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Mohd Saleh bin Mohd Yusope

Full name: Mohd Saleh bin Mohd Yusope
Call name: Bapak called him Saleh. I called him Pak Saleh.
DOB: 1944

Pak Saleh was born in 1944, during WWII. According to Mak, as there was no milk during the war, he was fed tea.

Pak Saleh and his elder brother Pak Din grew up with me and my sibs at Rumah 262 Banda Hilir in Malacca. Pak Din was 22 and Pak Saleh was 18 when I was 4 in 1962. My youngest brother Amin was born in 1962.

Pak Saleh helped to look after the guinea pigs and fed them. They were housed at the rear, in a makeshift cage outside the main house, before Mak Sarah's house (before Nenek Yah's house was built).

When Pak Saleh and Pak Din were working, they both went to live in Kajang. They bought terraced houses and a rubber estate in Kajang. I went to Pak Din's Kajang house once. It was a small house.

Pak Saleh and Pak Din signed my MARA scholarship application form so I could go overseas to study in Califronia in 1976.

Pak Saleh worked as an audit in Keretapi Tanah Melayu (KTM), which later became Keretapi Tanah Melayu Bhd (KTMB). He retired as chief audit KTMB in 1999 (aged 55).

I often met him at Mak Bedah's house in Petaling Jaya (PJ). Every time I saw him, he had more white hair and a stressful face. Mak said these features were because he had a hard life as a baby (he was brought up on tea instead of milk formula or breastmilk). Lack of proper nutrition when young led him to age faster. But Pak Saleh was a friendly person.

I don't know what Pak Saleh did after retirement.

Pak Saleh married Mak Cik Zahrah and they first lived in Sentul. Later, they lived in Gombak.

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Pak Saleh has 3 pretty and intelligent married daughters - Norhafizah @ Pipi (Facebook), Nur Suhaila @ Ila (Facebook) and Nurul Akmar @ Nurul (Facebook). Pak Saleh loved his daughters dearly.

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Pak Saleh, Mak Cik Zahrah and his 3 daughters came to my wedding in Penang in June 1983. We sat down to eat Sahur together as I got married in Ramadan.

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Bapak leading prayer at Pak Din's house. Pak Saleh is seated behind him (plain blue shirt). Pak Din is seated next to Pak Saleh.
Mak Cik Zahrah (left) and Mak at Pak Din's house in Cheras.
Siblings: Standing from left - Che Nah (Zainah) and Mak Bedah (Che Bedah).
Seated from left: Pak Din , Bapak, and Pak Saleh.
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Second cousins. Haji Mazlan bin Haji Rahim (cucu Hj Nordin) and
Pak Saleh bin Mohd Yusope (cucu Hj Mohd Sharif) (right). Their fathers are first cousins. Their grandfathers are brothers.
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I met Pak Saleh again at Pelangi Mall when he came to Kota Bharu for Nurul's wedding to a Kelantan boy. We attended Nurul's wedding reception in Tanah Merah, Kelantan.

Pak Saleh checking my book on The Early Malay Doctors
Sambil makan dan sembang, check buku

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