Sunday, 26 June 2016

Masjid Banda Hilir 1820 (7)

Masjid Annur
Lot 96 Jalan Banda Hilir
75000 Melaka

JK Kariah Masjid Annur Banda Hilir, Melaka
1 Januari 2016-31 Disember 2017

Hj Mazlan bin Hj Abd Rahim - 010-402-0494
Ahli JK Masjid

En Aziz bin Bachik - 012-619-4198
Pemeriksa Kira-kira Masjid

I visited Masjid Banda Hilir on 4 June 2016, two days before Ramadan - 6 June 2016. The caretaker switched on the lights and I spoke to him.  I don't know him. I introduced myself to him. I told him our family lived beside the old Masjid Banda Hilir and the house was demolished, and the 2007 renovations were built over the demolished house site.  I also told him I visited to see rumah Pak Habib behind rumah Mak Sarah. He knew arwah Pak Habib.

I have never stepped foot inside this masjid before. This was my first visit inside the masjid. I took a lot of photos of this masjid. This masjid is special as it has filled my life since I was born and returned to my village. I grew up in the house adjacent to this masjid. I will always love this masjid as long as I live.


Photos of Masjid Banda Hilir
(after renovations in 2007)
Photos taken by me
4 June 2016

I only took photos of the interior of the ancient masjid portion. I did not enter the new portion (after renovations in 2007) as the lights were already switched off after Asar prayers. I didn't get to see the old mimbar which was placed at the new portion. I will try and visit the masjid again and get photos of the ancient mimbar.

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