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Nakhoda nan Intan's first wife

The first wife of Haji Muhammad Saleh (Nakhoda nan Intan) was from Deli. Deli is a famous seaport on the east coast of Sumatra. Deli is always mentioned in Malay maritime history.

His first wife was known as Che Pah Deli. She was probably a Sharifah and Che Pah was her popular call name. I have no update on her descendants or what happened to her. I have not been to Deli.

Deli Music

Deli music is joyful and cheerful, and are meant for group dances, stage or public performance. Deli music has Spanish flair, some tango/flamenco elements, and Filipino dance beat. The music of the Malay people of Deli (Melayu Deli) is fast tempo like the Malay Joget and Jingling Nona, and similar to the music of the descendants of the Portuguese at the Portuguese Settlement in Malacca. The violin is dominant in Deli music as in popular Portuguese dance music. The lyrics are in the form of pantun (quatrains) and are often about love, a loved one, and missing home.

Deli Malay songs:
Selayang Pandang
Tanjung Katung

Sultanate of Deli

Since Nakhoda nan Intan was in Deli and had married a Deli lady, he must have known or have come into contact with the Sultan of Deli at that time - most probably Tuanku Panglima Paderap (1698-1728) and/or less likely with the successor Tuanku Panglima Pasutan (1728-1761) as he was already in Singapore and then Malacca.

Nakhoda nan Intan was in Singapore at the turn of the 18th century (from 1700s to before 1728). He was a close friend of Habib Noh Alhabshi in Singapore. His original surau/madrassah/masjid in Singapore would have been built between 1700s and 1728, after which he moved to Tengkera in Malacca. The recent Masjid Haji Muhammad Saleh was constructed circa 1897.

Nakhoda nan Intan was in Malacca circa 1728. He built Masjid Tengkera, Malacca in 1728. He had family in Malacca. The 5th generation of Nakhoda nan Intan's descendants are from Tengkera in Malacca.

Nakhoda nan Intan was in Penang circa 1734. He built Masjid Batu Uban in 1734. He had family in Batu Uban, The 5th generation of Nakhoda nan Intan's descendants are from Batu Uban in Penang.

The lineage of the Sultans of Deli:
  1. Tuanku Panglima Gocah Pahlawan (1632-1669).
  2. Tuanku Panglima Parunggit (1669-1698).
  3. Tuanku Panglima Paderap (1698-1728) ... Nakhoda nan Intan must have known him
  4. Tuanku Panglima Pasutan (1728-1761) ... Nakhoda nan Intan could have known him.
  5. Tuanku Panglima Gandar Wahid (1761-1805).
  6. Sultan Amaluddin Mangendar (1805-1850).
  7. Sultan Osman Perkasa Alam Shah (1850-1858).
  8. Sultan Mahmud Al Rashid Perkasa Alamsyah (1858-1873).
  9. Sultan Ma'mun Al Rashid Perkasa Alamyah (1873-1924).
  10. Amaluddin Sultan Al Sani Perkasa Alamsyah (1924-1945).
  11. Sultan Osman Al Sani Perkasa Alamsyah (1945-1967).
  12. Sultan Azmy Perkasa Alam Alhaj (1967-1998).
  13. Sultan Otteman Mahmud Perkasa Alam (5 May 1998 – 21 July 2005).
  14. Sultan Mahmud Lamanjiji Perkasa Alam (since 22 July 2005).

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