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Hadrami People

There are a number of Malaysians, Singaporeans and Indonesians who are descended from the Hadrami Arabs. The exact head count is unknown. They are grouped under Malay in national census even though they are Arabs and not Malay. Their names carry Syed and Sharifah names as prefixes.

The Hadrami Arabs have dark or fair complexions. The men wear white jubah with a dagger stuck in their belts. The females wear black abaya and veils. However, they dress differently in modern Malaysia.

Some of the families are  well-known and some are not. The more common ones are Aidid, Al-Habshi, Jamalullail, Al-Saggoff/As-Sakkaf, Bajerai, and Al-Yamani.

A famous Hadrami Arab in Kelantan is the late Jaffar Rawas, a trader of Quran, Islamic books, foods, garments and prayer items, and founder-owner of Syarikat Jaffar Rawas Sdn Bhd in Kota Bharu.

Jaffar Rawas is related to my father, and to Ida's father, and to Dr Husin, and to Kak Insun Sony, and to Dr Naheed bin Hussein.

Faridah Abdul Rashid
18 December 2017 at 19:10 •

Some of you may recall Dr Naheed bin Dr Hussein, who is a vet and who once headed the veterinary services at Jabatan Haiwan in Kubang Kerian, Kelantan in the early 1980s. I remember dealing with Jabatan Haiwan when I first came to work at HUSM in Kelantan. Dr Naheed remembers me from 1983, but I can't recall him at all.

I met him at a wedding in Kelantan in 2017. This is a photo of him with my husband Affandi at the wedding. I only took this one photo and I didn't take his hp# as I thought I could obtain his hp# from the host, but the host has lost his #.

I remember researching on Dr Naheed's father, Dr Hussein bin Ibrahim and his younger brother, Dr Mohamed bin Ibrahim for my books (but I didn't publish about the 2 doctors).

Dr Mohamed bin Ibrahim was in an MMA photo in KL with my grandfather, Dr Che Lah bin Md Joonos. This photo was in my grandfather's collection. Fadzilah, Dr Abdul Ghani's daughter living in Melbourne identified the doctors in the MMA photo.

Dr Naheed's brother is Azam, previously the money-changer at Azam Photo (KB) Sdn Bhd. I met Azam on a few occasions when we needed to change currencies to go to Australia, Singapore and the Hajj.

Dr Naheed also has a sister in Gua Musang, Kelantan. I have not met this sister.

Dr Naheed said his family was split during WW2. His family's roots are in Perak.

I remember Kak Insun Sony Mustapha Fenner and the rest had a family tree in Word.doc. I checked that and found the Ibrahim family members on that sheet - they are the Sapura people.

I also checked, and they are my father's people (joined at the great-grandparents' level).

So Dr Naheed bin Dr Hussein, and his people are related to my father, on the Perak side.

I'm uncertain where Jaffar Rawas and Laila Rawas come into the picture or how they are/not related to my father.

I met Jaffar Rawas in 1969-1971 when he came over to our house in P. Chepa and another time when my dad was talking to him at his shop in KB.

Rumah Ngaji Pdk Usm, Azra Mohamed and 8 others


Insun Sony Mustapha Fenner: Yes, we are related to Arwah Sapura in 2 ways. Sapura is related to me via her parents and also via Tan Sri Wan Mahmood, a Janaton member married to P S Sara, sister to Sapura.
 • 18 December at 19:39

Insun Sony Mustapha Fenner Dr Husin is the father of Sapura and Sara. So Dr Najeed must be their brother. I have seen him but do not remember where.
 • 18 December at 19:41


Ida Husain : Jaffar Rawas was a nephew of my late step-grandfather Sheikh Ali. He passed away many years ago and his children have taken over his business. I know a few of them but the one named Abdul will always be the one who will chat with me if I meet him. The others that l can recall are Aziz and Abdullah. I have a step-aunty Umi Fatimah who is my late father's half-sister that l have not met for such a very long time who may shed some light on Aruah Jaffar Rawas.
 • 18 December at 19:58

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