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Umi Kalthom bt Mohd Yunus @ Wan Teh

Date: Wednesday, 5 June 2013
Time: 9:56 am - 11 am
Venue: Nenek Umi Kalthom's house in Kg Melayu Batu Uban, Penang
Interviewee: Nenek Umi Kalthom

I visited and interviewed nenek Umi Kalthom (80) at her home in Kg Melayu Batu Uban, Penang on 5 June 2013. Her husband, son and daughter joined at different times.

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Fom Nenek Kalthom of Kg Melayu Batu Uban in Penang (5 June 2013):


Mohd Hassan Al-Khayath came from Makkah.

A framed wall photo showed that Makkah was flooded in 1941.

1. Shaikh Mohamed Al-Khayath
2. Noor Al-Khayath
3. Rogayah Al-Khayath

Noor and Rogayah Al-Khayath are sisters.

Rogayah Al-Khayath married to Mohd Yunus @ Wan Teh. Their daughter is Umi Kalthom bt Mohd Yunus @ Wan Teh (the nenek whom I interviewed).

Name: Umi Kalthom bt Mohd Yunus @ Wan Teh (Wan Teh is more popular; the real name Mohd Yunus is forgotten)
Date of birth: 24 April 1933
Age at interview: 80 years old
Her father: Mohd Yunus @ Wan Teh
Her mother: Rugayah Al-Khayath
1. Umi Kalthom (b.1933; 80 years)
2. Mohd Salleh (b.1946; 67 years)

Her husband: Shaikh Mohamed bin Shaikh Ali bin Mohd Hassan Al-Khayath (83, b.1930)
Children: 2
Son: Shaikh Abdul Aziz bin Shaikh Mohamed bin Shaikh Ali bin Mohd Hassan Al-Khayath (61, b.1952)
Daughter: Siti Salamah bt Shaikh Mohamed (her daughter is Zubaidah)

Nenek Umi Kalthom's husband, Shaikh Mohamaed said that Shaik Ali was a cloth merchant (niaga kain).

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Syed Alwi al-Hady is the father of Prof Syed Mohsin's mother, Sharifah Mariam bt Syed Alwi al-Hady. Syed Alwi married many wives.

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1. Patma bt Sheikh Mohamad .... this is the wife of Haji Mohd Sharif bin Ismail (Malacca)
2. Abdul Aziz bin Sheikh Mohamad .... this is Aziz Yamani or Abdul Aziz Al Yamani (Penang)

Nenek Kalthom said my great-grandmother must be up higher than Ami Aziz who ran the motorcar business at Jalan Anson in Penang.

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Sheikh Ahmad Makawi was an Arab from Makkah. He sailed the coastline of the Indian subcontinent, Burma and transited at Langkawi before he landed at Batu Uban in Penang. Batu Uban already had an early Minangkabau settlement since 1730.

In Batu Uban, he most probably met with Nakhoda Nan Intan who was the (first) imam of Masjid Batu Uban in Penang (built in 1734).

Muhammad Salleh Minangkabau @ Hj Muhammad Salleh @ Nakhoda Nan Intan (Kg Bodi, Payakumbuh, West Sumatra) married 3 wives:
1. Suripadi (Payakumbuh, first wife)
2. Che Aminah (Deli, second wife)
3. Che Asiah/Aishah (Che Tunggal, third wife)

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Nakhoda Nan Intan's daughter in Penang is Zaitun bt Muhammad Salleh.
Zaitun bt Muhammad Salleh @ Nakhoda married to Sheikh Ahmad Makawi (an Arab from Makkah).
Zaitun's son is Sheikh Muhammad Salleh al-Makawi.

Nakhoda Nan Intan's son in Penang is Muhammad Ali.
Muhammad Ali's son is Abdul Manaf.

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1. Muhammad Ali bin Muhammad Salleh @ Nakhoda (Batu Uban, Penang) m. ____
2. Zaitun bt Muhammad Salleh @ Nakhoda (Batu Uban, Penang) m. Sheikh Ahmad Makawi (Makkah Arab)
3. ?
4. ?
5. ?
6. ?
7. ?

