada di kiri gambar (tak nampak dalam gambar ini) circa 1962-63

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These are old photos of the people of the old masjid (Qariyah Masjid Banda Hilir).

Orang Masjid Banda Hilir circa 1962-63, after the corridor was added at left in this pic. The foreground was sand, before a cement floor was made. Bapak is standing at rightmost.

Orang Masjid Banda Hilir circa 1962-63. Abu Bakar bin Ahmad is at far left (menantu Hj Noordin).

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