SHEIKH MUHAMMAD SALLEH AL-MAKAWI married SALAMAH bt __ and had 3 children:
1. Kalthom m. Ismail
2. Abdul Rashid m. Siti Seha
3. Sheikh Ahmad @ Tuan Chik m. Fatimah

The children of ABDUL RASHID MAKAWI and SITI SEHA are:
1. Mohd Yunus @ Wan Teh bin Abdul Rashid Makawi
2. Siti Rahmah bt Abdul Rashid Makawi

Nakhoda nan Intan's family tree in tulisan Rumi.
Nakhoda nan Intan's family tree in tulisan Rumi (close-up).
Nakhoda nan Intan's family tree in tulisan Jawi.
Tok Kalthom holding her documents which contain the family trees of Nakhoda nan Intan .
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- he is Abdul Aziz bin Sheikh Mohamad
- he is the younger brother of Patma bt Sheikh Mohamad (Nenek Patma)

1. Zubaidah (eldest)
2. Shaykh Omar
3. Ismail
4. Siti Kechik Rokiah bt Shaikh Abdul Rahman al-Baghdadi ... she married to Ahmad bin Abdullah bin Dato' Jenaton
5. Abdul Aziz bin Sheikh Mohamad (this is Ami Aziz Al-Yamani) ... see below
6. Mariam
7. Siti Hajar

Their children are:
1. Fatma
2. Zakaria
3. Abdul Latif
4. Abdul Rashid - did not marry; lives in Jelutong

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- these are 2 different people
- will need their full names to avoid confusion

Confusion and unclear:
1. Fatma Al-Yamani married to Syed Omar. Her father is Abdul Aziz Al-Yamani???
2. Fatma bt Abdul Rashid Makawi married to Syed Omar.????

Siti Seha:
- she is the mother of Siti Rahmah
- her daughter is Siti Rahmah bt Abdul Rashid Makawi.

Siti Rahmah bt Abdul Rashid Makawi:
- her father is Abdul Rashid Makawi
- her mother is Siti Seha
- she married to Ami Aziz

Ami Aziz:
- he was Walid's cousin (Walid is Bapak's father)
- Bapa called him Ami Aziz
- I called him Tok Aziz Jelutong

Wives of Ami Aziz:
1. Siti Rahmah bt Abdul Rashid Makawi @ Nenek Rahmah Jelutong
2. Aishah bt Abdullah @ Nenek Jepun

Ami Aziz first married Siti Rahmah, and then married Nenek Jepun (Aishah bt Abdullah) after her husband died. Her former husband was Haji Ahmad or Mustapa.

Nenek Jepun:
- her name is Aishah bt Abdullah
- she was married to Haji Ahmad/Mustapa and widowed before she married to Ami Aziz

Mazlifah Aziz:
- she is the adopted Chinese daughter of Ami Aziz
- she also married a Japanese but he died. She then married a police inspector named Ali.

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Jenaton had many children.

Dato' Jenaton had 4 children with his third wife (Sharifah 'Aini of Penang):
Abdullah, Muhammad (died young), Fatimah and Halimah.
[Jenaton married Sharifah Aini (Keturunan Arab-China, Penang) and had 4 children: ]
1. Abdullah bin Dato' Jenaton m. Umi Salamah
2. Muhammad bin Dato' Jenaton (died young)
3. Fatimah bt Dato' Jenaton m. Tok Hj Mat Said
4. Halimah bt Dato' Jenaton m. Tok Muda Mat Taib bin Hj Muhammad Kaul (Batu Uban)

[Abdullah bin Dato' Jenaton married Umi Salamah  (Peranakan Arab, Batu Uban) and had 11 children: ]
1. Hajah Aishah bt Abdullah (b.1833) m. Jamaludin @ Che' Din Klang (Tanjong & Klang)
2. Hashiah bt Abdullah (b.1845)
3. Masanoom bt Abdullah (b.1846)
4. Jamaliah bt Abdullah (b.1850)
5. Ahmad bin Abdullah (b.1852) m. Siti Kechik Rokiah bt Shaikh Abdul Rahman al-Baghdadi (Batu Uban). Shaikh Abdul Rahman al-Baghdadi was a clerk under the British Resident in Perak WG Maxwell.
6. Shamsiah bt Abdullah m. Haji Sheikh Abdul Ghaffar @ Rafar (lived in Permatang Damar Laut, Bayan Lepas)
7. Saadiah bt Abdullah (b.1854) m. Syed Alwi @ Tengku Chik (younger brother of Syed Abdul Rahman)(Sg Dua, Seberang Perai)
8. Hajah Noor bt Abdullah bin Dato' Jenaton (b.1857) m. Shaikh Muhammad @ Shaikh Ahmad Makawi (Batu Uban)
9. Kalsom bt Abdullah (b.1860)
10. Haji Kassim bin Abdullah (b.1860) (died in Makkah)
11. Mohamad/Muhammad Pakhir @ Fakhir bin Abdullah (b.1862) m. Rahmah (Batu Uban; Terong)  --> 2 kids: Baharin, Chik Ramlah (lived in Bandar Baru Parit Buntar, Perak)

[My comments: Umi Salamah was probably born in 1821 and married young at age 12 after menarche. She bore 11 children over 29 reproductive years. She probably had her last child in 1862 after which she reached menopause at age 41/42.]

(٠‎ - ١‎ - ٢‎ - ٣‎ - ٤‎ - ٥‎ - ٦‎ - ٧‎ - ٨‎ - ٩‎)

Abdullah bin Jenaton's daughter is Hajah Noor 
Hajah Noor bt Abdullah bin Dato' Jenaton married to Shaikh Ahmad Makawi
Shaikh Ahmad Makawi @ Shaikh Muhammad (Batu Uban, Penang) ... is Sheikh Mohamad (Tengkerah, Malacca)

Sheikh Mohamad's children are:
1. Patma @ Fatma @ Fatimah m. Haji Mohd Sharif bin Ismail (Bandar Hilir)
2. Ami Aziz @ Abdul Aziz Al Yamani m. 1. Siti Rahmah bt Abdul Rashid Makawi, 2. Aishah bt Abdullah (Nenek Jepun)

Abdullah's daughter is Eishah/Aishah @ Habsah. [Hajah Aishah is the eldest granddaughter of Dato' Jenaton. Hajah Aishah bt Abdullah bin Jenaton married to Jamaludin @ Che' Din Klang. She lived at 16 or 86 Armenian St, Penang.]. Aishah's (eldest) daughter is Hatijah. [Aishah's children are: ]
1. Hatijah
2. Yah
3. Saliha
4. Chik Tam
5. Haji Mohd Zain

[Che' Din Klang was a wealthy and famous man in Penang and Klang.]

[Hatijah married to Abdul Aziz. Her children are: ]
1. Cik Wan Halimah
2. Zabidah bt Abdul Aziz
    m1. Yob Abdullah; m2. Hj Mohd Mohsin (Imam Masjid Aceh) - both deceased
3. Abdul Kadir bin Abdul Ghaffar @ Abdul Aziz (lives in Gerik)
4. Chik May bt Abdullah @ Abdul Aziz (lives in Tumpat, Kelantan)
5. Fatimah bt Abdul Aziz m. Mohd Noor

[Cik Wan Halimah bt Abdul Aziz had no children.]

[Zabidah bt Abdul Aziz has 10 children: ]
1. Abdul Hamid bin Hj Mohd Mohsin
2. Abdul Aziz bin Hj Mohd Mohsin
3. Mohd Khail bin Hj Mohd Mohsin
4. Abdul Halim bin Hj Mohd Mohsin
5. Chik Puteh bt Hj Mohd Mohsin
6. Mohd Noor bin Hj Mohd Mohsin
7. Mohd Din bin Hj Mohd Mohsin
8. Daud bin Hj Mohd Mohsin
9. Fatimah bt Hj Mohd Mohsin
10. Aishah bt Hj Mohd Mohsin

[Abdul Kadir bin Abdul Ghaffar @ Abdul Aziz had 6 children: ]
1. Fatimah bt Abdul Kadir m. Omar Basheer (lived at No. 30 Seang Teik Rd, Penang)
2. Wan Tam bt Abdul Kadir m. Husain bin Zainul Abidin (Printing Office, Alor Star, Kedah)
3. Cik Bai bt Abdul Kadir m. Mohd Noor bin Hj Mohsin (kerani PWD Workshop, Alor Star, Kedah)
4. Mohd bin Abdul Kadir (student of the King Edward VII Medical College in Singapore) ... c.1949
5. Che Puteh bt Abdul Kadir
6. Ibrahim bin Abdul Kadir

[Chik May bt Abdullah @ Abdul Aziz has many children. Storekeeper, Boustead, Tumpat, Kelantan.]

[Fatimah bt Abdul Aziz has 2 children: ]
1. Kalsom bt Mohd Noor
2. Mohd ___ bin Mohd Noor

[Haji Mohd Zain bin Jamaluddin (Che' Din Kelang), his son Jamaluddin is married to a Kelantanese.]

[Fatimah bt Dato' Jenaton married Lebai Sa'aid (Minangkabau) and had 6 children: ]
1. Putih Muhammad Nor m1. Mak Wan; m2. Halijah bt Shaikh Awab
2. Zainuddin (Pak Dan) m. Mas
3. Hassan
4. Ariffin m. Aminah
5. Rapeah m. Sutan Bendara
6. Ezhah (Chah) m. Abu Hashim

[Halimah bt Dato' Jenaton married to Muhammad Thaib and had 3 children: ]
1. Lebai Aman
2. Mat Amin
3. Sidek

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Who is Hamidah bt Puteh???

(٠‎ - ١‎ - ٢‎ - ٣‎ - ٤‎ - ٥‎ - ٦‎ - ٧‎ - ٨‎ - ٩‎) 

Page 67:

Islam spread from Baghdad to Penang.
When did Islam spread to Penang?
Who brought Islam to Penang?
How did Islam reach Penang?

Sheikh Abdul Rahman al-Baghdadi had 3 wives:

Who were the wives of Sheikh Abdul Rahman al-Baghdadi?
What are their names?

Sheikh Abdul Kadir al-Baghdadi has a son:
1. Sheikh Abdul Rahman Kadir al-Baghdadi

His son is Sheikh Abdul Rahman  Kadir al-Bahgdadi (Batu Uban).

Sheikh Abdul Kadir al-Baghdadi is the father.

Sheikh Abdul Rahman Kadir al-Baghdadi is the son (Batu Uban).

Ahmad Qushahsi sect/order  

Both Sheikh Abdul Kadir and Sheikh Abdul Rahman were followers of the Ahmad Qushahsi sect/order (L 1583) which was influential in the Malay World.

Sheikh Abdul Rahman al-Baghdadi traded as well as preached from Batu Uban and along the coast of Kedah and Perak.

What is the Ahmad Qushashi sect/order?

What is L 1583?

Ahmad bin Abdullah bin Dato' Jenaton 
He also followed his father-in-law, Sheikh Abdul Rahman al-Baghdadi. Ahmad's wife is Siti Kechik Rokiah, the daughter of Sheikh Abdul Rahman al-Baghdadi. Siti Kechik Rokiah was known as Siti Rokiah Kecik or Long Rokiah. The 2 other call names could be the same individual or different individuals from different mothers (same father).

Sheikh Abdul Rahman al-Baghdadi had 10 children:
1. Long Rokiah @ Siti Rokiah Kechik
2. Bahrin
3. Norbi
4. Md. Nor
5. Ahmad Yazid
6. Siti Rahmah
7. Nordin @ Chik Din
8. Pilus
9. ?
10. ?

My comments 1: Rokiah was probably the eldest daughter but was of small build. Thus, Siti Kechik Rokiah and Siti Rokiah Kecik could allude to her small stature or build while Long Rokiah could indicate her as being the eldest, from the word "sulong" and shortened to "Long". It is rare that a father would name his daughters by similar names.

My comments 2: We have to be careful with the word Nakhoda and with whom it is associated. The word Nakhoda Nan Intan is associated with the Minangkabau ship captains, and they are Sunni Muslims.

However, Nakhoda (used singly) is also separately associated with the Shiah sect and the followers can be found in Singapore. Shiah is banned in Malaysia but is allowed in Singapore and elsewhere.

(٠‎ - ١‎ - ٢‎ - ٣‎ - ٤‎ - ٥‎ - ٦‎ - ٧‎ - ٨‎ - ٩‎) 


I am unsure what this links to. Nenek Umi Kalthom mentioned and I just quickly wrote down whatever she said.

3 sibs:
1. Shaikh Muhammad (eldest)
2. Shaikh Hazali (middle) married, had 2 kids.
3. Shaikh Mahmood (bongsu) married, had 3 kids.

(٠‎ - ١‎ - ٢‎ - ٣‎ - ٤‎ - ٥‎ - ٦‎ - ٧‎ - ٨‎ - ٩‎) 


Nenek Umi Kalthom knows and happily remembers Dr Ariff. He brings ubat van (mobile clinic). Whoever wants ubat can go to the van to obtain medicine.

(٠‎ - ١‎ - ٢‎ - ٣‎ - ٤‎ - ٥‎ - ٦‎ - ٧‎ - ٨‎ - ٩‎) 


Nenek Umi Kalthom's husband, Tok Shaikh Mohamed read the family tree in tulisan Jawi which was prepared by Nakhoda nan Intan. He couldn't see very well so Affandi lent him his low-powered glasses. Even with the glasses on, Tok Shaikh Mohamed could hardly read Nakhoda's family tree. I think the tulisan Jawi is so small and very difficult to decipher.

Tok Sk Mohamed bin Sk Ali bin Sk Mohd Hassan Al-Khaiyath. He is holding the document that has Nakhoda Nan Intan's family tree. Nakhoda Nan Intan's family tree is kept by Nenek Umi Kalthom.

This is what Tok Shaikh Mohamed read slowly and with difficulty.

Nakhoda nan Intan ibni al-Marhum Tengku Patih nan Sebatang was from Kampung Buadi, Paya Kumboh. He married 3 wives:
1. Suri Padi (Payakumbuh, first wife)
2. Che Aminah (Deli, second wife)
3. Che Asiah/Aishah (Che Tunggal, third wife)

Abdul Rashid bin Shaykh ____
- nephew
- syahid Peperangan Pagar Jinjang ... Kerinchi

Tengku Kerawet
- nephew
- Penghulu Maharaja di Juru
- adalah saudara sepupu drp ___

Malim Panjang
- orang Paya Kumboh

(٠‎ - ١‎ - ٢‎ - ٣‎ - ٤‎ - ٥‎ - ٦‎ - ٧‎ - ٨‎ - ٩‎) 


From my reading, Istana Pagaruyung was razed to the ground 3 times, each time it was re-built. It seems like a bad omen. 

Why did the Dutch go to the Far East?
Why were the Dutch in Sumatra?
What did the Dutch want?
What was the Dutch position in Sumatra?
How dominant was the Dutch force in Sumatra?
What did the Dutch dabble with?

The Dutch administration in Sumatra did not burn the Minangkabau-styled palace at Pagaruyung in West Sumatra. 

Perang Paderi had nothing to do with Pagaruyung palace.
Perang Paderi was not about fighting the Dutch forces or the Dutch forces fighting the Minangkabau palace.

What was Perang Paderi about? 
When did it occur? 
Who was fighting whom? 
Who won and who lost?

I asked Nenek Umi Kalthom about what happened to Istana Pagaruyung of our ancestors.

Nenek Umi Kalthom said:
Istana Pagarruyung kena halalintar dan terbakar sampai tinggal arang bentuk kuda.

(٠‎ - ١‎ - ٢‎ - ٣‎ - ٤‎ - ٥‎ - ٦‎ - ٧‎ - ٨‎ - ٩‎) 


I have more questions on Nakhoda nan Intan in Malacca.

Who are the children of Nakhoda nan Intan in Malacca?
What are their names?
Who are their descendants?

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